Monday, September 3, 2012

Being Cursed, Crossed, Jinxed, Or Hexed, Does Not Qualify For Free Work

This is the number one request for free work I get. More than half of the requests for free work are from people who think they are cursed or crossed up. Almost all of them are acting under the assumption that this is an emergency and that workers should do cleansings or uncrossings for free. Ain't so!

If you are cursed or crossed it does not qualify as an emergency or free work. The reason why is because this is a staple of spiritual work no matter what tradition the worker comes from. Also, not all curses are unjustified or malicious. Some of them are justified and the person should get what they deserve. Does that mean that workers shouldn't take off justified curses? Nope! It just means that if you want it taken off then you will pay for it or you will need to do it yourself.

Let me share with you a story. Several years ago I was contacted by a woman who gave me this sappy story of how she believed she was cursed. She believed it was her sister who cursed her. However, she failed to tell me one thing until several days later and after I had already refused her request for free work. It turns out that she betrayed her sister, stole her property, and was responsible for sister becoming homeless and later dying. Only after her sister died did she find out that she did magic and now she thought her sister cursed her before her death. Well, the woman deserved whatever she got. But the nerve was that she just assumed that workers should remove this from her for free. Not so! She simply could not get it through her head that I turned her request down and started bringing up all this Wiccan nonsense. She asked me what type of spiritual worker I was so I replied with, "the real type".

Now, I have no problem giving a simple uncrossing work for people who can't afford to purchase my services. I also need to stress that even if the curse is justified it can be removed. It's just that you need to pay for it or do it yourself. People really need to get out of this "freebie" mind frame.

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