Monday, July 30, 2012

Hoodoo Slot Machines

So this weekend my sister and I go with my grandmother to a new casino. We had a blast and didn't get home until about 4am. My grandmother won $510, I broke even, and my sister blew everything.

While at the casino I finally played a game I had wanted to try before but never did. It was Hexbreaker. There's also a Hexbreaker 2 as well. Anyway, this game should appeal to conjure workers and the hoodoo crowd. The game's mascot is a black cat named Hoodoo. The game itself is based around superstitions and all the good luck and bad luck symbols are included, such as four leaf clovers, "13", umbrellas, ladders, spilled salt, voodoo dolls, "jinx", etc. If you get 4 broken mirrors it triggers the special features. I spend about $15 straight and didn't win anything. So I won't be playing Hexbreaker again but perhaps someone else will have better luck with it.

There is also this cool machine with a fortune teller, similar to like "Miss Cleo". The game bonus includes a tarot spread where you can pick tarot cards for a chance to win more money or you can just walk away with you current win. Because if you draw like either the death card or some other card then the bonus round ends and you walk away with nothing from that bonus round. I won $18 and only spent about $7 on it. However, I probably won't be playing that game again. I mainly only did it out of curiosity.

If you have that special touch, try Enchanted Unicorn. It's not a hoodoo-themed game but it's the game my grandma always plays. When she plays she plays only that game and no other ones. She will go and sit on that game for like 6, 7 hours! I kid you not, that woman only put $20 in the machine and ended up leaving with $510.

Hexbreaker Slot Machine

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