Saturday, October 27, 2012

Got Shots Today

I had a funny experience today. I went and got some shots, a flu shot and a TDP (Tetanus, Diphtheria, & Pertussis). I opted for the TDP because it seems like every winter I get Pertussis and it royally peeves me off. I hat coughing and wheezing for weeks and not getting sleep. So I jumped on the chance to the shot and especially since the Pertussis part of the vaccine is supposed to give life-long immunity. For those that don't know, Pertussis is more commonly referred to as Whooping Cough. If you have had it then you will know how annoying it is. For small children it can be life threatening but for adults it just tends to manifest as a very, very long-term cough that just won't go away. The coughing can become so violent that people have been known to break ribs! Anyway, the funny thing is that the woman who gave me the shots put her hand on my shoulder and gave me this serious look while saying that she needed to tell me that this TDP shot is believed to be the most painful vaccine with regard to the body's reaction. She made a point to tell me that my arm would hurt a lot. So I get the flue shot in my left arm and the TDP in my right arm. Fast forward in time and the only side effects I've experienced is the typical reaction to the flue shot. The TDP didn't hurt all, as in nothing! However, my left arm feel like someone punched me in the arm, which is the typical reaction. On top of that I just got a little tired afterward and took a nap.

So I'm not an anti-vacciner. I do believe that vaccines are good for people. I would add that if you get routine flu shots each year then you have less and less reaction to the shot each time you get it. Perhaps the first time you ever get a flue shot you may get a headache, fever, or even a knot in your arm but as long as you are not allergic to eggs then you will be fine.

Now, I'm going to see if I can get a shingles shot. I got shingles a couple of years ago and it freaked me out because I'm a relatively young man. The shingles shot is recommended for people 65 years old or older. However, I definitely do not want to have shingles again. It's extremely painful. For those who don't know about shingles, it's the chicken pox virus. So if you ever had the chicken pox as a child then the virus is still in your body but it's dormant. Later in life and usually during a stressful period the virus can activate and cause shingles, which looks nothing like normal chicken pox. You know you are getting shingles just like you know you are getting a cold sore, as in the skin will tingle for a few days before the outbreak. I wouldn't wish shingles on even my worst enemy. So if you are 65 years or older do check into getting the shingles vaccination.

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