Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Chinese Curse

I received an email today from a woman who believes that her family was cursed to have an "interesting life". I emailed her back letting her know this was a form of what is called "The Chinese Curse". The Chinese Curse is composed of three spoken curses. The phrasing of each individual curse may vary from person to person.

1.) May You Live In Interesting Times.

2.) May You Come To The Attention Of The Authorities.

3.) May All Of Your Wishes Be Granted.

Each spoken sentence doesn't seem that bad at first. Only upon pondering the implications is the deeper meaning understood. All three spoken sentences imply bad luck, misfortune, and destruction. For example if you had all of your wishes granted not only would you cause much destruction to the people around you but you would also destroy yourself. How many of us have blurted out, "I wish I was dead", at some point in our lives?

The good news is that there is no evidence these three spoken curse are traditional Chinese curses. In fact, I've heard these be attributed to the Irish before. The bad news is that it is a form of ill-wishing. If you have been "cursed" in this manner you can do uncrossing work to be rid of it.

Finally, the phrasing of these curses is very similar to the curses of other cultures. For example, there's a Jewish curse that goes:

"May you never be forced to visit someplace disgusting".

This curse is a reference to visiting the bathroom and urinating and defecating and hence it is a form of ill-wishing so that a person's bladder or bowels are stopped up.

Referring People To Other Workers

Every now and then I get this random email from someone asking me to refer them to another worker. I am writing this blog entry to explain how the whole referring process takes place.

1.) I only refer people to other workers when what is requested is either not my specialty or a reading indicates that I should not take on the case.

2.) I will not refer someone to another worker simply because a person claims they cannot afford my services.

3.) I will not refer someone to another worker if what is being requested is unjustified or is horribly evil. I simply do not associate when any other workers who are evil enough to perform such work. In most situations I will try to offer a creative approach to the proble, one that is not unjustifed. If such approach is still not acceptable to the person and they demand something horribly evil then I will simply turn down the case. I will not refer the person to another client.

4.) I do not give referrals to people whom I've not communicated with directly. A "middleman" is not acceptable.

5.) I must know the situation before I will refer a person. I don't give blind referrals.

6.) I do not give referrals for request for free work when the case is not an emergency. If the case is an emergency I will probably take it on myself. Likewise, if I turn down a request for free work it's usually because it's not an emergency and I will not refer you to another worker.

7.) I've never had this happen, but if by chance a person claims they simply do not want me to do the work for them and want another worker, then I will not refer them to another worker as that is not a valid reason for referral.

8.) When I do give a referral I only give it once. I will not give out a list of workers and I will not give repeat referrals to the same person.

9.)  Giving a referral in no way means the person is now my client or that I've accepted responsibility for their situation or that I must refer them to a worker who will actually take on their case.

10.) I do not have any professional ties to any of the workers that I may give referrals to nor am I responsible for anything that occurs between that worker and the client. I will not take any complaints nor resolve any complaints between such worker and the client.  

I'm Not A Softie......I Do Heavy or "Dark Work"

I just got an email today from a woman wanting me to help her friend find a worker who does dark stuff. The woman claimed she knew I didn't do stuff like that so she requested that I recommend her to a worker who does.

So let me make this real clear for my readers. I'm not a softie. I do hard, dark work. I prefer the term vengeance work. The only thing is that it has to be justified. I won't do some heavy stuff just because the client is jealous of someone. Because that would be actual witchcraft. However, if someone has hurt you, screwed you over, done damage to you, stole from you, destroyed your family or relationship with your significant other, stole your man or woman, ran you off your job, caused you to lose your home, whatever, I can and do work to gain vengeance.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Ozark Superstitions (1947)

Below is a link to where those who are interested can read Vance Randolph's Ozark Superstitions. The book has be reprinted with the new name of Ozark Magic And Folklore.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Notice For People Emailing Me

My email is acting up and when I reply it has been sending a blank email instead. If you get a blank email from me then just email me back and I will send it again. I don't know what's going on and will have to contact my email provider to find out what's going on.

Also, I am unfortunately very busy at the present time. I'm getting emails from people who want to beat around the bush instead of answering my questions. If you email me looking for help I will ask you if you are looking to hire a professional worker or if you are just wanting something you can do yourself. I truly expect this question to be answered and it's rather annoying when I have to ask it 3, 4 or more times. For now on I will only ask it up to twice and if anyone who is emailing me still doesn't answer it yet continues to send me pages of emails then I will simply not respond any further.

Please note that if all you are looking for is something you can do yourself then you are not my client and I cannot devote much time to you. My time is devoted to my paying clients and the cases I choose to take on. If you can't afford to hire a worker I may provide you with a very simple work you can do yourself. Once again this does not make you my client. I will usually tell you not to email me further regarding this as I explain the work with as much detail as I can. I do this not because I'm rude or a mean person. Instead, I do this because people have this notion that they are now my client and can take up the majority of my time. Not true! In the past people would send me dozens of emails regarding a free work I gave them. That will not happen again. If I've asked you previously to not email any further regarding the situation and you continue to email me I will simply delete the emails and not respond to them.

In some situations the person emailing me has a hefty, non-emergency situation where it will take a professional. If in those situations the person can't afford to hire a worker and wants something they can do them self, I will simply respond back by saying that unfortunately I cannot help them. Again it's not because I'm a big meanie. Instead, the situation is so big and complex and the person knows little to nothing about conjure work. Therefore I would have to devote a large amount of time and energy into teaching them and I simply won't do that.

Once again, free work is only for emergencies. Just because you can't afford to hire a worker doesn't mean it's an emergency. Emergencies are determined by the situation, not whether or not you can afford it. Most people have good common sense when it comes to emergencies. If you are about to lose your home, that's an emergency. If your man ran off with another woman, sorry but not an emergency.

If you want to send me your prayer request, then email me at
I will pray for you on anything you like. However, I just won't do free work unless it's an emergency situation.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

E! Investigates - Curse Of The Lottery 2

Preaching Time..The Tribulation

In a previous blog I touched on how the notion of a pre-tribulation rapture is not supported by the bible. Now I'm gonna cover some things about the tribulation that people don't know about because the "pre-trib rapture" concept is so popular in America. The reason why I want to touch on this is because people who have accepted the pre-trib rapture usually also accept other things that are not supported by the bible.

A large portion of Christians have accepted that there will be a 7 year period called the Great Tribulation. They believe that just before this period will be a secret rapture where believers will be taken out of the world. People who subscribe to this belief have Jesus coming back at least three times with some groups having him coming back four times! In traditional Christianity there is only the second coming, not a third time or more.

Many Christians have this false notion of the tribulation being a time where God pours his wrath upon the world. This belief is not supported by the Bible. Instead, the purpose of the tribulation is to separate the chaff from the wheat, the false Christians from the true Christians. That's it! That's the purpose of the tribulation, to separate God's chosen! Yes, true Christians will be persecuted during this time. However, the false Christians will not be. The man-made churches will prosper during this time and the preachers of those churches will teach the false religion of the Antichrist. So only the true Christians will be persecuted.

Now, today many people who accept the notion of a pre-trib rapture also believe the tribulation will last 7 years. Guess what? -That's also not in the Bible. According to the book of Revelation, the tribulation last only 3 1/2 years. Now, the 7 year figure comes from comparing Revelation to the book of Daniel. However, Revelation itself only states 3 1/2 years. Now, I'm definitley not telling you what to believe. What you chose to believe is your own business. I'm just stating that Revelation itself only has the tribulaton lasting 3 1/2 years.

Now, the Bible also states that God himself will send a strong delusion so that people would believe a lie instead of the truth. The false Christians are going to fall for this delusion. It is my personal opinion that the whole pre-trib rapture and accompanying beliefs may be part of this strong delusion because these beliefs serve only to pacify Christians and stop them from standing up and putting a stop to evil and injustice. The beliefs cause people to love death and wish for the end of the world out of a false belief that they will be spared the tribulation. The only Christians who are alive during the tribulation that will be spared persecution will be the false Christians.

Now, about the mark of the beast....many people have some weird notions about this. I was listening to a program the other day where a man was saying that people would be required to denounce Jesus before they accepted the mark. That's not in the Bible. If you take the mark you are damned, but it is not the taking of the mark that damns you for the mark itself is simply an outward sign of the corruption of your soul. If you do not have the mark then you will not be able to buy or sell. So true Christians will suffer greatly during the tribulation. The false Christians will gladly take the mark and will prosper. My own gut feeling is that the false Christians will deny the mark of the beast as being the true mark while true Christians will recognize it as such and know not to take it. There is no turning back for those who get the mark. They cannot be redeemed. The Bible makes it clear that God's wrath will be poured upon those who take the mark.

If you are a true Christian and are alive during the tribulation put all of your faith and trust in your Lord and flee. You will be in the minority, not the majority. The majority of your family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, will take the mark. They will be against you. This knowledge should hit you like a ton of bricks.

I'm going to try to limit these types of blogs because I want people to have messages of hope but I think it's important to get this information out there because it's being pushed aside and swept under the rug by various teachings that are not based in the Bible.

Monday, September 17, 2012

How Oklahoma Conjure Workers Gathered Coffin Nails

In Oklahoma, coffin nails were gathered in a unique way. Only three can be taken at once and they must come from a coffin. The coffin doesn't have to have be buried but does have to have a corpse lying in it. Once removed, no new nails can be inserted in their place. Some coffins don't have nails and have screws instead. These two can also be used in the same manner.

(In the book the coffin nails are often used in tricks against witches.)

- Ozark Magic And Folklore by Vance Randolph

Warning To My Readers About A Potential Crisis

I prayed on this last night, as to whether or not I needed to write this blog entry. I've decided that it is important information that the public needs to know.

In the past two years the CDC and DHS have release "zombie preparedness" campaigns that urge citizens to prepare for a natural disaster. Now military and local police are receiving training on how to survive a "zombie apocalypse". The military is doing exercises in the streets of America. The government has admitted to the existence of FEMA camps and detention centers that have been built all across the nation and admit that they are for immigrants and civil unrest. For years they denied the existence of these facilities. Now they admit them. Currently protesters are being arrested and placed into these facilities. News left and right about a financial collapse is spreading. We may face a collapse of the dollar by next year.

Folks, there's no zombies. This is the government's way of telling you to prepare for an emergency without having to tell you what that emergency will actually be. They are using "zombies" as a cover to prepare for mass civil unrest. It's not going to be zombies but it may be a collapse of the dollar. There are two ways it could go. Another great depression or hyperinflation. Currently it seems as if we are going in the direction of hyperinflation. This means that overnight the prices you pay for items will double, triple, quadruple, or go even higher. Imagine waking up one day to discover that a loaf of bread cost $8, a gallon of milk costs $12, and a gallon of gas costs $20. Below is some advice that I can offer people to help them prepare in case the worse happens. You don't have to follow all or any of this advice or you can only do what you afford to.

- Stop saving all of your money. Whenever there is talk of a financial crises the middle class immediately starts saving more. If we were facing another great depression then saving money would be a strategy for survival. In a case of hyperinflation, saving will not be effective. You can save some money, but don't let saving be your number one method of survival.

- Stock up on 6 months worth of canned food and dry goods such as beans, rice, pasta, etc  If you can't afford 6 months then save what you can.

- Stock up on water. Avoid the 20 oz or smaller bottles. These take up more space. Instead, go with a minimum of gallon size or the water bottles for water machines. If you do not have money to purchase water then save your plastic gallons from your milk, wash them out, fill them with water and store these. Just remember that you will need to boil the water before drinking it.

- Stock up on medicines. Keep one or more first aid kits. Stock up on pain relievers, band aids, antiseptics, rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, gauze, and all the other over the counter supplies you may need.

- If you are on prescription medicines then speak to  your doctor about whether or not you can keep at least a 2 week back-up supply. Many of the doctors will not allow you to do this but this will be a major concern in case of an emergency.

-Stock up on toilette paper.

-Stock up on cloth towels and rags. Do not stock up on paper towels. In a time of crises paper towels are worthless.

-Stock up on blankets.

-Consider purchasing a gun for protection of your home and family.

-Stock up on cigarettes and beer and liquor. Even if you don't smoke or drink, stock up on these as these will become currency in a time of emergency. You can trade these for items or services you may need. Plus, liquor can be used as an antiseptic and mouthwash.

-Stock up on clothing for an emergencies. Focus on quality, not fashion. I recommend a few pairs of good durable shoes as well.

-Stock up on hygiene products. In cases of financial crises in the past, most people went without hygiene products.

-Purchase a bicycle. Many people will not be able to afford cars.

- Buy a house if possible. People who rent houses or apartments will be in worse shape than people who already own their homes.

- Buy a car and pay it in full. In an emergency you will not be able to pay car payments and you may not even be able to afford gas. Owning a car outright will give you an advantage. Focus on function and not fashion or fad. It doesn't matter what the car looks like, as long as it is dependable and has good gas mileage.

-Move to the country. Most of the problems and violence will occur in the big cities.

-Secure your home. Put extra locks on the doors, bars on the windows, and build Strong fences around your property.

-Consider getting guard dogs.

-Learn a valuable skill that can mean your survival. Some of the skills that are needed in an emergency are repairing cars and electronic, sewing, and farming. In an emergency you can offer your skills in exchange for goods or services.

-The governments may open the doors of the FEMA prisons and facilities and may offer to feed you, house you, and clothe you in return for manual labor. Think real hard before you agree to enter one of these as you may freely enter but may not have the freedom of leaving if you so wish.

Now, I would hate for this to become a reality. However, if it does I want each and every reader of mine to know that it wasn't an accident. It was engineered by the elite global bankers as economic warfare to bring this nation to it's knees.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Entity

This is a documentary on "the old hag" phenomenon. "The old hag" phenomenon is the belief that a hag, or witch, can attack sleeping victims, paralyse them, scratch them, choke them, or else attempt to prevent the victim from breathing. See also: Slip-Skin Hag

Attracting Wealth Subliminal Video

This video contains multiple positive subliminal message concerning the acquiring of money. Because they are subliminal your conscious mind will not see them, unless there is something wrong with your computer or your connection is slow so that the video doesn't play properly. I have watched this video three times now and I can assure you that it did indeed put me into an altered state of mind. I recommend that you watch them while alone, in a quite room with the light turned low, and by hitting the full screen function. It also helps if you can get up close to the screen.

To Prevent A Witch From Witching Your Cow

If you suspect that your cow has been witched you can remedy the situation by taking some of the cows milk early in the morning and setting it to boil while stirring it with a forked stick. As the milk boils this will cause the witch to suffer painful seizures and convulsions and she will trouble you no more.

- Ozark Magic And Folklore by Vance Randolph

To Deactivate Bewitched Gifts

Many witches will often give a gift they have witched to their unsuspecting victims. One way to deal with a gift that you suspect has been bewitched is to wash the item in milk and then hang it or set outside to dry. Another method is to leave it outside on a freezing night as to freeze the curse off.

- Ozark Magic And Folklore by Vance Randolph

To Prevent A Witch From Witching Butter

If your butter churn has been bewitched so that the butter no longer comes you can remedy the situation by placing a silver coin in the churn. If you want the witch to suffer, heat a horseshoe until it is burning hot and then drop it in the churn. The witch, whoever she may be and wherever she may be, will instantly scream out in pain and will develop a horseshoe-shaped burn on her body.

- Ozark Magic And Folklore by Vance Randolph

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Conjure Worker, Root Doctor, Or Root Worker????

I've seen that for years online people are using various terms as synonyms when in reality they refer to distinct things under a similar umbrella.

A conjure worker performs "conjure". Conjure means to manifest something as if out of thin air. It's a synonym for magic and is also an archaic term that was used for stage magic as well. The focus of conjure work is to help solve the day-to-day problems in our lives, to help us to survive. Some people confuse conjure work with witchcraft because they are operating under the assumption that magic is a synonym for witchcraft. It's not. Witchcraft is completely distinct and instead of helping to solve our problems, it's focus is on creating problems and destroying lives.

You are not a root worker if you do not work with roots. There are people out there who all they do is work with candles but are claiming to be root workers. Real root workers gather their herbs, roots, and other natural items from nature. I'm not saying you can't or shouldn't purchase supplies, just that this is the old tradition.

A root doctor is focused almost exclusively on healing people. This includes removing witchcraft. Rood doctors may do some conjure work but their focus is on healing work. Root doctors use herbs, roots, and natural items for remedies to treat various conditions. Root doctors play the same role as the witch doctors or shamans of other cultures and traditions. They treat both physical and spiritual conditions with natural ingredients as well as with the power of God.

Preaching Time....

Since this is my blog I will speak out on some things. I was actually inspired to write this as I had a family member come up to me and wanted to ask me about religion.

Okay, so why do Jewish people not accept Jesus as the messiah?  There are two reasons. The first and main reason is that Jesus did not fulfill the requirements of the messiah. That's why Christians believe that Jesus will come back, so he can fulfill the requirements. The second reason is that they believe that Jesus was a magician. Travelling magicians were a dime a dozen back then and for Jewish people, Jesus was simply one magician among many.

Now, after about an hour counseling a person yesterday so I thought I might as well go ahead and voice my opinions. Right now it seems that a majority of Christians in the U.S. are in love with death and gleefully anticipate the end of the world. These people are like this because they have accepted a falsehood for truth. That falsehood is the notion of a pre-trib rapture. There is absolutely nothing in the bible to support a pre-tribulation rapture. Instead, this notion of the pre-trib rapture dates only back circa the 1830s. If you research the invention of the pre-trib rapture you will find that it all stems from the mystical visions of a fifteen year-old girl and a preacher named John Nelson Darby who became obsessed with her. The problem is that Christians have unknowingly based their belief in a pre-trib rapture on the visions of a teenager and not on anything in the Bible. The standard Christian interpretation is that Christians will not be "rescued" from the planet. Instead, the tribulation will be the great testing of Christians, a period where the chaff will be separated from the wheat, the true from the false.

So I'm not writing this to be preachy. Instead, I'm merely pointing out that many Christians today are in love with death and desperately want the end of the word because of a falsehood they have mistaken for truth. If these Christians actually knew they would be forced to live through the tribulation then they would not so desperately wish for the end of the world.

Now, my family members are split. Most of my family members are the death lover Christians. Not only do these people love death and wish for the end of the world, they also have no desire to fight evil or corruption in the world. I can't talk any politics with these people at all because they are so brainwashed and will only answer that Jesus is coming back. So like if I was to comment on how are freedoms are being taken away the only answer I would get is the brainwashed reply of, "But Jesus is coming back!", so the loss of liberty is a good thing! LOL  I do have a few family members who do know the truth and I tend to only talk religion and politics with them as they are the only people in my family who have eyes to see and ears to hear.

One more thing. You do not have to go to Church to be a Christian. Churches are all political. Not only that but many of them are teaching things that are not in the Bible. Now there is even an FBI program by which clergy are working with the government to both spy on people and to "re-educate" us on how God wants us to submit to the government. So you don't need to go to Church at all.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Ozark Folk Magic And Witchcraft

I'm currently reading, Ozark Magic And Folklore by Vance Randoph. I love this book! This book is a real treasure. It was originally published under the name of Ozark Superstitions in 1947. The book is a treasure as it collects the folk magic, lore, and legends of the Ozark region. For those who don't know the Ozark region includes Missouri, Arkansas, and parts of northern Oklahoma. The Ozark people are primarily Scott-Irish (Scottish, Irish, and English) and Native American in heritage. The Ozark folk magic traditions is very similar to the Appalachian folk magic traditions as well as hoodoo/rootwork/conjure.

When I first got the book I immediately turned to the section on witchcraft and began reading it. Now I'm working my way back and reading the rest of the material. The section on witchcraft pretty much proves that there was mixing of beliefs and practices with African Americans and the practice of hoodoo. Both traditions incorporated much Native American lore and both traditions use the term conjure. Included in the section on witchcraft is the belief that people can become cursed by stepping on something a witch has been put down for someone. There is also a story of a witch who cursed an apple orchard by drawing a circle with a cross in the center in the dirt. The phrase "goomer man" or "goomer woman", and even "goomered", is quite frequently used. I've already blogged on this term before and it is my opinion that the term "goomer" is a corruption of "goopher", as in "goopher dust". There is also references to "power doctors", which I believe is a corruption of "pow-wow doctors". What is unique to the Ozark tradition is the term, "witch master", a synonym for "witch doctor", someone who fights witches and removes witchcraft.

What is important about the section on witchcraft is that it is made very clear that folk magic and witchcraft are not the same thing. The author even discusses how newspaper writers are confusing maters by labelling clairvoyants, mystics, and prophetesses as being "witches", when in reality the older folks knew that this was not true.

So what are "witches" in the Ozark folk magic tradition?

According to belief, witches are people, usually women, who sell their souls to the devil in exchange for magical powers. There is not one reference to paganism or "the Goddess" in the book. Most importantly, real witches don't tell people they are witches. The author states that it is a highly-held belief that the most powerful witches are old women, usually spinsters or widows. Men and young women can be witches but they are not viewed as being as powerful as elderly women.

Witchcraft can be taught and it is generally passed down in families. However, it must be taught by a family member of the opposite sex, as in fathers teaching daughters and mothers teaching sons. (Reference Wicca and the Gardnerian tradition which stole this concept of opposite-sex teaching.) One can also learn witchcraft from a spouse or boyfriend/girlfriend but only if the pair has engaged in sexual intercourse. However, the teaching of witchcraft does not a witch make. The author talks about how even though this passes down in families that most members of "witch families" are only carriers of the witch knowledge and not actual witches themselves. In order for a witch to gain his/her power they must sell their soul to the Devil as well as take the life of a loved one. This step of taking the life of a loved one matches with Native American beliefs on witches.

The Devil, who is called the Black Man, is connected to the crossroads. This isn't in the book but this is what I know to be true. In the Ozark tradition, the Black Man is not an African trickster spirit but is in fact the Devil. The rituals that are used by the would-be witch to sell his/her soul to the devil can be simple or complex, but the author states that the most common belief is that they are complex and last three days. At any time during the first two days the person can back out. However, after the third day the person loses their soul and is eternally damned and can not back out. There are different tales of what is involved in the rituals over these three days. Many people believe that a backwards recitation of the Lord's Prayers must occur (Reference, Paul Huson's 1970 book, Mastering Witchcraft, in which Huson claims that the witch's initiation is the backwards recitation of the Lord's Prayer). Other elements of the ritual by which a would-be witch sells her soul to the devils includes the full moon, the crossroads, nudity, and shooting silver bullets. The final step is the taking of the life of a loved one. When this last step is accomplished the Devil appears to the witch and grants him/her their power.

The powers of the witch include:

-raising storms
-blighting crops
-drying-up milk cows
-spoiling butter, cheese, meat, and other food
-preventing bread from rising
-causing illness in livestock and humans
-causing impotence in men and barrenness in women
-stopping up of the bowels or bladder
-causing miscarriages
-cursing objects so that they no longer work correctly
-riding horses and cattle all night long so that they are exhausted the next day and can't work
-riding or attacking sleeping humans (hag ridden)
-causing accidents
-shape-shifting, usually as cats or wolves
-flight, usually out of body or in spirit form

Witches can be killed with silver bullets. If a witch is injured in animal form then when he/she turns back into a human they will likewise have that same wound. There is a story in the book of a man who spend the night in a barn even though locals warned him not to as the barn was the nocturnal hang-out of witches. The man was attacked by a large cat in the middle of the night. He managed to reach for his gun and shot off one of the back paws of the cat and the cat screamed like a woman and disappeared. The man looked in horror as the bloody cat's paw on the ground slowly turned into a human foot. The next morning it was revealed that a neighbor woman was found dead in her bed from blood loss and her foot was missing.

The book gives some really good methods of ways that witches use to curse people. I won't post those here but you can read the book yourself and find out. I will share one trick with you simply because it is something that modern people don't do. In the book is a story of a woman who was rumored to be a witch. The woman's daughter noticed that when her mother killed chickens for that night's supper that she made all the kids scram. One day she decided to spy on her mother and discovered that at the same time that her mother swung the neck of the chicken she also called out the name of a local woman. The daughter then confronted her mother and asked her what would happen to the woman. The mother laughed and said, "nothing good".

Now, I will share one method listed in the book that my family practices. In the book the author claims that most people in the region will push their beds up against a wall in order to prevent witches from bewitching or cursing a person as they slept. It was believed that a witch must walk around the bed to bewitch the person so by pushing the bed up against a wall it offers some protection. Now, my family does this but it is believed that "bad guys" can't get you at night. That's what I was told as a child by my family.

So I'm writing this blog entry to reinforce for people that there is a difference between folk magic and witchcraft and that they are not the same thing. Back in the day nearly everyone performed folk magic. However, no one claimed to be witches or to practice witchcraft because they knew what the words witch and witchcraft meant. The people of the Ozark region are dedicated Christians, not pagans and modern paganism is simply that, modern and is not old.

Once again, I highly recommend this book. It's important to keep this tradition alive as it is quickly disappearing. For one, the loss of rural and farming life is slowly erasing the tradition. On top of that Wiccans and self-styled witches are also destroying the tradition by claiming it as their own, altering it, and claiming it as their heritage. This is true for both the Ozark/Appalachia practices and hoodoo/rootwork/conjure. It just makes me so sick to read these Internet sites from witches who claim they are hoodoo, Ozark, or granny magic and that their kin worshipped the goddess here in the South. That's a damn lie and though their kin may have indeed been practitioners, it has nothing to do with paganism, the Goddess, and the like and they sure as hell didn't call themselves witches!

So if you have the chance, do be sure to check this book out. You won't be disappointed!

Monday, September 3, 2012

The Secret (2006)

If you have yet to see the documentary, The Secret, then watch it below. It will help you open yourself up to your own potential. Transformation begins internally before it can be manifested in the external.

Oprah - The Secret

One More Thing On Requests For Free Work

I just want to give a 'heads up' for people who may be sending me requests for free work. In a previous blog I wrote that I would just delete any requests I receive that aren't for emergencies. However, I need to clarify something. If you send me a request for free work I may respond differently than you would expect. So let me give you an example:

"Hello, my name is Jane Doe and I'm writing you because I'm in a desperate situation and am hoping you will help me for free. I don't have a job, a car, and I'm almost homeless. So I don't have money to pay you. However, I'm hoping that you can do the work to get my boyfriend back. He left me a couple of years ago and I've not been able to get over the heartache....."

In the example above I may or may not respond back. If I do respond I will guarantee you that it won't be to agree to do the love work for free. Instead, I will offer to do work to improve your finances and help you get back up on your feet. You don't need a man to live. You do need a job, money, transportation, and a home.

FYI: that example above is no joke. I routinely get these types of requests for people.

Being Cursed, Crossed, Jinxed, Or Hexed, Does Not Qualify For Free Work

This is the number one request for free work I get. More than half of the requests for free work are from people who think they are cursed or crossed up. Almost all of them are acting under the assumption that this is an emergency and that workers should do cleansings or uncrossings for free. Ain't so!

If you are cursed or crossed it does not qualify as an emergency or free work. The reason why is because this is a staple of spiritual work no matter what tradition the worker comes from. Also, not all curses are unjustified or malicious. Some of them are justified and the person should get what they deserve. Does that mean that workers shouldn't take off justified curses? Nope! It just means that if you want it taken off then you will pay for it or you will need to do it yourself.

Let me share with you a story. Several years ago I was contacted by a woman who gave me this sappy story of how she believed she was cursed. She believed it was her sister who cursed her. However, she failed to tell me one thing until several days later and after I had already refused her request for free work. It turns out that she betrayed her sister, stole her property, and was responsible for sister becoming homeless and later dying. Only after her sister died did she find out that she did magic and now she thought her sister cursed her before her death. Well, the woman deserved whatever she got. But the nerve was that she just assumed that workers should remove this from her for free. Not so! She simply could not get it through her head that I turned her request down and started bringing up all this Wiccan nonsense. She asked me what type of spiritual worker I was so I replied with, "the real type".

Now, I have no problem giving a simple uncrossing work for people who can't afford to purchase my services. I also need to stress that even if the curse is justified it can be removed. It's just that you need to pay for it or do it yourself. People really need to get out of this "freebie" mind frame.

Notice Concerning Emails Requesting Free Work

I'm being inundated with requests for free work, so much so that I'm not even going to reply to these emails anymore. At this time please note that if you send me an email requesting free work or help and I do not reply back then this is your sign that what you are requesting does not fall into the category of free work. Remember, in order for me to even consider doing free work for you it must be an emergency situation and Spirit must advise me to do so. You not having enough money to hire a worker does not count as an emergency and especially if you are looking for "free work" that has nothing to do with helping you in your financial situation. Also, if you have a job do not request free work from me. It's one thing if you are unemployed but I think it's so funny that people have the nerve to admit they have a good paying job but just that they somehow can't afford to hire a worker.

Just to recap, any emails sent to me requesting free work that do not qualify for free work will simply be deleted. I will not reply back to them. I simply do not have the time to answer 30 or so emails a week from people requesting free work when their situation is not an emergency. The exact thing goes for people requesting free lights being set. If your situation is not an emergency I will not set a light for you for free. If you are sending a prayer request, that's fine. I will pray for you for any situation. Thank you for understanding. 

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Glasses And Sunglasses

Not to many of the Internet crowd talks about glasses or sunglasses. Wearing glasses can offer a worker protection when out and about in public. The shielding of the eyes can protect from the evil-eye or 'stank eye' and those who ill-wish you. Blue-tinted shades are traditional as the color blue offers protection from the evil eye. Another good type to use are the glasses that have the mirrored surface to the outer lens so that they reflect back any evil or negativity. If you can't find either blue-tinted glasses or the mirrored type, don't fret. Any dark shades will offer protection as they conceal the eyes. As far as regular glasses go, the normal clear lenses do not offer this type of protection. You will need to get the tinted lenses or at least the type that change shade depending on the light level. If you want to take it a step further you can also cleanse and bless the glasses and dress them with protection or similar type of spiritual oil.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Warning About What You Confide in Your Pastor/Preacher

In the past I've had clients tell me that they were regularly meeting with their pastors, preachers, deacons, Sunday school teachers, whatever, for counseling and private meetings. A few of my clients have told me stories of how their preacher then went behind their backs and called the cops, DHS, whatever on them, or spread their business to everyone. Today, I just ran across a comment from a woman who told her story of how he preacher was a a secret informant for the police and was ratting out people left and right.

Times have changed, people. You can no longer trust your religious leaders. For one, if you are a protestant then you need to realize that your religious leaders do not make any vows to God to keep what you say confidential. If you are Catholic then you have some protection because a priest will never reveal anything you confess to them. However, the same does not hold true for Protestants.

So, I'm not telling you don't talk to your pastor. I'm not telling you not to seek Christian counseling or anything like that. All I'm saying is that times have changed and you simply cannot trust your religious leaders. I would highly recommend that you not say anything to your pastor or preacher that you don't want your entire Church to know, because believe me, they will learn it fast. Again, I'm not telling you what to do but I would recommend the rule of thumb that unless you want everybody knowing your business that you keep your business to yourself and not tell anything to your pastor.