Thursday, July 5, 2012

Synonyms For Spells Used In Hoodoo

Because most hoodoo practitioners are Christian, the term 'spells' is usually avoided. Below one will find common slang used as synonyms for spells in the practice of hoodoo/rootwork.

- Job (Ex- "I'm doing a job tonight.")

- Work (Ex- "I'm doing work for a client tonight" or "I'm working on that man". Additionally, the term work is also used to portray the type of spells being used. For example, "enemy work" is work against one's enemies..)

- Fix (Ex- "I think I've been hoodooed so I went to a rootworker for a fix." or "My boss isn't treating me right so I fixed him.")

- Chores (Ex- "I have to do my chores tonight". The term "chores" usually refers to a magic ritual that is on-going, lasts for multiple days, or is something that is repeated, such as cleansing rituals every Sunday.)

- Trick (Ex- "I put a trick on her.")

- Crossed (The term "crossed" refers to work against one's enemies. Ex- "I caught that bitch with my man so I crossed her good".)

- Putting Someone Under One's Feet (The term "putting someone under one's feet" refers to domination work. Ex- "My woman's been running around all night, treating me bad, and disrespecting me, so I put her under my feet.")

- Throwin' For (Ex - "That woman always gives me the evil eye. I suspect she's been throwin' for me". The term "throwin' for" means "throwing powders for (someone)". This would imply a work in which various powders such as graveyard dirt, hot foot powder, or goofer dust were sprinkled for the person to walk in or else where thrown at the person's back as they passed by. The term "throwin' for" is also sometimes used as a synonym for any negative work, as in "I think I've been thrown for".)

- Burning A Black Candle On Someone's Name (The shortened form of "burning a candle on someone's name" is also used. The phrase "burning a black candle on someone's name" means to do work against that person and is a literal description of how it was performed. Ex- "I got a reading and the woman said somebody had burnt a candle on my name" or "He stole my money so I burnt a black candle on his name.")

- Putting Roots On Someone (The phrase, "putting roots on someone", means to do work on someone and usually refers to negative work. Ex- "Don't make me put roots on you!" Refer to the common name of Hoodoo as "Rootwork".)

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