Monday, August 27, 2012

Blue Moon Friday

Friday is a blue moon. There are three basic definitions of a blue moon. The first definition is literally when the blue has a blue appearance. I have never seen this before but people swear that it happens. I see orange and even red moons all the time, but I haven't yet seen a blue moon. The second definition is the third full moon in a season with four full moons. This definition comes from the Farmers' Almanac. Normally each season has three full moons. Sometimes a season will have four and the third full moon is viewed as the "odd ball out" and is called the blue moon. The last definition of a blue moon and the one I go by is the second full moon in a calender month. Normally each month only has one full moon. Occasionally there will be a month with two full moons. August 1, 2012, was a full moon. The next full moon will occur on Friday, August 31, 2012. This will be the blue moon. This month's blue moon is important because it is the last blue moon until 2015.

The blue moon is a powerful time for doing money, gambling, and luck work. It's also possible to store the energy of the blue moon by gathering full moon water. Simply set out bowls of water and leave them outside under a fool moon. You can leave them out there as long as you want, even overnight, but just be sure to retrieve them before sunrise as sunlight will ruin it. Also, if you use quartz crystals you can charge these up in the rays of the blue moon in a similar fashion. Once again, don't let sunlight fall on the crystals.

Remember that the energy of the blue moon is like a reved up regular full moon, meaning that it's chaotic. It can be harvested for the good or the bad and can have either effect on our lives.

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  1. Oh I am soooo going to be gathering some water Friday lol. Thanks for this info! What all can one do with the moon water of a blue moon?