Friday, July 20, 2012

Detaching From The Goal

In previous blogs I've written on how important it is not be obsessed with the outcome. Obsessing over the work or outcome will prevent the work from manifesting. I can not stress this enough. When you obsess over the goal or outcome then you are basically telling God/The Universe, whatever, that you can not handle that which you desire.

When doing work one needs to be able to detach from the outcome, to let it go. The ability to detach from the outcome is a must for successful work, not a recommendation. You do the work, you know that it's going to manifest, and you let it go. You do not continue to obsess over it. You do not continue to dwell on it. You let it go. When work manifests it will manifest clear out of the blue.

Here's the core truth of detachment. A person who has properly attached will not be overly excited when the work manifests. A worker already knows in their head when doing the work that the work will be a success so there's no room to be overly excited when it happens. When the worker has properly detached from the goal then the work will also manifest far faster.

So I want to give an example for my readers so that they can understand what it's like to experience the detachment from the goal. The easiest way is to to do a simple work regarding something unimportant. If it's not important then there won't be the urge to obsess over it, meaning it's easier to detach from it, put it out of one's mind. So here we go.

Items needed:

1 small piece of paper pen or pencil


On the paper you will do one of two things. You can write a simple statement of intent or you can draw a symbol. For this exercise we will be manifesting something trivial into our life. For this exercise I want you to pick an object. For example, let's say we are using a crown. So on this paper you will either draw a crown or you will write out the word crown. The over the word or image you will write your full name or a phrase such as is, "It's mine!",, "Manifest!", etc. Hold the paper in your hands and concentrate on it. Visualize the object in your mind. Visualize yourself possessing whatever it is. Know that it will manifest in your life. Put your energy into it. Then when you fill that enough time has passed and you put enough energy into manifest it then simply fold the paper and hide it somewhere, such as in the bottom of the drawer. No put it out of your mind and go on with your life. If you do this correctly then in the future it will manifest when you aren't even thinking about it, out of the clear blue.

Now, God/The Universe, whatever, is tricky. It's going to manifest in a way in which you may not be able to recognize is so you must be observant. So let's use this same crown example. so two days after I did this exercise I go to buy a pop out of a vending machine and it gives me the wrong one. I wanted a Dr. Pepper but it gives me an RC cola instead, Voila! There's my crown! (Royal Crown Cola). Or say that three days later my friend asks me to go to a bar with him for another friend's birthday party. While I'm there my friend buys me a crown and coke. Yep! That's my crown! LOL The purpose of this is to show you how to properly detach from the goal.

Now, I'm going to be honest with you. I did this same exercise years ago and it manifested in about 4 days. I used the crown. Guess what happened? My mother went to Burger King with her friends and then called me out to the car. When I approached her she told me to bend my head down. I was like, huh? So I did it and she put a Burger King crown on my head. That's no lie.

Please don't get confused. The purpose of this exercise is not to confuse you into thinking that you can't manifest specific things. You absolutely can! The purpose of this exercise is for you to understand what it's like to detach from something. Now, I don't want any of my readers asking for money with this exercise. It needs to be something unimportant so you can understand what it's like to be detached from it. Was I overjoyed that I got a Burger King crown? Of course not. But I then realized what it means to be detached from it and this exercise did wonders for me in helping me produce effective conjure work.

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  1. Detachment, when highlighted in the perspective of obsession made complete sense. It was good.