Saturday, August 11, 2012

Note To Readers....

Starting  tomorrow I will be going on vacation and will not be blogging on this blog for about a week or longer. I will still be around to answer emails regarding people who may be wanting to hire my services or for people who might have a question. I'm actually not going anywhere, it's just that I need the time to work on things around the house and to finish some chores and projects I need to work on. So once again, you can still reach me via email at if need be.




  1. Aw, I will miss your posts, Doc!! Have a good "vacation," get lots of work done, have fun and hurry back!! Kristina

    1. Thank you. I just need to do some stuff I keep putting off. I'll be back. ;)

  2. Doc, be sure to have a blast and enjoy your time away! We'll be missing you but hoping you return rested and relaxed! :)