Thursday, July 19, 2012

Casino Tips

As a casino lover I thought I would share some of my tips for newbies. These tips are a mixture of my own knowledge that I have gathered via trial and error as well as tricks and tips that I've been taught by others. Following these tips should help you maximize your wins and will help you to have a more entertaining experience.

1.) Relax, it's entertainment!

Don't take it too seriously. Go to a casino to have fun. It's not a job. It's not a chore. It's entertainment!

2.) If you are having financial problems, stay clear of the casino!

You are not guaranteed to win. Therefore spend your money wisely.

3.)  If you have never been to a casino before stick to the penny machines.

Trying to learn the games can be confusing. Therefore I recommend newbies to stick to penny machines to learn how they work first before moving on to other types of machines.

4.) The best time to visit a casino is on Saturdays in the latter evening, circa 10pm - 2am.

This is the peek time for casinos, when there are many people playing and spending money. This is typically the time period where machines pay out the most money.

5.) Determine how much money you want to spend.

When I go to he casino I generally go with at least $100 to play.

6.) Do not spend more than this determined amount.

7.) Break the determined amount down into more manageable amounts.

I prefer my hundred that I play with to be broken down into 20s and 10s.

8.) Ladies, keep your purses at home or properly secured in your car.

9.) Pick machines that are facing an aisle. There are two types, those facing the main aisles in the casino and those on the floor separating machines.

Casinos want their customers to see people winning money; therefore, machines that face aisles are often configured to pay out more often than other machines.

10.) Choose interactive games versus 'static' games.

Interactive games are are more entertaining than the standard "bar, cherry, 7" types of games. There are often far more opportunities to win on interactive games than the 'static' variety.

11.) Know the different types of wagers and how to play the game.

Study the game. Take your time to look at the buttons, read the screen, etc.

12.) Choose games that have special features when choosing the max bet feature. 

13.) Know that the different denominations of machines will pay out differently.

Penny machines tend not to pay out high amounts, quarter machines pay out higher wins, and the $1.00 and $500 machines tend to pay out the highest winnings.

14.) Know that even though the machines are penny, nickel, quarter, dollar, etc., that depending upon your wager you could spend far more per spin. 

For example, if you are on a quarter machine and choose the max bet feature then such may have cost you $3 for that spin, depending upon how many lines are in play.

15.)  Cycle between wagers. Don't only wage the lowest or the highest, but cycle through the wagers.

For example, let's say you bet the max bet feature and end up winning $100. What's the chances that the next spin will win you a good sum? Very slim. So don't use the max bet feature on the next spin. Instead, bet a lower wager.

16.) Cash out after every good win.

The way I usually work it is that say I put $20 in. When I win over double that original amount, I will cash out. So let's say that I put $20 in and I'm down to $15. The next spin I win $30, bringing my total to $45. That's more than double my initial amount I first played so I will cash out. I will save the ticket and then often play another $20 on the same machine. However, sometimes I will cash out after a relatively small win, such as only $15 or $20, so it all depends.

17.) Cash out after 3 or 4 no-wins.

If you are on a game and after 3-4 spins haven't won anything, cash out. You can then reinsert the ticket into the same machine and play again. This will reset the machine.

18.) If you win a large amount of money within a short amount of time at the casino, force yourself to leave!

This scenario happens all the time. It's happened to me about 3 or 4 times now through the years and luckily I've now matured enough to resist the urge to continue to play the rest of the night. So it goes down like this. You decide you want to go to the casino. You plan on spending 4 or 5 hours there. You arrive and instantly you are drawn to a machine. You insert your money and within 5 minutes of being at the casino you win $800. Well, you just arrived at the casino and you don' want to go home now. So you decide to stay and gosh darn it, don't you know you end up blowing all that cash. Trust me, almost everyone who goes to casinos regularly has a story like this to tell.

19.) Don't go 'slap happy' with the buttons.

Take your time. You don't have to immediately spin again. Taking time in-between spins will help you keep your head and help your game last longer.

20.) Know when to move on to another machine.

If you have to cash out several times for no-wins on any machine, move on to a new machine. There's no sence in wasting more money on that machine which isn't paying out anything that night.

21.) Avoid 'casino mania' or hysteria.

Newbies will almost always develop the condition that I refer to as "casino mania", where the person's adrenaline kicks in and they perk up, heart beats faster, may even become flustered in anticipation of winning big. Don't succumb to this disease. If you need to go off to meditate or calm down in the bathroom, then do so. If you catch this "mania" then you are likely to make poor chooses and spend far too much money. People who have 'casino mania' look and act like they are on drugs. And trust me, I've had 'casino mania' before too and I see people with it every time I go. The way I prepare is that I mediate in advance and detach myself from any potential win. I won't even allow myself to get in the car if I feel I have lost control over myself.

22.) When you have spent your determined amount, that's it!

Don't dip into your winnings! Don't visit the ATM! Once you have won a large amount or have spent your determined amount, that's it, games over. end of the night. Go home!

23.) Keep the proper mind frame.

As long as you left with more money than you came in with then you are a WINNER!

24.) Breaking even is a blessing!

I have broke even so many times that I can't even count. It's a blessing and people need to realize it's a blessing. For example, the last time I went to the casino I spent $150. I got down to my last $5 with no win and then won $153 and change. You won't believe how happy I was.

25.) Cash your tickets out at the end of your visit, right before leaving.

That way you won't be tempted to spend the money.

26.) Know what to expect.

The typical good win is 2x or 3x the initial amount spent. So for me, I spend around $100 when I go the casino and on good nights I win $200-$400. Then there are the times when lady luck just smiles on you and you will win far more, but these times are rare. Then there are the times where you just don't win a darn thing. Study those times to see if you violated any of the tips I mentioned above.

Now for the "magic" part.

1.) Gamble alone. If you are in a group of people, split up. People constantly watching over your shoulder can jinx you up. Now, this is only an issue if the people watching you are jealous of you. Jealousy will kill your luck. However, if the group of people loves you and actually wants you to win then there energy can help you land a big win.

2.) Secrecy is your friend. Don't brag about your winnings.

3.) Bring your good luck charm, lucky mojo bag, or in the very least, dress your hands before gambling. If you want instructions on how to dress your hands, read my blog entry on it by clicking HERE.

4.) Develop your ritual. You will see all kinds of weird rituals people do on their machines. The most common ritual is people praying while tapping or rubbing the machine. The last time I went to the casino I saw a man make the sign of the cross over the machine and then over himself. Develop your own ritual if you believe it will help you to be more lucky.

5.) If you land a big win and there are people around you, immediately cash out and leave. If there are jealous people around you then they will try to stick stuff on you that will screw you up. This happens to me all the time. One time I even had an old man get up out of his seat a couple of machines down, walk over to me and mumble what sounded like curse words under his breath.  I was in the process of trying to cash out with my win and so when I stood up I quickly brushed my hand down my body and then "flung" it back to him.

6.) Do a spiritual cleansing before gambling.

7.) Be humble with your wins and spend your money wisely. That way the winnings will continue to roll in.

Wishing Everyone Good Luck! :)


  1. Great post and excellent advice. Drinking and gambling are two things that have never worked out well for anyone in my family so I tend to avoid the machines and only play cards to play-- when I win I'm happy but if I lose I've still had my entertainment.

    1. To each their own! But if you are ever interested there are video poker games available at casinos. One day I would like to be able to play the cards with the big boys, but for now I will have to make due with the slots.

    2. If you have space and a few willing friends you can always host small stakes or penny poker at your home for practice.

    3. My parents had friends they had a poker club with, the men all played poker for change and bullshitted while the wives went to a movie or dinner. Several of the guys where 2nd generation poker clubbers lol.

  2. This is awesome, Doc!! I won $1K my first time playing craps in Biloxi, caught the mania and ended up giving a third of it back before the fella I was with literally shoved me out of the casino. Once I was out the door, I literally felt the fog of gambling adrenaline leave my head. I wish I'd had your blog post to read before that trip--I'll keep your tips in mind for next time! Have any lottery tips? I've tried lucky hand powder on my tickets a couple of times...with no luck yet...

    Prosperous gambling to you!! Kristina

    1. @ Kristina,

      I'll try to post something on the lottery in the near future.

  3. Thanks, Doc!! You give away so much awesome info that I feel bad for requesting more, but it would make for a fabulous blog post...Kristina

  4. “Don't take it too seriously. Go to a casino to have fun. It's not a job. It's not a chore. It's entertainment!” – I totally agree with you on that one. The more you get frustrated on losing, the more you’re going to lose because you’re not in your game anymore. If you really want to enjoy your time in a casino, then you have to realize that losing is part of the fun too.

  5. Very informative post.

    Since this post concerns gambling, I've always wonder if the so called, "fixed nutmeg charm" would be helpful.

    Of course, that would be a gamble itself since it contains mercury. lol