Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Heat Wave

It's been over a 100 degrees for weeks now where I live. Yesterday it was 109. Today it's supposed to be 113. People are having heat strokes or other heat-related problems left and right. Last night I went to bed a little after 1:30 and even then the temperature was 92.

During times of excessive heat it's important to make sure we check up on elderly people and people with medical conditions. As far as doing conjure work goes, it's important to stay hydrated and taking a vitamin supplement can help keep the electrolytes up so that one can continue doing effective conjure work. I know from past experiences that when the temperature was too high and when I didn't keep my electrolytes in balance that I didn't get "the power" when doing work and I honestly had little energy to perform the work. I now know better. "The Power" is both spiritual and biological in nature. I say this because if you ever got the power you know it feels like electricity running down your body. If you have sweat off your electrolytes you simply won't be able to experience that sensation and you will feel very lethargic.

Hope everyone can stay cool!

***UPDATE!: It got up to 115 degrees today with the heat index of 122 degrees! It's supposed to be 115 today as well. At the time of me writing this update it is 1:35 AM and the temp is 95 degrees. Unbelievable! Everyone is staying in doors. It's so weird to drive around like a 2pm and not see hardly any cars on the road. Of course traffic picks up when people get off work. I'm just going nuts at just the idea that it's probably going to get hotter. My brother was telling me that they are expecting a high temp of at least 118 this summer. That is just head-banging insane. Something ain't right.

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