Friday, August 10, 2012

Lottery Tips

The purpose of this blog is to help people who play the lottery or people who haven't played before.

The first thing to decide on is if you are going to play simply for a chance to win the jackpot or if you want to win money, in whatever amount. You choice will determine your subsequent actions.

1.) If all you are wanting is a chance to win the jackpot then purchase no more than one or two tickets per play. If your playing just for the opportunity to win money then you can purchase more tickets.

2.) If all you are wanting is a chance to win the jackpot you may decide to only play when the jackpot has reached a certain amount. For example, many people only play the lottery when the jackpot is 100 million or more. If you are playing simply for a chance to win money then the amount of the jackpot is not important.

3.) What game to play? Right now in the U.S there three main lottery games. Those games are Power Ball, Mega Millions, and local state lotteries or multi-state lotteries such as Hot Lotto. Power Ball and Mega Millions will have higher jackpots. If you are simply playing for a chance to win any amount of money then it doesn't matter which game you play. If you are playing simply for a chance to win the jackpot then you will get more tickets for your buck by purchasing Mega Millions tickets. Currently Power Ball costs $2 per play. Mega Millions and the state-lotteries only cost $1 per play.

4.) Should you purchase the Power Play, Megaplier, or Sizzler option? It depends. Basically for a dollar more you can increase the amount of money won by purchasing this feature. Basically this feature allows you to increase your winnings if you purchase it. If you are just playing for a chance to win the jackpot then you do not need to purchase this feature. If you are playing simply for a chance to win money then this feature may come in handy. Mega Millions and the state lotteries tend to have the better multiplier feature compared to Power Ball as it can multiply your winnings up to four times the original amount won.

5.) If you can afford it, play a duplicate ticket. Sometimes more than one person wins the jackpot. In such cases the jackpot has to be split among the winners. If you have a duplicate ticket and those numbers hit then you will get a larger portion of the jackpot then if you only had one winning ticket. I usually purchase duplicate tickets when the jackpot reaches a very high amount, such as when the jackpot reached over 600 million recently.

6.) Quick Pick or pick your own numbers? It all depends. If you are playing simply for a chance to win the jackpot then it doesn't matter. If you are playing for a chance to win money then Quick Pick may be best for you. Some people claim Quick Picks win more often than when people pick their own numbers. I have no opinion on that.

7.) If I win the jackpot should I chose the annuity or the cash-option/lump sum? I can't tell you what choice would be best for you. You need to speak to a financial advisor who can determine which option would be best for you. I will blog more on what you should do if you win the jackpot in the future.

8.) If you pick your own numbers then make sure to play those numbers every drawing. There are countless horror stories of people who skipped one drawing only to have that be the day their numbers hit. The saddest case I ever heard was the woman who routinely gave her husband money to play her lucky numbers. She played it that way for years. Finally her numbers hit and she thought she won the jackpot. When she called her husband he almost dropped dead. He figured she had no chance at winning and so he spent the money on cigarettes, coffee, and snacks for himself. A few days later she filed for divorce.

9.) Sign your ticket. If your ticket is unsigned than anyone can get it and cash it in. So as soon as you purchase it, sign the back of it.

10.) Check your numbers yourself. You can watch the live drawing, check your local paper, or check the numbers online. Do not depend on the cashier at the gas station to tell you if you are a winner and how much you won. Unfortunately there are many cases of dishonest cashiers who lied to the person and either told them they didn't win anything or told them they won a smaller amount than they actually did.

11.) How should I chose my numbers? There are multiple methods. Most people use birth dates of loved ones. Another popular method is the "Saints/Sinners" method. This is done by using the birth or death dates of godly people or sinners. Some people chose their numbers based off of their dreams. There are two ways to get your numbers via dreams. The first way is the direct way where a person actually sees numbers in their dreams or is given something with the numbers on it. The second way is the abstract way where one has to interpret dream imagery, usually by referring to a dream book. Dream books will list various objects and items and gives their numeral equivalent. Another popular method is Lottery Wheels. Lottery Wheels do work but only if the numbers drawn fall into your picked numbers. Basically Lottery Wheels are a large group of numbers you choose yourself and then play various combinations of those numbers. The downfall is that numbers drawn must fall into your picked numbers in order to win anything. Also, you spend more money on tickets by using Lottery Wheels.

12.) Avoid popular numbers like the number 7 for example. So many people play the lucky numbers that if you win the jackpot you will likely have to share it with many people.

13.) Do use the number 13. Currently many people still think that the number 13 is unlucky and so they won't play it. Therefore if you play it and win the jackpot you stand a better chance of being the sole jackpot winner.

14.) Do not play all consecutive numbers, such as; 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. The chances of such number combinations hitting is almost zero. You can chose a pair of consecutive numbers as pairs of consecutive numbers happen frequently. A trio of consecutive numbers happens less often than a pair of consecutive numbers.

15.) Avoid all even or all odd numbers. The chances of such number combinations being drawn is very slim.

16.) Avoid all "high" or "low" number combinations. High and low number combinations are found by taking the total numbers available and dividing them by 2. So for example, if by chance the possible numbers that could be drawn is 100 then anything under 50 is a low number and anything 50 or higher is a high number.

17.) Avoid all numbers in the same ten-digit sections, such all numbers in the "20s", like 20, 23, 25, 26, 28, 29, etc. The chance of those number combinations being drawn is slim.

18.) If you are playing numbers you pick yourself, go online and check to see if that number combination has ever hit the jackpot before. The chances of a number combination hitting the jackpot twice is slim. In fact, I don't think it has ever happened to date, or at least from records kept since the 90s. Most lottery websites have features where people can check to see if that number combination has ever won the jackpot before.

19.) If you are using Quick Pick then you cannot use many of the tips I list above for picking numbers. However, there is something you can do to help prevent weird number combinations. Purchase your plays on separate tickets. Currently if you go purchase three Power Ball plays then they will all be on the same ticket. I've found from personal experience that when I do this I get really weird number combinations that have little to no chance of hitting. For example, I once got 4 consecutive numbers before by purchasing Quick Pick tickets. I've also had on multiple occasions almost the same numbers repeated. For example, the last time I purchased multiple plays on the same ticket I got the numbers 46, 48, and 50 on almost all the plays. I've found that by asking for plays on separate tickets that you often avoid such weird number combinations.

20.) Purchase your tickets at your lucky location. You need to feel good about the place you purchase your tickets from. Some locations have a reputation of being lucky and having multiple winners. There are a few places around the nation where people travel hundreds of miles, even from out of state, in order to play because that location has had so many winners. My brother swears by this method. He will only purchase tickets from locations he has won money from before. If he tries some place new and doesn't win, he doesn't go back.

21.) Avoid "Lotto Fever". When the jackpot gets high people go nutty-nuts. If you catch "Lotto Fever" you will likely spend far more money on tickets than usual and this is a shame. Remember, if you are playing only for a chane to win the jackpot then you only need to purchase one or two tickets. Purchasing multiple tickets will not increase your odds greatly in favor of winning. I like to read lottery stories. In all my time of reading such stories I only remember one case of a man who spend $98 on lottery tickets and won the jackpot. Most winners have won their jackpots on only a few dollars worth of tickets. Most of these stories I have read the winner spent between one and fifteen dollars on tickets.

22.) You absolutely can win the jackpot by just purchasing one ticket. It has happened several times.

23.) Remember, if you win more money than you spent on tickets then you're a winner! So if you spent one dollar and won four dollars, don't bitch and moan for only winning four dollars. You're a winner so be happy!

Now for some magical advice.

1.) Perform a spiritual cleansing, uncrossing or block-buster to make sure there is nothing on you preventing you from winning money.

2.) You can burn green or purple candles and "lucky lottery"-type spiritual incense.

3.) Wear your lucky charm when going to purchase your tickets and/or during the drawing.

4.) If you are going to pick your numbers yourself then you can dress your hands with a lucky powder before purchasing your tickets. After you purchase your tickets you an also dress them with powder as well.

5.) If you are using Quick Pick then you might think about making or purchasing a money-drawing mojo that will pull that dough your way.

6.) If you pick your own numbers and play them faithfully then there is a lot of work you can do on those numbers. Sorry, can't give out what I do but I hope I have stimulated your creativity.

7.) You can use the lottery play slips in your work. Again, just giving a hint here.

8.) If you are burning candles you can burn them on top of your tickets. I would advise to use the 7 day candles so that wax won't drip onto  your tickets and ruin them.

9.) Mistake tickets are your friend! The highest money I ever won in the lottery was from a mistake ticket. Basically the cashier gave me the wrong ticket and not for the game I requested. I didn't notice the mistake until after I had arrive home. There are many stories of people winning off of mistake tickets. Many cashiers will go ahead and purchase the mistake tickets that customers didn't want. In one story an older woman came into a store and wanted her specific numbers. The cashier made a mistake and one of the numbers was wrong. The customer refused to pay for it. The cashier had to ring up the right number. After the woman left the cashier decided to buy the mistake ticket and ended up winning the jackpot.

10.) If you use Quick Pick, don't look at your numbers until after the drawing. That's something I do. It helps so that you don't become obsessed with it and it helps to put it out of your mind. I also tend to wait a week or so before I check the numbers.

11.) If you are wanting to get your lucky numbers from your dreams then tell yourself before you go to bed that you will dream of the winning numbers that you will play You need to convince yourself and have full faith that it will happen. It may not be that night but when it's completely out of your mind it will happen and you will dream of numbers. If you work with spirits you can also ask them for help by giving you numbers in your dreams. Yes, people have won the jackpot off of dreaming of numbers.

12.) Take time to meditate and visualize yourself winning money, even the jackpot. Make sure that your visualizations do not fall into the trap of "perfection". Winning the lottery will not make your life perfect. It will solve some of your problems but will create many more. Remember that winning the jackpot is both a curse and a blessing. Unfortunately there are cases of people who committed suicide after winning the jackpot. There are even more cases of jackpot winners being murdered. Please keep in mind that the majority of jackpot winners go bankrupt within five years because of poor management of the money. In a future blog I will give tips on what to do if you win the jackpot and how to manage your winnings wisely.

Wishing Everyone Good Luck! 


  1. Each combination is as likely as any other to come up. 1,2,3,4,5,6 is just as likely to come up as 1,2,10, 15, 20, 25, 30. Simple probability

  2. Yes I would like to become the jackpot winner ..

  3. Yes I would like to become the jackpot winner.