Saturday, September 15, 2012

Conjure Worker, Root Doctor, Or Root Worker????

I've seen that for years online people are using various terms as synonyms when in reality they refer to distinct things under a similar umbrella.

A conjure worker performs "conjure". Conjure means to manifest something as if out of thin air. It's a synonym for magic and is also an archaic term that was used for stage magic as well. The focus of conjure work is to help solve the day-to-day problems in our lives, to help us to survive. Some people confuse conjure work with witchcraft because they are operating under the assumption that magic is a synonym for witchcraft. It's not. Witchcraft is completely distinct and instead of helping to solve our problems, it's focus is on creating problems and destroying lives.

You are not a root worker if you do not work with roots. There are people out there who all they do is work with candles but are claiming to be root workers. Real root workers gather their herbs, roots, and other natural items from nature. I'm not saying you can't or shouldn't purchase supplies, just that this is the old tradition.

A root doctor is focused almost exclusively on healing people. This includes removing witchcraft. Rood doctors may do some conjure work but their focus is on healing work. Root doctors use herbs, roots, and natural items for remedies to treat various conditions. Root doctors play the same role as the witch doctors or shamans of other cultures and traditions. They treat both physical and spiritual conditions with natural ingredients as well as with the power of God.

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