Wednesday, October 24, 2012

What To Do If You Have Been Hoodooed

Before I begin, let me address a phenomenon that I call "The Salem Witch Accuser Syndrome". The title of this syndrome refers to the Salem Witchcraft Trials, more specifically the accusers. It's hard to believe that a group of young girls could be responsible for the death of 20 people and the imprisonment of many, many more, but unfortunately such was the case with regard to the events in Salem.

Now, People who suffer from this disorder will accuse anybody they believe or know to be practicing magic of putting curses on them, as if practitioners have nothing better to do than to curse random people for absolutely no reason. When dealing with these types of people please keep in mind that many to most of them are drama queens, people who seek fame and attention, are highly religious, or are possibly mentally ill. Some, like the young girls in Salem, are downright evil people masquerading as "good Christian folk". Think I'm wrong? Are you aware that after the Salem Trials were stopped that only one of the young girls offered a public apology and added that it was she who had been deceived by the Devil into accusing innocent people? The rest of the girls, and their families, refused to offer an apology and went to there grave unrepentant of their sins. I think we all can guess the fate of their souls.

So please keep in mind that people who suffer from 'the Salem Witch Accuser Syndrome" will blame every single thing that goes wrong in their life on black magic and the people they treat as scapegoats to avoid taking responsibility for their actions. These people are out there and pose a great deal more risk than any black magic curse. So please keep this in mind before one jumps to the conclusion that one has been cursed, especially by a specific person.

Below you will find my advice for people who have been hoodooed, cursed, or jinxed.

1.) Do you know who did this to you?

Don't just guess. Do you actually know who did this to you? Did the person threaten to put a curse or you or did they tell you they put a curse on you? You would be surprised by how many practitioners will freely admit they did it. It's a form of psychological warfare. If you do not know who put the curse on you, don't worry.

2.) Did you wrong the person who did this to you?

Assuming you know who the person is who put the curse on you, did you do something to deserve it, such as wrong that person? Be honest. Too many people try to lie and pretend to be innocent which only serves to harshen the effects of the curse. Many people come to me for help in these matters and I can assure that nearly every single one of them pretends to be 100% innocent in the matter...until you get them talking. At that point the truth comes out and I discover that the person if far from 'lily white'. If the person who cursed you is the wife of the man you had an affair with, be honest. If the person who cursed you is the man you mugged and assaulted, be honest. If the person who cursed you is the person whom you performed a character assassination on, be honest. When one has wronged a person and has been cursed as result, then the curse is usually justified work.

3.) If you know who the person is who cursed you and if you did something to deserve it, then did you apologize to that person and ask forgiveness?

You would be surprised how many people who did somebody wrong and was cursed as a result, refuse to apologize to that person. If you are cursed and you know who did it and you know you wronged that person but you refuse to apologize to them and ask forgiveness then YOU DESERVE EVERYTHING YOU GOT!

Apologizing and asking forgiveness from the person you wronged is the number one easiest way to get a curse removed. You would be surprised how many practitioners will take off a curse when the person apologizes for their actions.

Now, please keep in mind that some situations are so severe that an apology will not suffice. If you did major damage to a person, and if that person continues to suffer for your actions, then it's likely the person will refuse to forgive you until the situation is made right and the person is no longer suffering. So please don't think that you can treat people however you want to treat them and then just feign repentance for your actions. Practitioners are not stupid people. They can tell if your apology is genuine or not.

Hint: As a practitioner I can tell you that many practitioners will perform spells with a built-in apologizing clause. Ex - "May John Brown suffer until he falls at my feet and begs my forgiveness!". So in this example, John Brown will continue to suffer unless he repents and apologizes for his actions, at which point the curse is broken. This is why I always recommend that people who know they are cursed, and know they did wrong, to apologize and ask forgiveness.

4.) Did you find any strange powders, bottles, bags, dolls or other artifacts buried on one's property or hidden in one's home or car?

If so, take them, sprinkle salt over them and burn them. The evil will be returned to the person who cast the curse. If you just threw them away, then you will still find relief as distance will weaken the curse.

5.) Perform a cleansing on one's self, home, and car.

Before dawn, brew up some herbs with the magical reputation of removing evil, such a hyssop, rue, mint, agrimony, angelica root, basil, etc. Strain the resulting tea and pour it in your bathwater. Take two white candles, a cup, and your bible into the bathroom with you. Light the candles and place them on the floor with enough room between them to walk through. Strip and enter the bath. Recite Psalm 23 if you are innocent. If you have done wrong then recite Psalm 51. Take the cup and pour water over your head. You can just do it an odd number of times but no more than 13 times. Let the water run down you. You will then brush yourself in a downwards fashion from your head to your feet , not forgetting the soles of your feet, in order to remove the curse. Exit the bathtub and walk backwards between the two lit candles. Do not towel off. Let yourself air-dry. When you are dry, blow out the candles, dress and fill your mop bucket with the bathwater. You can then let out any remaining water in the tub. Add your favorite soap or cleanser to the mop water and you will mop/scrub starting from the back of your home to the front. Wipe down all windowsills and doorways. Pay close attention to your front door and porch. Scrub your porch and front stairs. When finished, take the bucket and throw the contents toward the east or the rising sun. Go back inside the house and light a white candle dressed with uncrossing oil. Light uncrossing incense or else one can use a smudge stick if one prefers. Read Psalm 23 and pray to God in your own words that he remove the evil influence or curse.

For your car, save some of the bathwater and use it to wash your car. Light some uncrossing incense in the interior or else sprinkle some holy water on the upholstery. Read the 23 Psalm in the car.

6.) Perform a protection spell or wear a protective amulet of some form to back up the cleansing spell and prevent further problems.

If you are indeed completely innocent and are the victim of some jealous, malevolent person who for some reason wants to bring you pain and suffering, don't worry. The curse can be removed and because it would be an unjustified curse, it will immediately return back to the person who cast it and they will be the one to suffer. You do not need to know their name. Simply perform the cleansing rite described above and pray and ask God to remove the evil influence or curse upon you. The curse, which is energy, will return to the sender.

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