Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Yesterday I was running around like a chicken with it's head cut off trying to get ready for the big day. I love Halloween! It's my favorite holiday, a time for fun and magic, as well as scares!  I thought I would share some pics below.


LOL...Michael Myers drops by for a visit. It's not me!
For many years I went as a Vampire Hunter for Halloween. It's a quick and inexpensive costume. You can get the fake garlic at craft shops. You can make the cross from Popsicle sticks and aluminum foil, the stake is made from an empty paper towel tube, a paper funnel at the end, masking tape, and paint, and the bottle of holy water can be bought online. To complete the costume just dress in black and add a black leather coat and some cool shades and you're good to go.

                                                      I'm going as a werewolf this year.

                                                           The Full Moon (Blood Moon)

Wishing everyone a magical and fun-filled night!

Happy Haunting!


This is my new AzureGreen catalog. AzureGreen always has some cool stuff. I've been shopping with them since circa 2000.

Oklahoma Witches

I'm blogging on this because Lynda Mosley is featured. Lynda Mosely is a priestess in the Georgian tradition of Wicca (the kind most popular here in Oklahoma, other than eclectic solitary Wiccans) and the owner of a wonderful store called Nature's Treasures which I've shopped at since the early 90s. I'm planning on making a video of the place and taking pictures in the future. I've talked with Lynda on many occasions and often hung out at the store back in the day. It's a wonderful shop. If you are ever in the Oklahoma City metro area, stop buy and check Nature's Treasures out. It's a quaint purple building. You can't miss it!

Oklahoma Witches

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Reminder..Save Those Pumpkin Seeds!

If you are going to be carving jack-o'-lanterns this Halloween then make sure to save those pumpkin seeds! They are wonderful for prosperity work!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

My Intuition Has A Sense Of Humor

Sometimes I think my intuition has an obscene sense of humor. I say that because it often ends up tricking me. Yesterday I became the victim once more of my intuition's tricks.

I woke up KNOWING that I was going to with the jackpot. I even saw the number 4. It wasn't a dream, just knowledge that came to me while I was in the boundary zone between sleep and being awake. So what do I do? I immediately go out and buy lottery tickets. I'm pretty pumped for a few hours and then I forget about it as other thing preoccupy my time. So about 9:30 PM I got the opportunity to go the casino and took advantage of it. Again, I had already forgotten all about it. So I'm playing a game I tend to start my nights out on and guess what? Yep. I hit the jackpot. This is where my intuition tricked me. I won the minor jackpot of $40. As soon as it happened and I just busted out laughing because once again I allowed myself to be tricked. If I knew it was only going to be $40 then I would not have allowed myself to get that excited! On top of that I had a horrible night at the casino :(. At least I was able to stretch the money I won to last all night.

Here's a video someone made of the casino I tend to frequent the most. It's called River Wind, but the nick name that most use is, 'Never Win". LOL

I'm not sure if you can tell or not but River Wind is HUGE! I personally think it rivals the size of many Las Vegas casinos, just that it's sprawled out and not like a high rise. It also hosts some of the coolest bands and singers. Below is a clip with Christian Kane. If you were a fan of the show Angel then you may remember him as he played the character of Lindsy.

Here's a clip of 3 Doors Down at River Wind.

Got Shots Today

I had a funny experience today. I went and got some shots, a flu shot and a TDP (Tetanus, Diphtheria, & Pertussis). I opted for the TDP because it seems like every winter I get Pertussis and it royally peeves me off. I hat coughing and wheezing for weeks and not getting sleep. So I jumped on the chance to the shot and especially since the Pertussis part of the vaccine is supposed to give life-long immunity. For those that don't know, Pertussis is more commonly referred to as Whooping Cough. If you have had it then you will know how annoying it is. For small children it can be life threatening but for adults it just tends to manifest as a very, very long-term cough that just won't go away. The coughing can become so violent that people have been known to break ribs! Anyway, the funny thing is that the woman who gave me the shots put her hand on my shoulder and gave me this serious look while saying that she needed to tell me that this TDP shot is believed to be the most painful vaccine with regard to the body's reaction. She made a point to tell me that my arm would hurt a lot. So I get the flue shot in my left arm and the TDP in my right arm. Fast forward in time and the only side effects I've experienced is the typical reaction to the flue shot. The TDP didn't hurt all, as in nothing! However, my left arm feel like someone punched me in the arm, which is the typical reaction. On top of that I just got a little tired afterward and took a nap.

So I'm not an anti-vacciner. I do believe that vaccines are good for people. I would add that if you get routine flu shots each year then you have less and less reaction to the shot each time you get it. Perhaps the first time you ever get a flue shot you may get a headache, fever, or even a knot in your arm but as long as you are not allergic to eggs then you will be fine.

Now, I'm going to see if I can get a shingles shot. I got shingles a couple of years ago and it freaked me out because I'm a relatively young man. The shingles shot is recommended for people 65 years old or older. However, I definitely do not want to have shingles again. It's extremely painful. For those who don't know about shingles, it's the chicken pox virus. So if you ever had the chicken pox as a child then the virus is still in your body but it's dormant. Later in life and usually during a stressful period the virus can activate and cause shingles, which looks nothing like normal chicken pox. You know you are getting shingles just like you know you are getting a cold sore, as in the skin will tingle for a few days before the outbreak. I wouldn't wish shingles on even my worst enemy. So if you are 65 years or older do check into getting the shingles vaccination.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

What To Do If You Have Been Hoodooed

Before I begin, let me address a phenomenon that I call "The Salem Witch Accuser Syndrome". The title of this syndrome refers to the Salem Witchcraft Trials, more specifically the accusers. It's hard to believe that a group of young girls could be responsible for the death of 20 people and the imprisonment of many, many more, but unfortunately such was the case with regard to the events in Salem.

Now, People who suffer from this disorder will accuse anybody they believe or know to be practicing magic of putting curses on them, as if practitioners have nothing better to do than to curse random people for absolutely no reason. When dealing with these types of people please keep in mind that many to most of them are drama queens, people who seek fame and attention, are highly religious, or are possibly mentally ill. Some, like the young girls in Salem, are downright evil people masquerading as "good Christian folk". Think I'm wrong? Are you aware that after the Salem Trials were stopped that only one of the young girls offered a public apology and added that it was she who had been deceived by the Devil into accusing innocent people? The rest of the girls, and their families, refused to offer an apology and went to there grave unrepentant of their sins. I think we all can guess the fate of their souls.

So please keep in mind that people who suffer from 'the Salem Witch Accuser Syndrome" will blame every single thing that goes wrong in their life on black magic and the people they treat as scapegoats to avoid taking responsibility for their actions. These people are out there and pose a great deal more risk than any black magic curse. So please keep this in mind before one jumps to the conclusion that one has been cursed, especially by a specific person.

Below you will find my advice for people who have been hoodooed, cursed, or jinxed.

1.) Do you know who did this to you?

Don't just guess. Do you actually know who did this to you? Did the person threaten to put a curse or you or did they tell you they put a curse on you? You would be surprised by how many practitioners will freely admit they did it. It's a form of psychological warfare. If you do not know who put the curse on you, don't worry.

2.) Did you wrong the person who did this to you?

Assuming you know who the person is who put the curse on you, did you do something to deserve it, such as wrong that person? Be honest. Too many people try to lie and pretend to be innocent which only serves to harshen the effects of the curse. Many people come to me for help in these matters and I can assure that nearly every single one of them pretends to be 100% innocent in the matter...until you get them talking. At that point the truth comes out and I discover that the person if far from 'lily white'. If the person who cursed you is the wife of the man you had an affair with, be honest. If the person who cursed you is the man you mugged and assaulted, be honest. If the person who cursed you is the person whom you performed a character assassination on, be honest. When one has wronged a person and has been cursed as result, then the curse is usually justified work.

3.) If you know who the person is who cursed you and if you did something to deserve it, then did you apologize to that person and ask forgiveness?

You would be surprised how many people who did somebody wrong and was cursed as a result, refuse to apologize to that person. If you are cursed and you know who did it and you know you wronged that person but you refuse to apologize to them and ask forgiveness then YOU DESERVE EVERYTHING YOU GOT!

Apologizing and asking forgiveness from the person you wronged is the number one easiest way to get a curse removed. You would be surprised how many practitioners will take off a curse when the person apologizes for their actions.

Now, please keep in mind that some situations are so severe that an apology will not suffice. If you did major damage to a person, and if that person continues to suffer for your actions, then it's likely the person will refuse to forgive you until the situation is made right and the person is no longer suffering. So please don't think that you can treat people however you want to treat them and then just feign repentance for your actions. Practitioners are not stupid people. They can tell if your apology is genuine or not.

Hint: As a practitioner I can tell you that many practitioners will perform spells with a built-in apologizing clause. Ex - "May John Brown suffer until he falls at my feet and begs my forgiveness!". So in this example, John Brown will continue to suffer unless he repents and apologizes for his actions, at which point the curse is broken. This is why I always recommend that people who know they are cursed, and know they did wrong, to apologize and ask forgiveness.

4.) Did you find any strange powders, bottles, bags, dolls or other artifacts buried on one's property or hidden in one's home or car?

If so, take them, sprinkle salt over them and burn them. The evil will be returned to the person who cast the curse. If you just threw them away, then you will still find relief as distance will weaken the curse.

5.) Perform a cleansing on one's self, home, and car.

Before dawn, brew up some herbs with the magical reputation of removing evil, such a hyssop, rue, mint, agrimony, angelica root, basil, etc. Strain the resulting tea and pour it in your bathwater. Take two white candles, a cup, and your bible into the bathroom with you. Light the candles and place them on the floor with enough room between them to walk through. Strip and enter the bath. Recite Psalm 23 if you are innocent. If you have done wrong then recite Psalm 51. Take the cup and pour water over your head. You can just do it an odd number of times but no more than 13 times. Let the water run down you. You will then brush yourself in a downwards fashion from your head to your feet , not forgetting the soles of your feet, in order to remove the curse. Exit the bathtub and walk backwards between the two lit candles. Do not towel off. Let yourself air-dry. When you are dry, blow out the candles, dress and fill your mop bucket with the bathwater. You can then let out any remaining water in the tub. Add your favorite soap or cleanser to the mop water and you will mop/scrub starting from the back of your home to the front. Wipe down all windowsills and doorways. Pay close attention to your front door and porch. Scrub your porch and front stairs. When finished, take the bucket and throw the contents toward the east or the rising sun. Go back inside the house and light a white candle dressed with uncrossing oil. Light uncrossing incense or else one can use a smudge stick if one prefers. Read Psalm 23 and pray to God in your own words that he remove the evil influence or curse.

For your car, save some of the bathwater and use it to wash your car. Light some uncrossing incense in the interior or else sprinkle some holy water on the upholstery. Read the 23 Psalm in the car.

6.) Perform a protection spell or wear a protective amulet of some form to back up the cleansing spell and prevent further problems.

If you are indeed completely innocent and are the victim of some jealous, malevolent person who for some reason wants to bring you pain and suffering, don't worry. The curse can be removed and because it would be an unjustified curse, it will immediately return back to the person who cast it and they will be the one to suffer. You do not need to know their name. Simply perform the cleansing rite described above and pray and ask God to remove the evil influence or curse upon you. The curse, which is energy, will return to the sender.


Cleansings, a.k.a. Uncrossing, Clearings, are works designed to take off or remove negative energy, curses, and jinxes. Cleansings are found in practically all magical traditions across all cultures.

In the practice of hoodoo/rootowork, cleansing spells often are connected to physical cleaning, such as bathing and cleaning of the home. In such rites a person will bathe with a tea made from herbs that have the magical reputation of removing evil. The tea is added to the bathwater and the bather will scrub in a downward fashion to remove the evil. The bathwater is then usually saved to use as mop water or floor scrub. Additional items used in cleansing spells include white candles, incense, salt, smudge sticks, eggs, and even black chicken feathers. Recitation of Psalms may also be used. There are so many methods of performing a cleansing that it would be impossible to list them all in this blog entry.

In hoodoo/rootwork, cleansing are more often referred to as uncrossings, which is the opposite of the term crossed which is a synonym for being cursed or jinxed.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

It's Halloween Time!

This is the perfect time of year to stock up on items. Now is the perfect time to stock up on black and orange candles that can be hard to find at other times of the year. You should also be able to find objects like brooms, skulls, robes (if you are into that), and other items. Monday I went to a local Halloween store and not only did I pick up a new skull but I also was able to find a cane for Black Hawk. I remember last year I was able to pick up a cool black glitter skull, a broom, and fake crystal ball. If you work with Black Hawk or other Indian spirits then now is the perfect time to get Indian corn which can be given too him as an offering. I actually save up money during the year just so that I know I will have money to take advantage of the opportunities that come my way during this time.

Free Setting Of Lights

Just a reminder to people asking me for free work or free setting of lights.

1.) It must be an emergency.

2.) I do not email the results of the burn nor will I send you pictures.

3.) If I agree to set lights for your for free I will need your full name, birth date, and if possible a picture emailed to me.

4.) The type of candle I use for free setting of lights will depend on what I have on hand. Usually it will be either a taper candle, an emergency candle, a chime candle, or a tea lite candle. I was recently given a box of about 250 tea lite candles from a client as a gift so for the near future I will be using tea lite candles for free lights. The color of any candle I use for the setting of free lights will be white. Only if I am completely out of these candles or the color white will I use another candle or another color.

5.) From this point on I will not answer multiple emails from a person whom I agreed to set free lights for. Just know that if I told you I would set a free light for your situation then trust that it will be done.

Tip When Doing Protection Work

When you are doing any type of protection work it is important to do a cleansing beforehand. Otherwise you may simply lock in anything that is on you.

Improvized Incense Burners

If you do not have an actual incense burner you can improvise with things around your house.

If you are burning self-lighting powder incense or cone incense then you can try a ceramic tile, a large metal lid, a tuna fish can or a similar flat, fire-proof item.

If you are going to use burn incense on charcoal then you can try a old small pot or pan. You can also try a metal can, such as a tuna fish can. However, I would recommend you place this in a ceramic bowl of sand or salt so that it can absorb the heat. Remember to show caution.

If you are burning stick incense then the best way to burn this and especially if you keep an altar is to get a decorative bowl and fill it with salt or sand. Then you can just stick your lighted incense sticks in the salt or sand and the bowl itself will collect the ash as it falls. This is actually an Asian trick. I've been told that some Asians will even use a bowl of dry rice instead of sand or salt. Once you try this method you wont' ever bother with the flat wood stick incense burners that do a horrible job of collecting the ash.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Burning Candles Without Candle Holders And Other Tips

People ask me all sorts of questions and no question is ever stupid. So I was asked by a client what they could use to burn a candle since they didn't have any candle holders.  So just in case any readers have wondered this as well I decided to go ahead and blog on it.

If you do not have a candle holder at your place and you need to improvise then some good things to use would be ceramic plates, metal lids, tuna fish cans, mirrors, or any fire-proof items with a flat surface that you can attach a candle to so that it can burn. If by chance you don't have access to any of such items you can take a ceramic, glass, or metal bowl and fill it with sand or salt. You can then just stick stick your stick or taper candles into the sand or salt and burn it that way.

If you are looking for inexpensive candle holders then you should try your local dollar stores. Most of them have good candle holders. However, I need to warn people about the glass taper candle holders. I actually slashed all four fingers on my hand once when a glass candle holder shattered in my hand after I picked it up to clean out the left over candle wax. So if you are going to use glass candle holders do be careful.

If you are going to use brass taper candle holders or even glass votive holders then I recommend you oil them so that the left over wax can be more easily removed. When using these I tend to use either olive oil, vegetable oil, a quick spray of Pam, or I use some of the condition oil that I'm currently using.

The type of candle holders that I do not recommend using are the kinds with intricate designs and with construction flaws that do not allow for the collection of melted wax. I have a few pairs of really beautiful candle holders that I simply cannot use because the melted wax gets all over the place and into the intricate design on the holders.

The type of candle holders that I do recommend to people are the flat glass pillar candle holders. You can find these at the dollar stores as well. These are wonderful to use and are not just for burning pillar candles on. You can burn your stick candles and tapers on them but you might have to even off the ends of the taper candles if they don't have a flat end. These candle holders are wide enough to collect the wax and sine they are glass they allow whatever picture or petition you have underneath them show through. Another thing I like about these flat glass candle holders is that when you are working with mirrors you can can dress your mirror and place it under the holder so that you don't have to clean off wax on it when the burn is done. If you are like me and you burn candles a lot then you might want to get a few of these. I believe I have 5 or 6 of them.

Prayer To St. Cyprian

From a novena,

"Virtuous Saint Cyprian, Confessor Of The Holy Doctrine, I Beg For The Love That Our Fathers Invest In You. Free Me From Attacks From My Evil Enemy. Detain Him From Harming Me, Save Me From Sudden Death, From Violent Storms, Lightening, Thunder, Fire, From Hateful Neighbors And Menacing Omens On Dangerous Roads, From Greed And Harm And Distress, Protect Me From All Danger That May Appear Before Me And I Wait For You To Hear My Plea And At The Hour Of My Death You Will Take Me To The Happy Glory Of Our Jesus Christ For Years To Come, Amen. (Make Your Petition)"

Interesting Article On Dragon's Blood

A brief article about Dragon's Blood and it's fame among practitioners of various traditions.

Beware: Thar be dragons in these bloody plants

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Rules Regarding The Passing Of Healing Charms

It is a popular belief that healing charms must be passed on to a person of the opposite sex and a person can only tell three people the charm. Some believe that upon telling the third person the charm the person telling the charm is then stripped of it's power and can know longer perform it. Others believe that if they tell a fourth person then they will lose the power to perform the charm successfully.

Ozark Magic And Folklore by Vance Randolph

To Stop Bleeding

Recite Ezekiel 6:16 while walking toward the east. The person who is performing this work is not the person who is bleeding.

Ezekiel 6:16
And when I passed by thee, and saw thee polluted in thine own blood, I said unto thee when thou wast in thy blood, Live; yea, I said unto thee when thou wast in thy blood, Live.

Ozark Magic And Folklore by Vance Randolph

To Take The Heat Out Of A Burn

"Two angels come from heaven. One brought fire and the other brought frost, go out fire and come in frost!" (Blow gently on the burn)

Ozark Magic And Folklore by Vance Randolph

Sonny Boy Blue Book

This is the Sonny Boy Blue Book catalog. Sonny Boy is a very old business, first opened in 1926. You can get your copy of the Blue Book by sending one dollar to the address provided at their website. I ended up having to pay 20 cents more for postage when it was delivered and a couple of the pages are upside down. Other than that it's an interesting little pamphlet.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Miller's Catalog

This is the copy of the catalog I received from Miller's in Georgia. I used to have this amazing catalog from them back in the 90s that had a hand holding a green candle with wax dripping down it. Unfortunately I gave it to a friend. Now I know better!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Really Weird Experience Today

So I'm going through some old things in storage and I found this old paper mache pumpkin I had made a couple years ago. I decided to give it away and eventually it went to a friend of the family. Well, this person has no idea of what I do, a.k.conjure. This person contacts me and says that I appear to be rather crafty in nature, i.e. arts and crafts. This person asks me if I could make them a "voodoo doll" for this person's boss and that they would pay me to do it. LOL

I didn't want this person knowing what I do so I couldn't tell them that I make "real" voodoo dolls for $100 each. This person seemed to be just looking for a gag gift or something. So I just told them no and that it was too spooky for me. The conversation ended with this person asking me if I would like to set up a booth sometime with this person and that this person was sure that my crafts would be a hit. LOL This person is sort of rich and says that I wouldn't believe how much money some of her friends would drop on stuff like that (the pumpkin). LOL