Monday, September 17, 2012

Warning To My Readers About A Potential Crisis

I prayed on this last night, as to whether or not I needed to write this blog entry. I've decided that it is important information that the public needs to know.

In the past two years the CDC and DHS have release "zombie preparedness" campaigns that urge citizens to prepare for a natural disaster. Now military and local police are receiving training on how to survive a "zombie apocalypse". The military is doing exercises in the streets of America. The government has admitted to the existence of FEMA camps and detention centers that have been built all across the nation and admit that they are for immigrants and civil unrest. For years they denied the existence of these facilities. Now they admit them. Currently protesters are being arrested and placed into these facilities. News left and right about a financial collapse is spreading. We may face a collapse of the dollar by next year.

Folks, there's no zombies. This is the government's way of telling you to prepare for an emergency without having to tell you what that emergency will actually be. They are using "zombies" as a cover to prepare for mass civil unrest. It's not going to be zombies but it may be a collapse of the dollar. There are two ways it could go. Another great depression or hyperinflation. Currently it seems as if we are going in the direction of hyperinflation. This means that overnight the prices you pay for items will double, triple, quadruple, or go even higher. Imagine waking up one day to discover that a loaf of bread cost $8, a gallon of milk costs $12, and a gallon of gas costs $20. Below is some advice that I can offer people to help them prepare in case the worse happens. You don't have to follow all or any of this advice or you can only do what you afford to.

- Stop saving all of your money. Whenever there is talk of a financial crises the middle class immediately starts saving more. If we were facing another great depression then saving money would be a strategy for survival. In a case of hyperinflation, saving will not be effective. You can save some money, but don't let saving be your number one method of survival.

- Stock up on 6 months worth of canned food and dry goods such as beans, rice, pasta, etc  If you can't afford 6 months then save what you can.

- Stock up on water. Avoid the 20 oz or smaller bottles. These take up more space. Instead, go with a minimum of gallon size or the water bottles for water machines. If you do not have money to purchase water then save your plastic gallons from your milk, wash them out, fill them with water and store these. Just remember that you will need to boil the water before drinking it.

- Stock up on medicines. Keep one or more first aid kits. Stock up on pain relievers, band aids, antiseptics, rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, gauze, and all the other over the counter supplies you may need.

- If you are on prescription medicines then speak to  your doctor about whether or not you can keep at least a 2 week back-up supply. Many of the doctors will not allow you to do this but this will be a major concern in case of an emergency.

-Stock up on toilette paper.

-Stock up on cloth towels and rags. Do not stock up on paper towels. In a time of crises paper towels are worthless.

-Stock up on blankets.

-Consider purchasing a gun for protection of your home and family.

-Stock up on cigarettes and beer and liquor. Even if you don't smoke or drink, stock up on these as these will become currency in a time of emergency. You can trade these for items or services you may need. Plus, liquor can be used as an antiseptic and mouthwash.

-Stock up on clothing for an emergencies. Focus on quality, not fashion. I recommend a few pairs of good durable shoes as well.

-Stock up on hygiene products. In cases of financial crises in the past, most people went without hygiene products.

-Purchase a bicycle. Many people will not be able to afford cars.

- Buy a house if possible. People who rent houses or apartments will be in worse shape than people who already own their homes.

- Buy a car and pay it in full. In an emergency you will not be able to pay car payments and you may not even be able to afford gas. Owning a car outright will give you an advantage. Focus on function and not fashion or fad. It doesn't matter what the car looks like, as long as it is dependable and has good gas mileage.

-Move to the country. Most of the problems and violence will occur in the big cities.

-Secure your home. Put extra locks on the doors, bars on the windows, and build Strong fences around your property.

-Consider getting guard dogs.

-Learn a valuable skill that can mean your survival. Some of the skills that are needed in an emergency are repairing cars and electronic, sewing, and farming. In an emergency you can offer your skills in exchange for goods or services.

-The governments may open the doors of the FEMA prisons and facilities and may offer to feed you, house you, and clothe you in return for manual labor. Think real hard before you agree to enter one of these as you may freely enter but may not have the freedom of leaving if you so wish.

Now, I would hate for this to become a reality. However, if it does I want each and every reader of mine to know that it wasn't an accident. It was engineered by the elite global bankers as economic warfare to bring this nation to it's knees.


  1. Thank you for your advice and warning. Please continue to meditate and pray on this subject and share with us any signs and wisdom you receive.

    I have been meeting people out of the blue who told me they have dreams of our city, los angeles, being under a nuclear attack. Then my best friend told me randomly one day that he dreamt the same thing. synchronicity? we'll see.

    1. Andre, I think you may have misunderstood me. My praying on this was not because I recieved this information in a vision or what not. Instead, it's because I've been keeping up to date on the state of our society and I've been told from a few cops that they are being trained for potential massive civil unrest. The speculation is that this "unrest" could result from a financial crises that many experts agree will happen. For example, an MIT study claims there will be a global financial collapse by like 2035 or something. However, other experts are saying it's going to be way sooner than that.

      So my praying on it was me seeing if I should speak out on this. The message I got was to go ahead because people are not preparing. It's called the "normalcy bias", where even though all the warning are there that things are not good, people still act the same and simply ignore the warnings.