Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Woman Busted For Putting Menstrual Blood In Boss' Coffee

A 24 year-old maid will stand trial for placing menstrual blood in her boss' coffee. The maid has pleaded guilty.

Maid charged over adding menstrual blood to employer's drink

My guess would be that she may have read a certain website online and believed that she could use this to magically gain control over her boss.

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  1. oh it's very common for south east asians to do this, similar to conjure practice. A more popular way for the Malays to feed on the intended person would be the Nasi KangKang or the Squatting rice.The result would be a mix of bend over,domination, follow me boy, do as i say, stay with me etc..the man would act like a slave only to the woman who has fed him with it, and will follow her around like a dog, do as what he's told etc

    1. I agree. Also, I believe Catherine Yronwode was interviewed about this in one article and she mentioned that it wouldn't be used to control the boss or something to that effect. I disagree completely. Cat claimed it worked by pheremones, for like love or sex or something, but in reality it is a strong domination work by which women can control and dominate a man. It is not juse used for love and to attract a man. It's a strong form of domination work. Most people consider it witchcraft, as in they view it to be more associated with old-school witches.