Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Referring People To Other Workers

Every now and then I get this random email from someone asking me to refer them to another worker. I am writing this blog entry to explain how the whole referring process takes place.

1.) I only refer people to other workers when what is requested is either not my specialty or a reading indicates that I should not take on the case.

2.) I will not refer someone to another worker simply because a person claims they cannot afford my services.

3.) I will not refer someone to another worker if what is being requested is unjustified or is horribly evil. I simply do not associate when any other workers who are evil enough to perform such work. In most situations I will try to offer a creative approach to the proble, one that is not unjustifed. If such approach is still not acceptable to the person and they demand something horribly evil then I will simply turn down the case. I will not refer the person to another client.

4.) I do not give referrals to people whom I've not communicated with directly. A "middleman" is not acceptable.

5.) I must know the situation before I will refer a person. I don't give blind referrals.

6.) I do not give referrals for request for free work when the case is not an emergency. If the case is an emergency I will probably take it on myself. Likewise, if I turn down a request for free work it's usually because it's not an emergency and I will not refer you to another worker.

7.) I've never had this happen, but if by chance a person claims they simply do not want me to do the work for them and want another worker, then I will not refer them to another worker as that is not a valid reason for referral.

8.) When I do give a referral I only give it once. I will not give out a list of workers and I will not give repeat referrals to the same person.

9.)  Giving a referral in no way means the person is now my client or that I've accepted responsibility for their situation or that I must refer them to a worker who will actually take on their case.

10.) I do not have any professional ties to any of the workers that I may give referrals to nor am I responsible for anything that occurs between that worker and the client. I will not take any complaints nor resolve any complaints between such worker and the client.  

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