Saturday, August 11, 2012

May I Have Pictures Of Your Work?

Every now and then I will have someone who is a potential client or someone who poses as one ask me for pictures of my work. I will not give out any pictures of my work to potential clients. For one, I don't photograph the work I do for myself. Second, I don't share pictures of the work I do for clients. Third, I do things that the other online workers don't know about and I'm not sharing my tricks with them. In the past online workers have taken some of the works I was physically taught from a teacher, not learned online in some rink-a-dink hoodoo class, and then lie and claim they've been doing that exact same work all along. I mean, I shared the works online. So I'm not against people doing that work. Instead, I'm against the fako's lying and claiming they've been doing that exact same work for years or that they were taught that exact same work by "insert name".

Now, if you are my client I do give you pictures of the work when the work is completed, as proof I did the work that I was hired to do. If the client is observant then they will be able to get some ideas of what I was doing. So I do give pictures of the work to my clients but I will not share pictures with just potential clients or simply the curious. That's just how it is.

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