Monday, September 3, 2012

Notice Concerning Emails Requesting Free Work

I'm being inundated with requests for free work, so much so that I'm not even going to reply to these emails anymore. At this time please note that if you send me an email requesting free work or help and I do not reply back then this is your sign that what you are requesting does not fall into the category of free work. Remember, in order for me to even consider doing free work for you it must be an emergency situation and Spirit must advise me to do so. You not having enough money to hire a worker does not count as an emergency and especially if you are looking for "free work" that has nothing to do with helping you in your financial situation. Also, if you have a job do not request free work from me. It's one thing if you are unemployed but I think it's so funny that people have the nerve to admit they have a good paying job but just that they somehow can't afford to hire a worker.

Just to recap, any emails sent to me requesting free work that do not qualify for free work will simply be deleted. I will not reply back to them. I simply do not have the time to answer 30 or so emails a week from people requesting free work when their situation is not an emergency. The exact thing goes for people requesting free lights being set. If your situation is not an emergency I will not set a light for you for free. If you are sending a prayer request, that's fine. I will pray for you for any situation. Thank you for understanding. 

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