Thursday, August 30, 2012

Photographs From The Puckett Collection

This is a wonderful treat! Included at the site below are various images of root doctors and conjure workers from the early 1900s. Included is the silver dime charm worn on the ankle, the nutmeg worn as a charm, buckeyes, a conjure box, and the use of paper dollies.

Photographs from the Puckett Collection: folk beliefs of African Americans in the southern United States


  1. Thanks Doc. You know as a young worker I was taught to work with paper dollies, I've even written about working with them. Most folks have never heard of it before. This photo show me that it is old tradional work, not that I doubted the information given me but its nice to see it. Momma Starr

    1. The red flannel band on his arm with the button on it is to deflect the evil eye. Momma Starr

  2. Doc thanks for posting and Momma Star thanks for your comments.