Sunday, August 5, 2012

Money Whores

Money know who they are. The Internet is filled with them. Most of the "big names' online are money whores.

I received another email from a man who spent an absurd amount of money on a money-hungry worker. From time to time I get emails like that. The problem is that the man claims he was ripped-off and wanted me to do the work for free. Sorry, but the unfortunate man was not ripped off because I know for a fact that the worker in question doesn't guarantee results. Not only that, but the man didn't spend his money all at once but paid this worker to do the same work at least twice more. So it's not rip-off, just a poor choice in his judgement. Paying more money doesn't mean that the worker is more powerful. Instead it's just a popularity game. People who achieve some level of fame, be it deserved or undeserved, will charge absurd prices. That's just how it is. Many of them don't know a damn thing about the work. They just got some fame and now they want to charge an arm and a leg.

So, what is a reasonable price to pay? Well, it's a sticky topic and I don't want to try to tell another worker what they can or can't do. The way I feel about it is that if people were smart then they would see that these workers are money-whores and will not hire their service. But people are not always rational.  Lots of people fall into the trap of thinking that if someone charges more then it's more powerful. Nope! Doesn't work like that, though the workers who charge an arm and leg will lie and claim it does!

Remind me to tell you of the time a big-name conjure-wannabe/Internet worker wanted me to buy a $5,000.00 mojo bag from them. I told the person where they could shove it.

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