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Ill-wishing, the wishing of harm, misfortune, destruction, or even death upon another human being, has been viewed by most cultures throughout time as a form of witchcraft. There are two types of ill-wishing, secret and spoken. Both forms are considered dangerous. In secret ill-wishing a person keeps their evil wishes to themselves, perhaps dwelling on them in internal fantasies. This form of ill-wishing is equated with the "evil eye". The second type of ill-wishing is the spoken word or curse in which a person deliberately speaks an evil wish against a person and usually out of envy or anger. An example of the spoken form of ill-wishing would be, "I wish you would drop dead!". In times past the spoken form of ill-wishing, if done in public and with witnesses, often led to the accusation or even arrest of the person on grounds of witchcraft, and especially if some misfortune occurred to the victim after the curse was leveled.

Older generations tend to understand the power of words and will usually refrain from at least the spoken form of ill-wishing. One may hear an older person say things such as, "I take that back..", if by chance they feel they have said something they should not have. Unfortunately today's generation seems oblivious to the concept of ill-wishing.

Robert Johnson Was Not Illiterate

An article concerning the myth of illiterate blues performers.

Robert Johnson And The Myth Of The Illiterate Bluesman 

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Verbal Abuse Is A Form Of Cursing, Black Magic

I've been led to write about this, partly because it's a topic that hits home for me as I've experienced it practically all through my life with certain people. It's time the truth be made known that when someone verbally abuses you that it's not just words. Those words are said with power and it's a form of black magic. The abusers have no clue to the evil they do and they tend to demonize the victim and make them a scapegoat for their sins.

Now, I don't want to share my life history and I definitely don't want a pity party, but I grew up hearing how ugly, fat, and stupid I was on a daily basis. I was routinely told how happy certain people's lives would be if I would just kill myself. To this day I have these same abusers telling people that I'm a Satanist and that I deserve to die a horrible death. I have certainly people who have told me to my face that they wished I would get cancer and die.
If you are the victim of verbal abuse you need to view it for what it is, a black magic curse thrown at you and you need to take steps to take care of the matter. The first step is to do reversing work. It's black magic so you can send it right back to the abusers. The second step is to learn to direct the negative energy sent to you and twist it around and use it to prosper your life. If by chance this doesn't clear things up then the last resort is to banish that person from your life and cut off all ties with them.

If a victim does not take steps to counteract this black magic then with time the victim will begin to internalize the abuse and will begin to believe it. You tell a person enough times that they won't amount to anything and then it will come true because that person will begin to believe it. If you have fallen victim to internalizing this abuse you need to do your cut and clear work to rid yourself of it. You need to counteract it with positive self-talk and focus on yourself.

"I've Been Hoodooed" - Cow Cow Davenport (With Jim Towel)

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Candle Addictions

One of the things I've noticed is that certain people get addicted to candles. They burn multiple candles continuously in their home. Before one candle goes out they light a back-up candle to take it's place. Usually it's the 7 day candles or vigil candles that people get obsessed with.

Now, I'm not going to tell people what to do. However, I have personaly found with my practice that if you allow yourself to get into that pattern of addiction then you are not going to see success. For one, you just don't light a candle and walk away. You have to work that candle. When you are constantly burning multiple candles in your home and burning candles back to back then you are going to eventually get burned out on it. You will not be putting as much energy into the candles as you did in the past and on top of that you are creating a fire hazard in your home.

Candles are powerful. However, please realize that candles aren not the be-all of the practice. Remember that saying, "lay you trick, walk away and don't look back". That can't take place if you are constantly burning them back to back.

If you feel like you are becoming addicted to candles in a negative way then please try doing works without them. Candles are great but you don't actually need them to produce effective conjure work.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Movie Review: Fate Accompli, a.k.a. Voodoo Dawn (1998)

The movie is Fate Accompli, a.k.a. Voodoo Dawn (1998)

I picked this movie up after I learned that it featured conjure work. The movie itself is rather dull. Most of the movie is slow and there are only a few scattering of supernatural scenes in the movie. If you are interested in watching the movie yourself then please read no further. This is a standard spoiler warning.

A convict by the name of Frank learns that his cell mate is a conjure man. That conjure man doesn't speak but is able to communicate with Frank. He tells Frank that he is in jail because he is being punished for attempting to steal the power of a conjure woman named Queenie. He tells Frank that if someone can steal her power it will make them invulnerable. The next morning Frank awakens to discover that the conjure man has hanged himself. Frank takes some form of fetish necklace from the hands of the conjure man and symbolically takes his power. Frank uses his power to make the parole board release him. Once released Frank returns to his criminal ways though now he is using conjure work to make himself more powerful and to harm and intimidate people as well as kill his enemies. Throw in some convulated subplots with the characters of Sam, A.J. and Jezabelle, as well as a bag of cursed cash and we have a situation that leads to a final show down of good conjure worker vs. evil conjure worker.

On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest, I give this movie a 3.

Voodoo Dawn (1998) Trailer

What is Traditional Hoodoo/Rootwork/Conjure?

I spent some time yesterday trying to explain what exactly traditional conjure work is to a person who claimed to be a Druid and hoodoo practitioner. By the time our conversation was done I think I just may have caused him to question if he actually understood what this practice is. From my perspective, I believed it was obvious to me that he was working off of the assumption that hoodoo was "just magic". So I think I will try once again to explain what hoodoo or conjure work is and why it's not "just magic" and why all the mixing, matching, and blending going on online indicates that people still don't have a clue what this stuff is.

1.) There are three names used to describe it. You can use the terms hoodoo, rootwork, or conjure. However, most people use terms like 'worker', short for 'spiritual worker', 'root worker' or 'conjure worker' instead. Also, most workers don't really use a name for what they do. In fact, many old-school workers believe the term hoodoo is a negative term, kin to meaning putting a curse on someone.

2.) Hoodoo/Rootwork/Conjure is a spiritual tradition. It's not 'just magic'.

3.) Workers pray to the biblical God and use the Bible heavily in their works. We do not work with pagan gods or spirits. We do not work with the Orisha. We do not work with the Loa. We do not work with the Hindu gods. We do not work with the Greek gods. We do not work with pagan gods, period.

4.) Though hoodoo/rootwork/conjure is not a religion it does have a theological outloook on reality. That outlook includes an all-powerful creator God and lesser spirits that can intervene on our behalf. Those spirits include our ancestors, saints and biblical figures.

5.) We venerate the ancestors.

6.) Some workers work with the saints. However, it's not as common as it is portrayed online. Online everyone works with the saints. The majority of workers in real life are Protestant. The majority of people who work with the saints are Catholic or people who have been trained by Catholic workers. You can work with the saints if you choose, just keep in mind that there is this false perception about the saints because almost everyone online works with them. It's not like that in the real world.

7.) We are witch doctors, not witches. The term 'witch doctor' can be applied to us because we undo witchcraft and oppose witchcraft. We fight witches! By witchcraft I am referring to evil-doers, people who do black magic against innocent people. I'm not referring to Wiccans or Neopagans. Note: Don't call us witch doctors though. LOL Just call us a worker.

8.) We don't do 'spells'. We do works, jobs, tricks, remmedies, etc. and we call upon God and use the Bible in these works.

9.) People need to be aware there is a difference between a professional worker and the stuff that is passed on down through the family. Most of the work found in the tradition is remmedies for health complaints and life's little problems. You know, how to stop a nose bleed, how to cure a tooth ache, how to break a fever, how ensure a safe delivery in birth, how to charm off warts, etc. Other than these healing works, the next most found works involve works for protection.

10.) The Creator has embued all things with his spiritual power. We learn the powers of the plants, stones, dirts, animals, etc., in nature.

11.) We use items from nature or items we can easily obtained from our homes or environments. We are not dependant upon occult shops for our supplies. We can shop at these shops if we so choose, but we are not dependant upon them.

12.) We don't do unjustified work. Witches do unjustified work. People who want nasty, unjustified things done to people they don't like go to witches. We can do strong, harsh work when needed, but we will not do things that are unjustified. Ex- We won't put a death hex on someone just because they called you a name or because you think they are trying to steal your boyfriend. Most workers won't even mess with death work period. Many workers won't do any dark work at all.

13.) We do not believe in karma, the Wiccan Rede, or the law of three. We believe in consequences and there are consequences for everything we do, good or bad. Sometimes something good may have bad consequences. I'm not trying to scare anyone, just trying to inform people that this is how it is. Ex- you doing work for money may take money away from someone else. Say a person may drop a $100 bill and you find it. That person has lost and you have gained. But these little losses and gains usually work themselves out in the end. All things are interconnected and it's sort of like the domino effect. It spreads out like ripples and effects things.

14.) Professional workers should be called to do the work. It's not like it is online where people who want to make a quick buck decide they are now conjure workers.

15.) No man or woman can grant us this power nor take it away. The gift of conjure is a gift from God and only he can remove it. You can bind someone for a time, but you can never remove their power. You can petition God to remove their power, but it's up to him.

I also want to touch on something I've noticed online. There are many workers online that are working with spirits that have nothing to do with hoodoo/rootwork/conjure. A short list of these spirits can be found below.

-Santa Muerte
-The Intranquil Spirit
-Anima Sola
-La Madama
-San Simon
-The 7 African Powers

This is just a short list but these spirits have nothing to do with conjure work. You can work with these spirits if you so choose. I'm not going to tell somebody what to do. However, they should not be taught as if they are a part of traditional conjure work.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Happy St. John's Eve!

I would like to take the time to wish all my readers a wonderful St. John's Eve and St. John's Day. Remember, tonight is the most powerful time of the year for performing work. If you work with the spirit of Marie Laveau then tonight is also the time fo pay tribute to her for her aid.

Remember to gather your St. John's Water tomorrow as well as gather your St. John's Wort! Also, tomorrow is also a very good day for performing cleansings and healings. If one is in need of healing one can bathe in the river on St. John's Day.

Happy Conjuring!

St. John's Water

St. John's Water is water that is gathered from a river on St. John's Day, June 24th. The water must be gathered while praying and it is to be bottled in a clean bottle which is then kept in one's home. The bottle is then used to keep away the law, bill collectors, and enemies by positioning the bottle so that the opening of the bottle points to the door. St. John the Baptist can be called upon to keep off the law, enemies, and unwanted people. If such people should pay a visit, the bottle should be rolled with one's feet toward the door and then back to it's original location. The water should be emptied an refilled every St. John's Day in order to continue working. The use of St. John's water was recorded by Harry Middleton Hyatt from an elderly Algiers worker.

St. John The Baptist Day

St. John The Baptist Day, a.k.a. St. John's Day, (June 24) and the day before St. John's Eve (June 23) is the day celebrating the birthday of John The Baptist. Due to it's proximity to the Summer Solstice, many of the old pagan customs celebrating Midsummer have been assimilated into practices associated with this day.

St. John The Baptist Day and the evening before it, are important to a variety of religions and groups. St. John's Eve is one of the most important holiday in Louisiana Voodoo or New Orleans Voodoo. Famed Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau held cleansings at Bayou St. John in the morning and dances at Congo Square in New Orleans on this evening, in honor of the Voodoo spirits called Loa. Some even believe that Marie Laveau rises from the grave on St. John's Eve in order to take place in Voodoo rituals. St. John The Baptist Day is also sacred to practitioners of Haitian Voodou as well as the religion of Santeria. For Hoodoo practitioners or rootworkers/conjure workers, St. John's Eve & St. John's Day also plays an important role as it is believed that St. John's Eve is the most powerful day of the year for the performing of work, good or bad. Voodoo worshippers honor Ogoun/Ogun, the spirit of iron, war and technology on this day. St. John The Baptist Day also has special significance to Freemasons. Of course the day still retains much of the older pagan folk customs prior to the arrival of Christianity.

Customs or practices associated with St. John's Eve and St. John's Day reflect the old pagan practices such as building bonfires and also include the gathering of St. John's wort, one of the strongest plants with the magical reputation of protection against evil. Today the herb is more commonly employed to treat depression.

An unusual fact concerning St. John The Baptist Day is that it is perhaps the only feast day honoring the birthday of a saint and not the anniversary of the saint's death (August 29). Because of such, it is possible that the day was specifically chosen to be honored by the church in order to assimilate the pagans.

St. John's Eve - New Orleans' Voodoo Ritual

Friday, June 22, 2012

Prayer To St. Jude

Taken from he back of a pack of incense sticks...

"Most holy apostle, Saint Jude,
faithful servant and friend of Jesus,
the Church honors and invokes
you universally, as the patron
of difficult cases, of things almost
despaired of. Intercede with God
for me, that He bring me visible
and speedy help. May I receive the
consolation and help of heaven
in all my necessities, tribulations,
and sufferings, particularly
(state your request). May I praise
God with you always. In Jesus'
name. Amen."

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Goofer Dust B.S.

People really need to stop using goofer dust. I'm so sick of hearing about people using goofer dust at the drop of a hat. Goofer dust is not to be taken lightly. It's a serious matter and is used only in severe situations when the person merits death. Got that? We don't goofer somebody because they called us fat. We don't goofer somebody for looking at us wrong. We don't goofer somebody for gossipping about us. This shit needs to stop.

I don't care who the hell tells you to use goofer dust. I've had people tell me that really big names in the "Internet Hoodoo" community are telling people to use it for these trivial situations. For one, I can't say they are telling the truth. For all I know they are just reading their websites and then claiming that the person told them to use it. I don't know the back story. All I know is that if anyone tells you to use goofer dust in a situation where it is not called for then it's unjustified. You should know the consequences of what could happen to you if that work gets taken off and reversed back on you. When you use goofer dust you are calling for that person's death. You better make sure they deserve it or else it may be flung back in your face.

Prayer To The Virgin Of Guadalupe

I found this on the back of a pack of incense sticks.

"Our most pure Lady of Guadalupe,
obtain for me from your divine son
the forgiveness of my sins,
blessings on my work, healing
of my illnesses and needs, and
everything that you believe is
best for me and for my family.
O Blessed Mother of God!
Do not despise our supplications,
but instead, free us from all danger.
O Lady full of glory and
of blessings, we ask all these
things through
Christ Jesus Our Lord. Amen. "

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Update On My Rawhide Rattles

This is my completed rattle for Black Hawk.


This is a rattle I'm still working on. It will use it for the other spirits I work with. I chose the colors black and white due to balance of darkness and light. The center is a cross, a white cross on the black portion and a black cross on the white portion. The four dots are white on the black portion with black centers and black on the white portion with white centers. These also represent balance. I will be adding black and white fur and possibly black and white feathers. I may also add leather and beads and then I should be done with it.

Here's a tip for those who are interested in making your own rawhide rattles. The Dollar Tree sells these cool dream catchers for a dollar. You can buy one and deconstruct it and use it to create your rawhide rattles. You can use the pony beads inside to produce noise and you can use the leather strips and feathers to decorate the rattle. The yellow one in the picture is the one I've started to deconstruct for my Black Hawk rattle. The white one is my personal dream catcher. I bought a blue one that I gave to Black Hawk and now White Eagle wants me to buy him one! LOL

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Problems With Blogger....

Just wanted my readers to know that I'm experiencing problems with Blogger. This is the second day I've had these troubles and there is no way to contact Blogger. The only thing bloggers can do is to post a question in a help forum and right now I've had several people respond to my questions saying that they too are having these issues. However, nobody has provided any help or suggestions.

Basically, I'm unable to enter a blog title and use the html function. In order to post a blog I have to use the compose function and post a test blog entry. For the default it will use the first line or so of the blog as the title. Then after I do the test entry it will allow me to post the next blog entry perfectly fine. However, after that one is made the next one done will resort back to the problem. Again, this is the second day I've had this problem and with 7 years of using Blogger I've never had any problems with them. I'm actually considering moving my blog elsewhere if this matter is not cleared up shortly. Please bare with me during this time.

Thank You,


Saturday, June 16, 2012

Notice For Those Seeking Reconciliation Work

I tell my clients these things, though I may word them differently with each client. I'm writing this blog entry to have a record so that I can refer clients who wish to hire me for reconciliation work to read so that I don't have to repeat myself so very often and to make sure that everything is covered. I would feel bad if I somehow forgot to cover something. So this is a record I will refer my clients to.

1.) I NEVER promise perfection, "happily ever after", nor do I promise you a rose garden. If I feel that a potential client is caught up in a fantasy of a "perfect relationship" then I will attempt to lead them to a more reasonable expectation. If by chance I feel the potential client cannot shake this fantasy then I will decline the case. Nothing in life is perfect, period.

2.) Any problems that existed before will be there when that person is brought back. If that man was a dog before, he's still a dog. If that woman was a total psycho, she's still a psycho. I cannot change this. The work you are hiring me for has nothing to do with changing a person's personality, attitude, or character. It's only to draw that person back.

3.) Make sure you understand what broke up your relationship so that you don't make same mistake again. I always ask my clients what broke up the relationship. When they don't have an explanation or don't know, like it's a big mystery, then I get worried and wonder if there's something I'm not being told.

4.) Drop your expectations. The biggest problems that cause dissatisfaction is unreasonable expectations. If I feel the client's expectations are unreasonable and if I cannot shake them from them, then I will turn down the case. An example would be "happily ever after", as described above.

5.) Timing is out of my hands. We don't control the timing of when a work will manifest.

6.) We do not control the way a work manifests. You cannot say, I want step A to happen. Then I want step B to happen. Then I want step C to happen, which will lead me to my goal at step D. It doesn't work like that. All we are concerned is about the final outcome. God chooses the steps toward manifestation.

7.) Play your cards right. When a work manifests you are given a hand of cards to play. Sometimes everything may go smoothly and you are given wonderful cards and you play them well and easily. Other times the hand given is SEEMINGLY crappy and the game difficult. Don't be dismayed. You play the cards you were dealt the best way you can. There is no such thing as perfection. Don't be tricked by that fantasy in your head of how you think it SHOULD manifest. I will give you a hint. Sometimes the situation may appear to be negative or that the work is not manifesting. Don't let yourself be tricked by these false perceptions. All you need to focus on is forward movement.

8.) Obsession and constant dwelling on the situation will prevent the work from manifesting. If you cannot let something go and give it to God then God will not manifest it. To obsess over it, to constantly allow your mind to dwell on it is like telling God that you are not ready to have that which you claim to desire. You have to put it out of your mind and go on with your life. When it manifests it will manifest out of the clear blue and you will be blown away. I make sure to tell all of my potential clients this. You have to lay your trick, walk away and no look back. If you can't do this then you are not going to find success. On average I have to repeat this to clients about 5 or 6 times before it finally sinks in. I don't mind, I'm use to it. It actually worries me when clients seem to understand it on the only the first time I tell them this. Then I question if they truly understand it or if they are just telling me what they think I want to hear.

9.) Do not punish the person for past deeds when they come back. You cannot draw a person to you and push him or her away at the same time. If that is your goal then you are are going to screw it up. Reconciliation work is not enemy work and it is definitely not to be done so that you can get even with them. You have to be sincere in your desire for reconciliation.

10.) Don't allow yourself to pine for the person. When a person does this they are giving away their power and are reinforcing the belief that they will never reconcile with that person. That person becomes, "the one that got away" and will only exist in your fantasies from then on out. If you catch yourself pining for someone and feeling how bad your life is without them, immediately catch yourself and counteract it with a statement indicating your life is wonderful and you will reconcile with that person.

11.) There is no such thing as "forever". I can't and won't promise you eternal love with that person. You have to play your cards right to keep them and maintain a strong, healthy relationship. If you don't work on the problems that led to your initial separation then the relationship will eventually fall apart again.

12.) If that person has found a new love then that relationship must be broken up before that person can be drawn back. This is an extra work in addition to the work to draw that person back. It is a form of enemy work. If that couple is not broken up before the work is done to draw that person back then a "tug-o-war" will result for that person's affections and you may simply not have a strong enough hold on that person to win.

13.) I will not break up a married couple just because you want to be with somebody. As far as I'm concerned, if your former lover has left and has since remarried another person you are out of luck. I would recommend work to find a new love, someone better suited for you. I personally view break-up work on a married couple in this situation to be unjustified.

14.) When you hire me for reconciliation work I will do the work I'm hired to do then I will mail a package of work that I want you to do, so that your energy gets mixed in. This work is easy and I provide full instructions. This work usually last for a set number of days. I will not say that if you miss a day then the work will not be successful. However, I view this as a test of the client's determination and of how strong their desire is. I know emergencies arise. I totally understand this. However, when a client tells me that they missed a day, or even multiple days, without really having a good explanation as to why, then I become worried. I am also very worried when a client tells me that they decided not to follow my instructions but do their own thing. It does happen, believe it or not.

15.) I will constantly state that if the client has any questions to feel free to ask me. I mean this. I give my paying clients my full attention. When I open my email I scan the list to check for my paying clients names as I give them my full attention and reply to them before I devote any time to anyone else who may be contacting me.

As I've stated before in other blog entries, I do a lot of break-up and reconciliation work. I don't mind it as long as I feel the potential client can understand the issues that I touch on above.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Coast 2 Coast AM w/ Art Bell - Harlot The Witch

This is an infamous 1997 broadcast where a woman who calls herself  "Harlot" is interviewed. Harlot is a self-styled satanic witch who doesn't even hide the fact that she is dedicated to spreading evil and destruction. There is some controversy surrounding this guest. I for one do not believe her and believe this is a sham. However, I am posting this because these types of  people are indeed out there.


Witches....they are out there and they are a part of traditional conjure work. In conjure work, a.k.a. hoodoo or rootwork, witches are evil. They are motivated out of jealousy and hatred and they perform unjustified work. Witches will go after you for the slightest offense. You say the wrong thing to a witch and you might find yourself being spiritually attacked. If a witch is jealous of out. Also, if you are either knowingly or unknowingly standing in the way of a witch obtaining his or her out! They will destroy you to get what they want.

Isn't it amazing that I'm one of the very few people who talk about this aspect of hoodoo/rootwork/conjure? Why is that? I personally think it's because people online cater to Wiccans and self-styled witches and don't want to offend them. Of course Wiccans and self-styled witches are not the witches I am referring to. Their claim to the use of the label of 'witch' is tenous at best and non-existant at worst. The reason why I am posting this is because I've recently been in communication with two witches, a man and a woman. They are not together but they just emailed me in the past week or so. They are hardcore witches and they just assumed I was one too. Their assumption comes from he fact that all they know about hoodoo/rootwork/conjure comes from online. Anyway, long story short, the woman bragged to me about having a "death hex" work that she put on a more attractive rival for the affections of a man she wanted. The woman was killed in a car wreck. The man wanted to discuss animal sacrifices and making pacts with demons. Both claim to be followers of a certain online worker with a big ass website.

Folks, you need to be keeping up with your cleansings and your spiritual protection. Witches are out there. The thing about witches is that they hide themselves. Although these two witches openly revealed themself to me because they thought I was a witch, most witches aren't like that. They are sneaky bitches and bastards. They will do evil with a smile on their face, so watch out. Keep yourself cleansed and protected because they are out there. If you find yourself a victim of a witch and it is confirmed do not hesitate in using your power and gifts to take him/her out of this world. Trust me, it's justified. A real, hard-core witch doesn't just have one or two victims. Instead, they are like tornados that leave a path of destruction in their wake. It is traditional and customary to take a witch out to protect the community. Just to make this clear, we do not use violance against witches. We use spiritual power. I don't want some religious zealout trying to physically harm people.

Reminders For People Emailing Me Questions...

I have this feeling that people may be finding my blog and sending me questions without actually reading my blog. So I think that I need to go over a few things real quick.

1.) I'm not associated with any group of workers online. I've not made any attempt to do so and never will. When workers get together they do so for business purposes, to increase their business and profit. I'm a traditional, solo worker.

2.) If you have hired another worker do not email me asking questions regarding the instructions you were given by that worker. I will not answer any of those questions. This includes also asking me if what your worker is advising you is okay or "correct". It's one thing if you think you are being scammed. It's completely different if you think your worker isn't "doing it right".

3.) I will not speak to you over the phone for free. I will be happy to respond to you via email but if you insist on speaking to me over the phone then you will pay me for my time. I like email because I can reply in my free time. If you want to speak to me over the phone, something that I have to schedule and set aside time for, then you will pay me.

4.) Unfortunately I do not take on clients overseas or out of the U.S.

5.) You are free to speak your mind via comments here. Unlike other places online I will not censor you for your opinion. The only comments I delete are spam comments and comments from minors who give out their contact info. I do that for their own safety. Even if you disagree with something I write, feel free to leave a comment saying just that. You can choose to remain anonymous.

If you are new to the blog then let me first welcome you. I'm glad you are here and welcome aboard! The more the merrier! Please consider joining the site. If you are thinking of emailing me, please try to at least read some of my blog posts before doing so. I may have already written something that may answer your questions.



Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Rawhide Rattles

I've started making my own rawhide rattles. I'm making two for now. One is for Black Hawk and the other is for use with my other spirits. I'm also thinking of making another one strictly for the ancestors. I will post photos of the rattles when they are finished.

If you are interested in making your own rattles and need instructions you can go online. Googling will give you multiple pages with instructions on how to make them. If I knew who the first person was who posted the information online I would give them credit. Unfortunately there's just so many pages of instructions that I can't tell who was the first person who gave this information out.

I will give some tips for those who want to make their own. The rawhide you will use comes from dog chews. Don't get the kind that is fashioned into bones, with ties or knots at the end. Instead look for the long sticks of rawhide that is rolled up. They look a little bit like giant cinnamon sticks accept they are white. You can purchase them at Wal Mart. Once you have them you will need to soak them until they are pliable. It may take up to a couple of days until they are ready to use. Most of mine took only a few hours but one of the dog chews took overnight before it was ready.

You will need a some form of stencil. I found a tip online about using a plastic butter bowl lid. So I cut one down to size and used it. I used an exacto-knife to trace it onto the rawhide. Then I cut it out with a good pair of scissors. Rawhide can be very tough so make sure you have good scissors. Cut two pieces out and make sure you leave a little rectangle on the end so it an be placed on the handle. You will then need something to poke holes through the rawhide. I used Momma Starr's advice and used an ice pick. Instead of using artificial sinew to sew with I used dental floss instead. I don't recommend using a balloon to inflate them. I found that it doesn't quite work that good. Instead, I recommend using sand or salt. Once you have sewn the pieces together use a spoon and fill it with sand or salt. You need to pack it in real good so that it inflates and stretches. Then you set it aside to dry. Be careful with the drying process. I emptied one of mine too soon and now I have to re-soak it and fill it again because one side caved in because it wasn't dry enough.

When you have them packed with sand or salt you let them dry for a few days. Make sure the rawhide feels rock-solid before you empty it. Then you need to place it in water so that only the part that will go over the handle is wet. This will soften the rawhide so that it can be fixed to the handle. So you fill the rawhide with your items to make it rattle and then you will place the rawhide part onto the handle, wrap strips of rawhide around where it connects to the stick, and then wrap a string of yarn tightly around this portion until it is dried. When it is dried you can remove the yarn. Doing this makes the rawhide fasten securly to the handle.

For the stick or handle I recommend using a sacred wood. I work with oak a lot (FYI - I also make oak wands). Go out in nature and gather a good straight stick. If you find a good size branch look for a strait portion. Use a handsaw to cut it off. Use a strong knife or strong box-cutter to scrape off the bark.

As to what to put in the rattle, if you want to only use natural items then corn, beans, rice, and pebbles can be used. However, the problem with using these natural items is that they will break down with time. For example, if you use beans then with time the beans will break down into small pieces. This will effect the sound of the rattle. Because of this I have chosen not to use natural items for use inside the rattle. Instead, I'm using pony beads. You can purchase pony beads practically anywhere. Wal Mart has them but I would recommend you purchase them at the Dollar Tree as they have them for only a $1 a bag. Pony beads are pretty much all the same and they make a good sound when used in the rattle. Because they are plastic they won't break apart when they strike each other.

As for decorating, that is up to your imagination. You can draw on them, paint them, and add leather, fur, or feathers as you seem fit.

Now, I provided some good tips my readers can use to make their own rattles. There's a few things I haven't shared because they are my personal tricks that I use with making my oak wands. Once again, if you need further instructions just google as there are many pages of instructions online.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A White Eagle Story For You.....

I did a reading for a family member last night. The person is a little too comfortable at my place because they didn't wait until I told them to come in for the reading but just showed up and began snooping around the room. When I came in the person started freaking out and said that my Indian statue looked like it was real, like it would get up and attack them. They said it looked like the Indian version of "Chucky". I didn't tell the person but I knew what was going on. White Eagle saw that this person just barged in and began snooping around and he was getting mad and the person picked up on it. Can you imagine if that person had fled the room in terror! LOL Lucky that I showed up when I did. I'm going to have to introduce White Eagle to this person but I'm going to let White Eagle spook them off if he feels the person is going through my things or snooping where his nose don't belong. LOL

Sunday, June 10, 2012

My Black Hawk Bucket

As my readers may know, I recently took Momma Starr's Black Hawk course. This is my Black Hawk bucket. I'm just starting out so I don't have all the items yet. The dirt has all been prepared. I have his flag, his hatchet, his knife, and his smokes in the bucket. In this pic I've given him a bottle of water and a shot glass of cornmeal as well. I will relate how I got the bucket and the statue below.

I felt compelled to work with Black Hawk for a long time. I just kept putting it off and pushing it out of my mind. Finally one night, and while getting ready for bed, I told myself that the next night I would light a candle to Black Hawk and ask him to give me a sign if I was supposed to work with him. So I went to bed. The next day I had to help my grandmother move. We had moved out everything she wanted to keep and all that remained was items she didn't want and we had to trash. So I'm in the garage cleaning up and I have to climb up on these tall shelves to get the items at the very top. I move some boxes out of the way and discover this galvanized bucket. I immediately knew that it was a sign from Black Hawk and on top of that I didn't even light the candle to him yet!

A similar thing happened with the statue. I was not having luck finding a good Indian bust I could use. So I asked Black Hawk to lead me to a good bust to use to work with him. He first led me to this very small, like 4 inch vase thing with an Indian chief on it. I wasn't really pleased with it so I asked Black Hawk if he wouldn't like something larger. Well, a couple weeks ago I was at a local occult shop and I asked the worker if she knew where I could purchase an Indian bust. She got quite, looked to the side, turned back to me and told me to try the Flea Market. I had already tried it but found nothing. So while driving home I decide, "what the hell", and decide to go to the Flea Market to look again. Don't you know that in the entire building they only had one Indian bust! And it was perfect to use in my bucket. I was so happy.

Of course as I acquire more of Black Hawk's items I will add them to the bucket. I am in the process of making him a rattle and I'm on the look out for a good walking stick. I will also be making him a fan. I love Black Hawk. I feel like I'm walking taller and more self-assure with him in my life. I feel like he's already done wonders for my self-esteem.

Eating Humble Pie - My Foot Tastes Good!: My Santa Muerte Statue

A few weeks ago or so I asked Santa Muerte if she could lead me to a statue of her if I was meant to work with her. I mentioned in a previous blog entry that when I bought this statue that Santa Muerte was laughing at me. People forget the spirits have senses of humor. Why did Santa Muerte laugh at me? Look at the statue. It's a 7 color statue. In previous blog entries I specifically wrote not to work with a 7 color statue because only the red, white, and black ones are traditional. Well, it's time to eat humble pie. Open mouth and insert foot, because Santa Muerte had something else in mind. This is totally ironic. It's her sense of humor. She's putting me in my place for having hubris and I accept that. Lesson learned, time to move on. This is the statue she wanted me to have and I just have to accept it. When I asked her about leading me to a statue I assumed she was going to lead me to like at the most a 12 inch white or black statue. Nope! The point is that the spirits often don't behave like we assume or expect. They know better and have their wills and motives. This statue is over two feet tall and is so big I have to keep it in a corner. Santa Muerte and Black Hawk do not get along but she gets along with White Eagle. In fact I purchased her from the same guy I bought my White Eagle statue from. She carries her scythe, her globe, and a pair of scales. At her feet is an owl. She is standing on a pile of skulls. At the very bottom of the statue are some strange mystical symbols that I'm not quite sure what to make off. She is also wearing a talisman that has a pentagram on it that is reminiscent of one of the seals of Solomon.

My White Eagle Statue

Last night I asked White Eagle to lead me to a statue that I could use to work with him. He answered me the very next morning (earlier today)! That's how powerful White Eagle is. As I wrote in another blog entry, I knew where I could purchase the same statue that Momma Starr uses for White Eagle but I wanted something different. I assumed White Eagle would lead me to certain Indian busts I've scene with the head of an Indian with an eagle behind it. Nope! White Eagle wanted this one. It's a little over a foot in height. As soon as I saw it I heard White Eagle tell me that I could put his stuff in it. He didn't tell me to buy it, like it was just assumed that I would. So I picked it up and realized it was hollow. I haven't fixed it yet for him. That will have to wait for a couple of days or so when I'm not so busy.


It never ceases to amaze me. There are people who will happily steal from occult shops and even plagiarize and steal from authors. How powerful are you going to be after stealing something? Do you really think that you are going to be a big, bad, powerful conjure worker, witch, or whatever you call yourself, by stealing? I don't think so.

The shop owners of the places I frequent are paranoid about shoplifters. They have good reasons to be. People will happily do it. At one shop I frequent they have a dead roach in a plastic box. It's own it's back with it's legs sticking in the air. The label on the box reads, "Former Shoplifter". There used to be a bumper sticker over the door that read, "Protected By Witchcraft". LOL

Stealing cheapens your work and your power. It's an offense to the spirits as well. When you steal, especially when working with a spirit, you are telling that spirit that you have no faith in their power to lead you to the items you need to work with them. How strong are they going to work with you knowing that you have little to no actual faith in their power?

Now, what about people who make seek revenge against shoplifters? Have you really thought about that? Not all occult shop owners or authors are Wiccan. And you may have thought that you got away with it, that there's nothing they can do against you but you would be mistaken. You walked through that door and left prints on the floor. You touched things. The owner may be able to visualize your face. You walked out that door and the owner may be able to measure you by height! You know those measurement that are found on doors in a lot of stores? Do you know why they are put there? They are put there so that people can know the height of a person if there is a robbery, shoplifting, or other crime. As that person flees witnesses can look and estimate the height of the suspect. Workers can do this also and use that measurement in justice work. On top of that workers don't need to even know your identity to do the work. Spirit knows the guilty party.

Now, there is a time and place for everything. I've already touched on this in prior blog entries. Stealing does have a place in the work but the items stole do not have any real value. They are meaningless and trivial. For example, the tearing off of a small leaf of lettuce at the grocery store, the theft of a pencil at a school, etc. You get the idea. Nothing of real monetary value should ever be stolen for the work. It's an offense to the spirits and it cheapens your own personal power. How powerful are you when you can't even draw to you the money you need to purchase something? Not very powerful in my opinion. Pay for your items. Pay for the books of authors or check the books out at your library. Don't steal them. Don't disseminate them for other thieves to steal as well. There has to be an exchange. Do what is right and the spirits will treat you right and your will be powerful and find success in your work.

Edit: There is no excuse for stealing from occult shops and authors. No excuse. I've talked to people who try to rationalize it by saying they only steal what they need. Well, sorry to bust your bubble but you don't need anything in an occult shop to do effective work. You can work with items you have at your home and find success. So that excuse doesn't fly.

Done Blown Away!

Last night I asked White Eagle to lead me to a statue of him to work with. He answered my prayers this morning! On top of that, I had previously asked Santa Muerte to lead me to a statue of her if I was meant to work with her. She came through this morning. I will post some pictures here in a day or so. I am blown away! Both statues are LARGE. For the White Eagle statue I was thinking he would probably lead me to something small. I know the statue that Momma Starr uses for White Eagle and I know what stores sell it online. However, I personally wanted a different statue for White Eagle. In my head I assumed White Eagle would probably lead me to a bust of an Indian with an Eagle behind him or something. Nope! He sent me to a LARGE Indian chief sitting down and smoking a pipe. When I first saw the statue he told me in my ear, "Put my stuff inside it". I then picked it up and realized it was hollow. I was blown away. The statue is over a foot tall. The statue for Santa Muerte is over two feet tall. And let met tell you, when I bought the statue for Santa Muerte she was laughing. I will explain why she was laughing when I post the pictures of them.


I have myself a dead tree that was killed by someone last night. This morning when I left my house I noticed that the willow tree that I bought and planted, was fallen over. After inspecting it I came the conclusion that someone deliberately pushed it over. We only had light winds last night and we've had several severe storms lately with high winds. The tree survived all those storms yet I'm supposed to believe it just fell over due to light winds? On top of that the tree naturally leaned to one side but it was found lying in the opposite direction. The tree is about 5 years-old and I bought it and planted it myself so I'm a bit upset. I was all fixing to call Black Hawk down on the guilty party but I'm going to show some mercy. I figure it was some kids and kids are notorious for doing stupid crap. On top of that there was a lot of screaming in the street late last night so I'm sure that had something to do with it.

So to the tree-killer(s) out there, you didn't get away with it. I'm pray that something that you cared for, something that you spent your time and money on may likewise be destroyed by the hands of another. That is my earnest prayer for you. You will share my pain and anger.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Sparklers & Smoke Bombs

I just wanted to inform people that the Dollar Tree is now carrying sparklers and smoke bombs! LOL I was shocked to see them. Usually they only had those snap-it things you throw on the ground. I'm trying to think of a way to incorporate the sparklers into a work to heat it up. I immediately felt I could use the smoke bombs to "smoke out" enemies. Just to let you know the smoke bombs come in three colors, blue, purple, and white. The white ones produce more smoke than the other two. They are a lot of fun. You just light the wick and throw them on the ground. Kids love them.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Letting Go, Putting It Out Of Your Mind, And Moving On With Your Life

"Lay Your Trick, Walk Away And Don't Look Back!"

You will hear this a lot in root work. It's a very simply statement that is very powerful and expresses something very important. It's the number one reason why work isn't successful.

If you are constantly dwelling on the work it won't manifest.
If you are obsessed it won't manifest.
If you can't put it out of your mind it won't manifest.
If you can't move on with your life it won't manifest.

On average I have to repeat this about 5 times with my clients before they appear to understand what I'm trying to communicate. I'm not mad about it or anything, it's just that I am used to having to repeat myself several times. I worry about the people who tell me they understand but then their actions indicate otherwise. When the work is done you must put it out of your mind. You must let it go and give up to to God/the Universe, whatever, to manifest. If you keep it to yourself by obsessing over it then it will only remain your little private fantasy and nothing more. You have to give it up.

So you lay your trick, walk away and don't look back. You do the work, or have a worker do it for you, then you put it out of your mind and go on with your life. When it manifest it will manifest out of the clear blue and you will be amazed. Trust me, even seasoned workers never ceased to be amazed when a work manifests.

Have you ever heard of the 4 laws of the mage? I have a blog entry here on that which you can find in the categories to the right. The 4 laws of the mage are:

1. To Know (to have the knowledge to do the work)
2.) To Will  (to have the desire)
3.) To Dare (to have the balls to do the work, to enforce your will on reality, to ask for your desire)
4.) To Keep Silent (power shared is power lost)

I add another one to the list:

5.) To Forget (to put it out of your mind, to lay your trick, walk away and don't look back).

Now, and my clients can vouch for me here, I ask my clients if they are able to put it out of their minds and go on with their life. I tell them if they cannot do this then I won't take their cases on. The reason why I am so honest with my clients is because I do a lot of reconciliation work and this is vital for the success of the work. I know it's so freaking hard not to obsess over the person we love or desire. However, it's extremely important that we learn how to do it. Since I brought up the reconciliation aspect let me also state that every time you allow yourself to obsess over a person you are giving your power to that person. Also be very careful of your feelings. Are you allowing yourself to wallow in self-pity and constantly allow yourself to feel how bad and sad your life is without that person? If so then you are actually taking delight in your own suffering. Yep, tis true! The Universe will respond by giving you what you want....more suffering. Conjure work is about taking control of your life. Don't give your power away. Don't ever allow yourself to take delight in your sadness. I think we all know people like that and they tend to be like that their whole lives.

Jar Work Tips

- Don't open the jar. If you open it you have released the person or the energy of the work being done.

- Don't keep an on-going enemy work jar. I've heard a lot of this lately, of people who are doing jars for enemy work and are keeping it in their homes forever. Don't do that. Sure that work is supposed to stay in the jar but it is the worker who is channelling the energy and it's going to effect you. I'm not saying there are no times that you shouldn't keep a jar for an enemy on an on-going basis, just saying for people to use their common sense. For most enemy work with jar you should only work that jar for a set period of days and then ritually dispose of it. You need to cleanse your home and yourself afterwards.

- Don't fill your jar all the way to the top. I crack up because all of the honey jars I see online are filled to the rim with honey. You can't work a jar that's completely full. If it's completely full there's no room for prayers and for the spirit of that person. Only fill a jar half-way at most. That way you can speak your prayers and put that person's spirit in the jar before putting the lid on. It will also shake better.

- Don't bust the jar on the enemy's property. I've noticed that some people are getting war water confused with jar work. If you bust a jar work on an enemy's porch or what not then you are releasing that enemy. You could bury it if you like.

- Avoid plastic jars. I personally hate them. I feel I have to put a whole lot more energy into them when I was forced to use them in the past. Glass jars work far better. You don't have to use mason jars. I got an email from a woman who claimed her teacher told her she had to go out and buy a mason jar. Any glass jar, such as a pickle jar, olive jar, jelly jar, whatever, will work. Just wash it, remove the label, and cleanse it before using it.

- If your jar breaks it is a very bad omen. For one it means the person you are working on is more powerful than you. I know people like to think they are all-powerful, but the reality is that our power waxes and wanes throughout our life and some people are more powerful than we are at a given time. If the jar breaks, and I don't care if you accidentally break it, the cat knocks it over, whatever, it always means that person is stronger than you. If you are going to work on them and the jar breaks I would not try another jar work on them but would try something else.

- Don't waste your time. Like with any work if you are not seeing results, stop doing that particular work and try something new. You would be amazed by how many emails I get from people who have worked a jar for over a year with not even a sign or omen that it is working. If you are not seeing any movement then reassess your jar and consider doing some other type of work.

- Jar work is not the "be all" of conjure work. Jar work is powerful but if all you know how to do is jar work then you should really get some training.

- Honey jars are NOT the most powerful sweetening work. They are simply the most popular because of certain websites. It's just trendy, that's all. Simple works involving rolling candles in sugar or pouring syrup around a candle and other works are far stronger.

- If your jar leaks then it's usually a bad sign. If it's enemy work then it is a bad sign. You need to get rid of the jar, cleanse your home and yourself, and reassess if jar work is appropriate or if something else should be attempted. Same thing goes if the lid accidentally comes off. It's a bad sign. That person has been released and if you spill any of it then you need to immediately get rid of the jar, clean it up, and cleans your home and yourself.

- Be careful how you shake your jar. You don't go insane shaking when you are doing love work. You don't go insane shaking when you are doing work to influence someone. Do that and you just might find you've created a disturbed individual. Remember, that person's spirit is in that jar. The only time you want to go crazy is with enemy work. Otherwise you only shake it three times while calling the person's name.

- If you are going to burn candles on top of the lid of your jar then you will not be able to shake your jar up every day. Away around this is to use a flat glass candle holder. This will allow some of the heat to get through. You could also place a glass or crystal candle holder on top of the lid as well. You can try what Momma Starr recommends, the tea light candles as well. That way you can shake your jar up each day. Or if you don't care about the mess you can can simply pick up your jar, with the wax and all, and shake it each day. Some or most of the wax will break off. I tend to do this method a lot. I actually don't like tea light for jar works because I use good-size jars. I like tea lights for medicine bottles. I prefer tapers or jumbos for jar work.

- DO NOT WORK YOUR JAR EVERY SINGLE DAY. Part of doing the work involved, "lay your trick, walk away and don't look back". You have to put it out of your mind and allow God/The Universe to manifest your desire. If you are working it nonstop then you are not going to see results. Work your jar for a set period of time, say for like 7 or 9 days. Then give it a rest. I would recommend to ritually dispose of it. Put the work out of your mind. Then later on repeat it if needed. Of course if you are working a jar work on yourself that is on-going then you can simply put the jar away somewhere. The point is that you cannot work that jar every single day. You have to "lay your trick and walk away". This is one of the hardest thing for my clients to understand. I normally have to repeat myself like 5 or 6 times before I am truly convinced they understand this. Because people will claim they understand but their actions reveal they truly don't understand and are just mouthing the words. You have to put it out of your mind. You have to go on with your life. When it manifests it will manifest out of the clear blue and you will be amazed. Keep on working it, keep on obsessing over it, then you are not going to see success.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Just Finished Momma Starr's Class On Black Hawk...

It was a nice experience. I don't know why but I feel drained. I guess it was too much knowledge. So I am going to take me a little nap. I will also take a break from blogging for a couple of days while I catch up on some things I need to do.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I'm So Excited!

Tomorrow I'm taking Momma Starr's Black Hawk course. I'm so nervous and excited that I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to sleep tonight. I'm so scared/anxious because I know how powerful Black Hawk is.

As my readers may know, I'm part Sac & Fox. I view Black Hawk as one of my ancestors and for all I know he may very well be my ancestor. I'm currently trying to find out from my grandparents. My grandpa used to talk a lot about Jim Thorpe. Jim Thorpe was an ancestor of Black Hawk. So I will ask my grandfather if we are related to Jim Thorpe. If yes, then we are definitely related to Black Hawk.

After I do the course I will post a book review on Momma Starr's, "Black Hawk: Working With His Spirit". It's a wonderful book and once again is packed with information you won't find online because Momma Starr is not trained by these Internet hoodoos. It may be a few days before I post the review as I will take some time off from blogging.

Wish me luck! :)

Monday, June 4, 2012

Witch Grass

Witch Grass, a.k.a. Dog Grass, Devil's Grass, Couch Grass, Twitch Grass, is an herb used in the practice of hoodoo/rootwork, and other forms of occult and folk magic, for enemy work, love work, and to stuff doll-babies. For eneym work the herb can be used to break-up couples and bring nervous disorders to one's enemies. For love spells, witch grass is believed excellent to entice a new lover.

Witch Grass' power comes from the fact that it has an almost irritating quality about it. This irritation can be used to cause discomfort or paint to enemies as well as to shake up would-be lovers. Some even use it in works to drive a person insane.

Friday, June 1, 2012

My Trip To The Zoo

Today I had the pleasure of visiting the zoo. I love the zoo. I always have since I was a kid. The reason why I am posting on this here on this blog is due to how I conjured the trip.

I like family outings to the zoo. Problem is that my family doesn't. So I decided to use conjure to obtain my goal. I even included the weather into my work making sure that it wasn't too hot. Today, it manifested almost perfectly. So about 2 months ago I began the work. Nothing manifested immediately so I knew it was something I was going to have to work on. A couple of weeks later I repeated it. I repeated it a third time. Meanwhile, in my head I was thinking that my family was going to have the idea to go to the zoo and then include me as this is how this type of thing normally manifests. That's not how it happened. For example, the last time I did work to manifest a trip to the zoo it manifested with my brother and sister-in-law asking me to go with them and my nephew to the zoo. Today it manifested with me being in the control and having to pay for people. LOL However, I'm still satisfied with the result.

Now let me tell you about the weather. Normally when I go to the zoo it's like circa 100 degrees and it's hot and miserable. I'm sure most people have that same experience. Well it was only in the upper 60s today and at the time of me writing this blog it's dropped down to 60 degrees. It feels like a cool October day and not June weather! I was so happy that this aspect also manifested. It was the perfect temperature for enjoying the zoo.

So there was only one slight problem. It started to rain on the drive to the zoo. My niece and I took care of that. We held hands and chanted, "Rain, rain, go away. Come again another day", over and over again. It was really eerie the way our voices just merged into one. The sun immediately burst through the clouds and the rain stopped. I kid you not. Of course now that we are back from the zoo it's pouring down rain.

So I wanted to share this story with my readers. When you are a worker it's a part of your life, not just something you do on the side or every now and then. Use the power, but use it wisely. Oh, and for those who would like to alter the weather, let me give you some important advice. Make sure to release the weather after you are done. So our trip to the zoo is over with and it can rain freely now. I made sure to tell my niece this important detail.