Thursday, July 19, 2012

Requesting Free Work & The Nature Of The Work I Do

I'm receiving way too many emails asking for free work. So in response I'm writing this blog.

Free work is for emergency situations only. I don't mind doing free work for people in emergency situations. However, the majority of people who are contacting me for free work do not actually have any emergency and are just trying to get a freebie from someone.

Examples of what are not emergencies:

Break-up work, hot foot work, basically any enemy work, love work. work to get raises or promotions, work to land the job of your dreams even though you already have a job, work to get good grades in school or to pass a test, work to get the car you always wanted even though your current car runs fine, etc.

Examples of what are emergencies:

Loss of home, car, job, physical abuse, protection, emergency healing, etc.

If you want me to do free work it must be an emergency, period. If it's not, I won't do it.
Also, Spirit has to tell me to do it. Just because someone requests it doesn't mean I will do it, even if it is a genuine emergency. That's just how it is. I don't take on every case.

Now about the nature of my work. I had a man contact me wanting me to do work for him for a situation in his life. He told me, yes told me, that I was going to do the work for $15. I replied back explaining to him that my fees are non-negotiable and I declined his case. He then complained saying that I charge too much for just lighting a candle. So I want to clear this up real fast. A full work is not just "lighting a candle". Perhaps people have had bad experiences in the past with people who only know how to do candles. I don't know. But lighting a candle will never be a full, complete work. I do incorporate candles into my full, complete works; however, I will never "only" burn a candle. Also, I do offer a candle burning service. I can burn a 7 day candle for people for $30 and that includes me putting my daily prayer, energy, power, into the candle as well as burning incense. However, this is not and never will be a full complete work. All it is is setting a light. People can and do see good results from setting lights, but it's not the same thing as a full, complete work. Conjure is far bigger than just burning a candle.

Finally, on the 7 day candles, I will not set a 7 day candle for you for any type of enemy work. If you want me to do enemy work for you then you need to hire me for a full, complete work.

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