Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Important Reminders For People Emailing Me

I spent the day revamping my other blog and going through my email account and going through emails. Once again, I find I have to blog on this.

* I will not call you for free, period. You can converse with me via email. If you want to speak with me over the phone you will pay me. My fees are $50 for 30 minutes or $100 for an hour and payment must be made in advance of the call.

* I will not answer any questions about the advice or instructions given to you by another worker. This includes emailing me and asking me to intervene or help you in any matter. I'm at the point where from this point forward I won't even bother replying but will simply just delete any and all such emails. I'm sick of it, folks. If you have hired another worker and you have problems, questions, or need clarification, then you go to that worker and stop wasting my time. If you have a legitimate complaint or think you have been scammed and want to talk to me about it, fine. However, I'm really sick of getting emails from people asking me to call or contact some other worker who I don't know and somehow force them to do what you, their client, wants. Trust me, that will never happen! If you want to hire my services, fine, that's great. However, if you think I'm supposed to somehow "fix" something between you and another worker then you are mistaken.

* I will answer questions only up to a point. If I feel like someone is trying to take up too much of my time I will politely ask them to purchase a reading from me or to move along.

*I will not teach you conjure work.

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