Saturday, October 27, 2012

My Intuition Has A Sense Of Humor

Sometimes I think my intuition has an obscene sense of humor. I say that because it often ends up tricking me. Yesterday I became the victim once more of my intuition's tricks.

I woke up KNOWING that I was going to with the jackpot. I even saw the number 4. It wasn't a dream, just knowledge that came to me while I was in the boundary zone between sleep and being awake. So what do I do? I immediately go out and buy lottery tickets. I'm pretty pumped for a few hours and then I forget about it as other thing preoccupy my time. So about 9:30 PM I got the opportunity to go the casino and took advantage of it. Again, I had already forgotten all about it. So I'm playing a game I tend to start my nights out on and guess what? Yep. I hit the jackpot. This is where my intuition tricked me. I won the minor jackpot of $40. As soon as it happened and I just busted out laughing because once again I allowed myself to be tricked. If I knew it was only going to be $40 then I would not have allowed myself to get that excited! On top of that I had a horrible night at the casino :(. At least I was able to stretch the money I won to last all night.

Here's a video someone made of the casino I tend to frequent the most. It's called River Wind, but the nick name that most use is, 'Never Win". LOL

I'm not sure if you can tell or not but River Wind is HUGE! I personally think it rivals the size of many Las Vegas casinos, just that it's sprawled out and not like a high rise. It also hosts some of the coolest bands and singers. Below is a clip with Christian Kane. If you were a fan of the show Angel then you may remember him as he played the character of Lindsy.

Here's a clip of 3 Doors Down at River Wind.

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