Thursday, July 12, 2012

Through The Wormhole = Voodoo Doll?

I just thought this was so odd. One of the shows I've recently discovered is Through The Wormhole With Morgan Freeman on The Science Channel. Tonight's episode was called, Can We Resurrect The Dead? There is a scene where a woman is talking about full body transplants via transplanting a brain into a different body. However, she is making a doll-baby or "voodoo doll" as she is talking. I was like, huh? LOL It was the typical cloth voodoo doll. So if anybody wants to check that show out be on the look-out for that scene.


  1. I just watched Through the Wormhole at Dish Online and saw exactly what you were talking about. It made her look a little creepy. I don’t know how I missed that the first time. The part where they were showing the high end robots was amazing. I asked some coworkers at Dish if they would opt to be turned into a robot and I couldn’t get a straight answer. What do you think?

    1. Only if they are indistinguishable from human beings. One way to look at human beings is that they are incredibly complex organic robots or organic A.I.

      In the long distant future, like billions of years future, the only way humanity could exist is via uploading our consciousness into machines directly. We would live in an a virtual reality universe as the physicial universe around us wil begin to die. Eventually we would not be able to survive even in this machine-form but would have to find someway to jumpt into a prallel universe if such was possible.

      However, before that time I would prefer the ability to upload our minds into machines and then download them into new, physical, organic human bodies, even clones of ourselfs if that was possible.

  2. Have either of you read this:

    Also, are you familiar with transhumanism?

    I try to catch Through the Wormhole when I can, and will now make sure to catch the most recent episode. Thanks for the heads up, Doc Conjure. (Then I go to submit this and get told I need to prove I am not a robot...)