Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Free Setting Of Lights

Just a reminder to people asking me for free work or free setting of lights.

1.) It must be an emergency.

2.) I do not email the results of the burn nor will I send you pictures.

3.) If I agree to set lights for your for free I will need your full name, birth date, and if possible a picture emailed to me.

4.) The type of candle I use for free setting of lights will depend on what I have on hand. Usually it will be either a taper candle, an emergency candle, a chime candle, or a tea lite candle. I was recently given a box of about 250 tea lite candles from a client as a gift so for the near future I will be using tea lite candles for free lights. The color of any candle I use for the setting of free lights will be white. Only if I am completely out of these candles or the color white will I use another candle or another color.

5.) From this point on I will not answer multiple emails from a person whom I agreed to set free lights for. Just know that if I told you I would set a free light for your situation then trust that it will be done.

1 comment:

  1. What is the purpose of the setting of lights?