Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Burning Candles Without Candle Holders And Other Tips

People ask me all sorts of questions and no question is ever stupid. So I was asked by a client what they could use to burn a candle since they didn't have any candle holders.  So just in case any readers have wondered this as well I decided to go ahead and blog on it.

If you do not have a candle holder at your place and you need to improvise then some good things to use would be ceramic plates, metal lids, tuna fish cans, mirrors, or any fire-proof items with a flat surface that you can attach a candle to so that it can burn. If by chance you don't have access to any of such items you can take a ceramic, glass, or metal bowl and fill it with sand or salt. You can then just stick stick your stick or taper candles into the sand or salt and burn it that way.

If you are looking for inexpensive candle holders then you should try your local dollar stores. Most of them have good candle holders. However, I need to warn people about the glass taper candle holders. I actually slashed all four fingers on my hand once when a glass candle holder shattered in my hand after I picked it up to clean out the left over candle wax. So if you are going to use glass candle holders do be careful.

If you are going to use brass taper candle holders or even glass votive holders then I recommend you oil them so that the left over wax can be more easily removed. When using these I tend to use either olive oil, vegetable oil, a quick spray of Pam, or I use some of the condition oil that I'm currently using.

The type of candle holders that I do not recommend using are the kinds with intricate designs and with construction flaws that do not allow for the collection of melted wax. I have a few pairs of really beautiful candle holders that I simply cannot use because the melted wax gets all over the place and into the intricate design on the holders.

The type of candle holders that I do recommend to people are the flat glass pillar candle holders. You can find these at the dollar stores as well. These are wonderful to use and are not just for burning pillar candles on. You can burn your stick candles and tapers on them but you might have to even off the ends of the taper candles if they don't have a flat end. These candle holders are wide enough to collect the wax and sine they are glass they allow whatever picture or petition you have underneath them show through. Another thing I like about these flat glass candle holders is that when you are working with mirrors you can can dress your mirror and place it under the holder so that you don't have to clean off wax on it when the burn is done. If you are like me and you burn candles a lot then you might want to get a few of these. I believe I have 5 or 6 of them.


  1. I had a glass taper holder from the dollar store shatter twice (I super-glued it back the first time) while I was doing a work...I took it as an omen that my work was going to be unsuccessful. Now, I feel better knowing that I am not the only worker to experience this. Hope your hand is better now, Doc!! Kristina

    1. Thank you. That was several years ago. Yeah, glass candle holders cand be dangerous so caution is definitley needed.

  2. I recently did a banishment/protection spell. I let the center taper candle burn ALL the way down. I had a feeling i should blow it out, but i let it go then i heard a shatter...one piece broke off. It scared me that i did something wrong, but i think the heat just got waay too hot as i went to pick up the piece that flew off and it was soo hot i burned my fingers! Am i ok?,