Friday, November 2, 2012

Are You A Witch?....And A Question From A Reader

"Are you a witch? WELL, ARE YOU? Because I am and I can tell."

That's what the woman who checked me out at the library today said to me! LOL  I told her I was a conjure worker but I don't think she understood what that meant. She then went on about how "we" have to stick together because there's only like 10,000 of us in our state. She also showed me her crystal she wore and mentioned that she didn't do magic because she was afraid of the consequences. LOL  I was cracking up. Just thought I would share that.

Also, I received a question from a reader who asked where she could purchase candles since she doesn't have an occult shop in her area. I advised her, and anyone else reading this, to check out your local dollar stores, Wal Mart, and Hobby Lobby and other craft stores. Hobby Lobby has some really good candles and everything from tapers to jumbo and pillar candles that can be used. The only thing is that Hobby Lobby's candles are a bit expensive.

Oh, and today is All Souls' Day.

Now, back on break!

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