Friday, June 29, 2012


Ill-wishing, the wishing of harm, misfortune, destruction, or even death upon another human being, has been viewed by most cultures throughout time as a form of witchcraft. There are two types of ill-wishing, secret and spoken. Both forms are considered dangerous. In secret ill-wishing a person keeps their evil wishes to themselves, perhaps dwelling on them in internal fantasies. This form of ill-wishing is equated with the "evil eye". The second type of ill-wishing is the spoken word or curse in which a person deliberately speaks an evil wish against a person and usually out of envy or anger. An example of the spoken form of ill-wishing would be, "I wish you would drop dead!". In times past the spoken form of ill-wishing, if done in public and with witnesses, often led to the accusation or even arrest of the person on grounds of witchcraft, and especially if some misfortune occurred to the victim after the curse was leveled.

Older generations tend to understand the power of words and will usually refrain from at least the spoken form of ill-wishing. One may hear an older person say things such as, "I take that back..", if by chance they feel they have said something they should not have. Unfortunately today's generation seems oblivious to the concept of ill-wishing.


  1. In addition, for a Christian, bad words and evil desires are sinful, a detail that must have been overlooked to arrive at a kind of curse with them.
    Given what you say people are living constantly cursing!

    1. Mmm, ideally for a Christian. What it means to be Christian varies so much that who can really say. Curses are all over the Bible, too, so it makes it a little hard to make that point within the whole of Christendom. Too, accepting that we were born sinners and are saved merely by the death and resurrection of Christ puts everyone [Christian] in the clear... in the minds of some. But I don't think everyone is constantly cursing others unintentionally! Some Christians come up with this understanding and try to remain... pure of heart, but we're not perfect. God knows my heart better than I do, but I wouldn't say I live my life that way. Oh there have been times when my heart was heavy for sure, but after time we hopefully see our error and correct it.

      Like other forms of enemy work, I wouldn't put all "ill-wishing" or spoken curses under the umbrella of witchcraft. A long time ago I heard the saying "Even a white witch needs to know black magic". (In this case of course the word "witch" doesn't refer to an evildoer.)

      You won't hear me using profanity in front of my elders, ever. Yet, I never fully understood why it was called cursing as a kid, despite having several people around me who tried to drill the importance of words into me. (I was scolded even for saying "I can't" or using "I don't know" too frequently. I was told to say instead that I'll have to think about it, I'll have to figure it out, etc. The reason being that... there's nothing I can't do and there's nothing I can't figure out... as it was explained to me.) But once I slipped, lost my temper, and in the presence of an elder posed the question "Have you lost your damn mind?" to someone. Oh, I got "treated" as my son would say lol. Damned being taken literally by an elder who herself was frequently caught using profanity lol ironically enough. As if I was literally damning the mind of the person I was speaking to. That wasn't my intention of course, but I learned a lot from that experience. :-)

      Maybe it's because we have so much slang lol. Bad = good, and word meaning becomes trivial.

    2. Expand more what I said.
      As stated by Doc if the wish evil with the mind or the word is a curse we are all doing almost continuously. This, wishing evil with the mind and the word, is considered a sin in Christian terms. I'm just stating a logical reasoning, but I accept that the curses if they are justified is not a sin.

    3. Oh, sorry lol, all of my long post wasn't to you specifically. I gather you meant that we're probably wishing curses on others more than we realized. To you I was pretty much saying that I don't think human nature is so far gone that people are frequently in such a negative state. At least I hope not! Maybe I'm just too optimistic lol.

  2. I agree with you totally ...I have seen this in my life many time when I would just think something (not even heavily just momentarily)...small quick sec thought of something then it would manifest. i recently did this just the other month when me and a friend of mine was arguing and he is a bit arrogant and boastfull so I just said in my head "watch he's going to lose his position as head of his committee" and about three days later it happened. He was heartbroken, so was I because even though I didn't wish or intend for it to happen it happened.

    this also has happened with some of my dreams too...