Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Update On My Rawhide Rattles

This is my completed rattle for Black Hawk.


This is a rattle I'm still working on. It will use it for the other spirits I work with. I chose the colors black and white due to balance of darkness and light. The center is a cross, a white cross on the black portion and a black cross on the white portion. The four dots are white on the black portion with black centers and black on the white portion with white centers. These also represent balance. I will be adding black and white fur and possibly black and white feathers. I may also add leather and beads and then I should be done with it.

Here's a tip for those who are interested in making your own rawhide rattles. The Dollar Tree sells these cool dream catchers for a dollar. You can buy one and deconstruct it and use it to create your rawhide rattles. You can use the pony beads inside to produce noise and you can use the leather strips and feathers to decorate the rattle. The yellow one in the picture is the one I've started to deconstruct for my Black Hawk rattle. The white one is my personal dream catcher. I bought a blue one that I gave to Black Hawk and now White Eagle wants me to buy him one! LOL

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