Saturday, November 3, 2012

More Casino Tips

Yeah, I know I wrote that I would be taking a break from blogging for a while but last night I went to the casino and did okay, not superb but I had fun. The funny thing is that I did something I never even thought I would ever do....interfere with the woman playing next to me by hitting her screen to try to help her win. LOL Let me explain. I play a lot of these types of games, like in this clip below...

This game is called Mystical Unicorn. I play it a lot. I won $160 on a 50 cent bet on like the 6th o 7th spin. The very first time I ever played it I won $288 on like the 4th spin. So I always like to play it at least once when I go to the casino. Anyway, if you notice in the video that when the all the unicorns line up that there will be rolls that are highlighted to see if you can get further unicorns. Well, most people don't know that you can stop that roll to make sure you land on unicorns. You can judge by the speed if you think they will land and if you think they are moving to fast you can touch the screen to stop them. In the video the person filming it doesn't appear to know that trick and just let them land as they fell. So that's what happened with the woman next to me. She was playing a pirate-type verson of this game and she had all four reels lined up and I saw that she was just sitting there so when I saw the symbols coming I didn't have time to tell her to touch the screen so I just reached over and did it for her and she won over $200. She started laughing and said that since she won she can't be mad at me. LOL

Here are a few of these games I like to play:

Robin Hoodoo And The Golden Arrow

The first time I ever played Robin Hood I won $389 on a 20 cent bet.

Fairy's Fortune

The fairies were good to me last night. Won $315 on a 40 cent bet on this machine.

Dragon's Fire


I don't usually win anything big on this game but I like to play it for a little while. I think the music is cool.

Some of the game that I simply hate include Hexbreaker, Alien, Ghostbusters, the Dark Knight, Vampire's Embrace, Zeus, and the Wizard of Oz. I've never won anything on them. I'm going to give Lord of the Rings and the Michael Jackson slot a try. The Michael Jackson one is very entertaining. I like to just watch people play it. Hint: play the game with a good sound because when this hits the bonus it cranks it up and gets people's attention. I see people dancing to this all the time.

Michael Jackson's King Of Pop

As far as further tips go, here are some of my suggestions. Remember, this is just my opinion and you can disagree if you so choose.

1.) Remember like with the games like Mystical Unicorn and the like that you can stop those wheels to make sure they land on the symbol you want if the reel is highlighted. You can even do that for the bonus symbol. Just touch the reel on the screen to stop it. Lots of people don't know this. If you notice in the videos above none of the players seem to know that trick.

2.) With the games like Mystical Unicorn and the like, look at the Major Progressive Jackpot figure. The Progressive must be awarded before it reaches $500. If you see it's like $480, hop on that machine fast! However, keep in mind that both the minor and major jackpot are awarded randomly. So they can hit at any time.It's just that if you see it's real close to $500 then you know it has to pay off soon. I hit minors all the time, won 2 last night. I've yet to win a major though.

3.) When you are trying a new game for the first time bet low.

4.) If you notice a winning streak on a game bet high.

5.) Always play with your players card. So that way you can get benefits. Some people claim that you can never win really big prizes if you use your card but that's not true.

6.) On the games like Mystical Unicorn, Robin Hood, Fairy's Fortune, and the like, you will get the most money for higher bets. Last night on Mystical Unicorn I started out low for some reason, only a 30 cent bet and I got 4 reels of unicorns and only won $32. If I would have bet higher I'm sure that alone would have been over $100.

7.) Check the payout stats on the machines. These machines like Mystical Unicorn and the like will show you the payout stats in the menu feature. If you see that it's given out high winnings in the past 24 hours you may want to avoid it. You ideally want a machine with only moderate payouts. Also, avoid the machines with litttle to no payouts for the last 24 hours. I found one last night that only awared $25 in the last 24 hours so I declined playing it.

8.) When you have a decent winning built up. Try thinking about switching to a higher denomination machine, like a $1 or $5 machine.

9.) Always visit the high rollers room or area at least once. Play at least one spin on a game just in case you might win. I haven't hit it big in the high rollers section yet. But I'm sure one day I will. However, the only machines I simply refuse to play are the $25 machiens. I think that is far too much money!

Hope this helps and Happy Winnings!

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