Friday, September 21, 2012

Notice For People Emailing Me

My email is acting up and when I reply it has been sending a blank email instead. If you get a blank email from me then just email me back and I will send it again. I don't know what's going on and will have to contact my email provider to find out what's going on.

Also, I am unfortunately very busy at the present time. I'm getting emails from people who want to beat around the bush instead of answering my questions. If you email me looking for help I will ask you if you are looking to hire a professional worker or if you are just wanting something you can do yourself. I truly expect this question to be answered and it's rather annoying when I have to ask it 3, 4 or more times. For now on I will only ask it up to twice and if anyone who is emailing me still doesn't answer it yet continues to send me pages of emails then I will simply not respond any further.

Please note that if all you are looking for is something you can do yourself then you are not my client and I cannot devote much time to you. My time is devoted to my paying clients and the cases I choose to take on. If you can't afford to hire a worker I may provide you with a very simple work you can do yourself. Once again this does not make you my client. I will usually tell you not to email me further regarding this as I explain the work with as much detail as I can. I do this not because I'm rude or a mean person. Instead, I do this because people have this notion that they are now my client and can take up the majority of my time. Not true! In the past people would send me dozens of emails regarding a free work I gave them. That will not happen again. If I've asked you previously to not email any further regarding the situation and you continue to email me I will simply delete the emails and not respond to them.

In some situations the person emailing me has a hefty, non-emergency situation where it will take a professional. If in those situations the person can't afford to hire a worker and wants something they can do them self, I will simply respond back by saying that unfortunately I cannot help them. Again it's not because I'm a big meanie. Instead, the situation is so big and complex and the person knows little to nothing about conjure work. Therefore I would have to devote a large amount of time and energy into teaching them and I simply won't do that.

Once again, free work is only for emergencies. Just because you can't afford to hire a worker doesn't mean it's an emergency. Emergencies are determined by the situation, not whether or not you can afford it. Most people have good common sense when it comes to emergencies. If you are about to lose your home, that's an emergency. If your man ran off with another woman, sorry but not an emergency.

If you want to send me your prayer request, then email me at
I will pray for you on anything you like. However, I just won't do free work unless it's an emergency situation.


  1. I'm sorry if this is like an epidemic for you. You were kind enough to pray for me last year when I was going through a VERY rough time. Thank you. Things are so much better now and I never got to thank you for that.

    I'm not kidding when I say that when things get even better, I'll be hitting you up to perform some work for me and I WILL pay!! LOL.

  2. @ Geebz,

    Thank you so much for the kind words. I will pray for anyone in need. I'm so glad that things are looking brighter for you and I wish you the best.