Saturday, June 16, 2012

Notice For Those Seeking Reconciliation Work

I tell my clients these things, though I may word them differently with each client. I'm writing this blog entry to have a record so that I can refer clients who wish to hire me for reconciliation work to read so that I don't have to repeat myself so very often and to make sure that everything is covered. I would feel bad if I somehow forgot to cover something. So this is a record I will refer my clients to.

1.) I NEVER promise perfection, "happily ever after", nor do I promise you a rose garden. If I feel that a potential client is caught up in a fantasy of a "perfect relationship" then I will attempt to lead them to a more reasonable expectation. If by chance I feel the potential client cannot shake this fantasy then I will decline the case. Nothing in life is perfect, period.

2.) Any problems that existed before will be there when that person is brought back. If that man was a dog before, he's still a dog. If that woman was a total psycho, she's still a psycho. I cannot change this. The work you are hiring me for has nothing to do with changing a person's personality, attitude, or character. It's only to draw that person back.

3.) Make sure you understand what broke up your relationship so that you don't make same mistake again. I always ask my clients what broke up the relationship. When they don't have an explanation or don't know, like it's a big mystery, then I get worried and wonder if there's something I'm not being told.

4.) Drop your expectations. The biggest problems that cause dissatisfaction is unreasonable expectations. If I feel the client's expectations are unreasonable and if I cannot shake them from them, then I will turn down the case. An example would be "happily ever after", as described above.

5.) Timing is out of my hands. We don't control the timing of when a work will manifest.

6.) We do not control the way a work manifests. You cannot say, I want step A to happen. Then I want step B to happen. Then I want step C to happen, which will lead me to my goal at step D. It doesn't work like that. All we are concerned is about the final outcome. God chooses the steps toward manifestation.

7.) Play your cards right. When a work manifests you are given a hand of cards to play. Sometimes everything may go smoothly and you are given wonderful cards and you play them well and easily. Other times the hand given is SEEMINGLY crappy and the game difficult. Don't be dismayed. You play the cards you were dealt the best way you can. There is no such thing as perfection. Don't be tricked by that fantasy in your head of how you think it SHOULD manifest. I will give you a hint. Sometimes the situation may appear to be negative or that the work is not manifesting. Don't let yourself be tricked by these false perceptions. All you need to focus on is forward movement.

8.) Obsession and constant dwelling on the situation will prevent the work from manifesting. If you cannot let something go and give it to God then God will not manifest it. To obsess over it, to constantly allow your mind to dwell on it is like telling God that you are not ready to have that which you claim to desire. You have to put it out of your mind and go on with your life. When it manifests it will manifest out of the clear blue and you will be blown away. I make sure to tell all of my potential clients this. You have to lay your trick, walk away and no look back. If you can't do this then you are not going to find success. On average I have to repeat this to clients about 5 or 6 times before it finally sinks in. I don't mind, I'm use to it. It actually worries me when clients seem to understand it on the only the first time I tell them this. Then I question if they truly understand it or if they are just telling me what they think I want to hear.

9.) Do not punish the person for past deeds when they come back. You cannot draw a person to you and push him or her away at the same time. If that is your goal then you are are going to screw it up. Reconciliation work is not enemy work and it is definitely not to be done so that you can get even with them. You have to be sincere in your desire for reconciliation.

10.) Don't allow yourself to pine for the person. When a person does this they are giving away their power and are reinforcing the belief that they will never reconcile with that person. That person becomes, "the one that got away" and will only exist in your fantasies from then on out. If you catch yourself pining for someone and feeling how bad your life is without them, immediately catch yourself and counteract it with a statement indicating your life is wonderful and you will reconcile with that person.

11.) There is no such thing as "forever". I can't and won't promise you eternal love with that person. You have to play your cards right to keep them and maintain a strong, healthy relationship. If you don't work on the problems that led to your initial separation then the relationship will eventually fall apart again.

12.) If that person has found a new love then that relationship must be broken up before that person can be drawn back. This is an extra work in addition to the work to draw that person back. It is a form of enemy work. If that couple is not broken up before the work is done to draw that person back then a "tug-o-war" will result for that person's affections and you may simply not have a strong enough hold on that person to win.

13.) I will not break up a married couple just because you want to be with somebody. As far as I'm concerned, if your former lover has left and has since remarried another person you are out of luck. I would recommend work to find a new love, someone better suited for you. I personally view break-up work on a married couple in this situation to be unjustified.

14.) When you hire me for reconciliation work I will do the work I'm hired to do then I will mail a package of work that I want you to do, so that your energy gets mixed in. This work is easy and I provide full instructions. This work usually last for a set number of days. I will not say that if you miss a day then the work will not be successful. However, I view this as a test of the client's determination and of how strong their desire is. I know emergencies arise. I totally understand this. However, when a client tells me that they missed a day, or even multiple days, without really having a good explanation as to why, then I become worried. I am also very worried when a client tells me that they decided not to follow my instructions but do their own thing. It does happen, believe it or not.

15.) I will constantly state that if the client has any questions to feel free to ask me. I mean this. I give my paying clients my full attention. When I open my email I scan the list to check for my paying clients names as I give them my full attention and reply to them before I devote any time to anyone else who may be contacting me.

As I've stated before in other blog entries, I do a lot of break-up and reconciliation work. I don't mind it as long as I feel the potential client can understand the issues that I touch on above.


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