Saturday, October 6, 2012

Really Weird Experience Today

So I'm going through some old things in storage and I found this old paper mache pumpkin I had made a couple years ago. I decided to give it away and eventually it went to a friend of the family. Well, this person has no idea of what I do, a.k.conjure. This person contacts me and says that I appear to be rather crafty in nature, i.e. arts and crafts. This person asks me if I could make them a "voodoo doll" for this person's boss and that they would pay me to do it. LOL

I didn't want this person knowing what I do so I couldn't tell them that I make "real" voodoo dolls for $100 each. This person seemed to be just looking for a gag gift or something. So I just told them no and that it was too spooky for me. The conversation ended with this person asking me if I would like to set up a booth sometime with this person and that this person was sure that my crafts would be a hit. LOL This person is sort of rich and says that I wouldn't believe how much money some of her friends would drop on stuff like that (the pumpkin). LOL


  1. Might be a nice source of income since you have the skill. I believe in keeping this secret as well but it has GOT to be tempting. LOL!

    1. Well, I just try to be safe and I only want people who I can trust know about that side of my life. There's a lot of people out there who don't understand this and will only cause problems.