Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Domination Work

Domination Work, a.k.a. Commanding, Controlling, Compelling, Influencing, Ruling, Conquering, Master, Respect, Do As I Say, Bend Over, Boss Fix, etc., are works designed to have control over another person or to have power over them. Domination works are usually justified and are morally and ethically sound to perform in their proper perspective.

Personally, I had a huge problem with domination work. For the longest time I would not perform them because they violated a person's free-will. After being burned by so many people I have since changed my mind and now realize that domination works are a necessity for practitioners. Let's face it folks, if a person is too good or too kind then people will use and abuse the person. This is why domination work is necessary. Below I will explain why one is usually justified in performing domination work.

When one applies for a job and is hired, one expects and is entitled to having a work environment where one can feel comfortable and where one can feel accepted and appreciated for their contribution to the company. Unfortunately, too many people have the opposite experience and are forced to put up with horrible work environments and bosses who for no rational reason simply do not like them and show favor to their "buddy-buddy" employees who do not follow the rules, who do not have good work ethics, etc. In these situations one can either put up with the negativity and accept the realization that one has no future at the company or one can take matters into their own hands and "fix" a problem boss or co-worker. This is where domination work come into play. This would also be an example of a justified and morally and ethically sound use of domination work.

Other examples where one can use domination work are for one's enemies, a cheating spouse or a spouse who doesn't treat you right or show you respect, unruly children, and even managers who have to deal with rebellious employees who don't follow the rules and who challenge one's authority.

When it comes to unjustified uses for domination work, such tend to be performed by egomaniacs and control freaks who want to dominate anybody and everybody in their life. As long as one avoids this type of approach then one's work is usually morally, ethically, and even socially acceptable.

Please keep in mind when one performs domination work that one can attract more flies with honey than with vinegar. In a nutshell, this means that one can expect more satisfactory results if one "kills them with kindness" rather than choosing to rule over them with an iron fist. Interestingly, some people also place sweetening work into the category of domination work.


  1. The right to free will is lost each time it is exercised outside the law. Abuse to others is a clear example of loss of rights by the abuser.

  2. Doc do you have any Solomon verses that are addressed to woman most of the ones i see are addressed to men from women.

    Jean P

  3. Doc;

    One more question Im new too your blog, When conjuring or doing work are you prohibited from having any type of sexual relations on that day or week ? I know people who will not have sex on the day of working for the reason of spoiling their work. Whats your take on this ?