Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Emails From A Client

I recieved a few emails the other day from a client. The emails made my day and just reinforced my passion for this work. I have permisson to share them but I will keep my client's name confidential and just refer to her as "K".

"I can respect that and appreciate our love so much more this way. You're giving me the foundation for my house and I'm building the walls and everything else, that's the way I envision it. *censored* was just my band-aid and I'm glad I followed my heart and didn't settle. You know I'm still in awe over this. You know what I'm laughing over here, I've gone to other people before you and no progress and they charged big time. The lesson in this for me was it's the quality not the quantity."


"Love, love,the pics! I can sense you put great energy and effort into the work. It looks unique and not redundant. Keep standing out Doc. You're amazing!"


"Oh yes! Please do. People need to know how phenomenal and serious you're about the cases you take on. I've found my lifetime spirtual worker; you've made a beliver out of me where others didnt succeed and it COULD have been the timing? : )"


  1. Although I have yet to have the pleasure of having you work with me, I agree with your client wholeheartedly!! As a student of hoodoo, you have helped me tremendously with the wonderful information you share so generously on your blogs! When my finances sort themselves out (I am "working" on this now) and I have some spending money, I would love to have a reading/consultation with you! In the meantime, your blogs are a daily stop for me...

    Bright blessings, Kristina

  2. Greetings. I know this is off-topic but I didn't want my email to get lost in your emails but a while ago you said that you would post about examples of Biblical characters doing magic work. I would love to read your examples.

    Even though I live in Los Angeles, my family is Creole and from New Orleans and rootworking has really resonated with me and I've followed your blog for a long time.

    Out of curiosity I attended a free exorcism by a pastor, and he pointed me out of the crowd, said I was a demon, and told me to give up witchcraft. It was weird, and I know that I do anything to harm anyone, I fix candles, use the psalms and pray. It would mean a lot to me see examples in the Bible, and if you had already wrote such a post, I might have skipped it and apologized. Thank you for your time. -Andre