Saturday, November 10, 2012

Oooops...I Did It Again

Went back to the casino tonight and once again I hit another player's reel. I met this really cool older woman and we talked and gave each other "good juju" for several hours. Well, she hits her buttons and then starts digging in her purse. I saw the symbols line up and there was no time to tell her to stop her last reel so I reached over and stopped it for her and won her $87 and change. LOL I really need to stop doing that because one of these days someone is bound to get really upset with me! But anyway, if you ever go to the casino with me just know that I got your back!

One of the things I like about casinos is meeting people. Winning money is extremely fun, don't get me wrong, but meeting people is a good plus. In addition to the older woman, this drunk couple took a shining to me. The wife kept rubbing my screen and doing her "whammy" with her hand like a tiger or something, like she was sending me good energy. We got so loud I was afraid some of the employees would ask us to leave. Then an employee comes over and starts joining in with us and she even rubbed my back for good luck. LOL

So let me tell you about the highlight of my night. I was playing King of Africa and got full lions, 5 reels of nothing but the lion symbols. That's considered "jackpot" and it's the highest you can get. However, the problem is that it was only a 20 cent bet. I was so pissed! if I played my normal $1.00 on these games I'm sure it would have been close to like $600 or even more. I can't remember exactly what I won but I think it was close to $200 on that spin.

King of Africa

I did have one problem with a "Negative Nancy", who tried to jinx me up. She sat next to me and start giving me problems, mumbling under her breath, etc. When I hit a good line hit she even said, "Again" in a disgusted and jealous manner. Unfortunately these jinxers  our there. So I do the same thing I always do. I will teach you this trick. When someone is trying to jinx you on casinos what you do is take your hand and hold it up with your palm out and fingers spread. Then you move it in a quick counter-clockwise circle and "grab the negativity" then you fling it right back at them. She left a couple of minutes after I flung it right back at her. Those jealous people really bug me.


  1. I like that trick!

    I was waiting for my husband to pick me up after a dental appointment and won $45.05 on a game called Hex Breaker (of all things right? I picked it because it had cute voodoo dolls on the reel.) The lines were all nickel lines and I'd only spent 95 cents before getting a line of black cats and a mirror breaking bonus round, cashed out at $49.05, tipped the cashier.

    Jokingly I rubbed the side of a guys machine in mid pull (he told me I had to spread my luck around) and he hit a $60 win on his next hand (he was playing video poker.) I just smiled and walked out like that happens all the time.

    Of course, it doesn't because I usually don't play machines and rarely gamble-- but the look on his face was classic.

    1. I'm glad you won! Unfortuantley I don't play hex breaker because I never win on it.

    2. LOL, I was only wasting time, the place is literally right across the lot from my dentist's office and I didn't want to wait outside in the cold. You know if I'd actually needed the money I probably wouldn't have won anything at all.

      My dental appointment is in February so I'll probably take $5 with me and see what happens. Maybe lightening will strike twice.

  2. Love your casino stories because I live in a gaming town & like to play when I can. I recognize some of the games you mention and we dislike some of the same ones. (Hex Breaker) Last night before I went to the casino I rubbed some money stay with me oil on my hands.

    Long story short I played on $40.00 for about 3 hours. I walked out with my initial investment plus an extra $20.00. I met nice people and we cheered each other on at each bonus game.

    I didn't remember the oil on my hands until this morning.I chuckled my money indeed stayed with me. I only wish I had added some lady luck or fast cash oil with it. But playing that long on $40.00 is a blessing in itself.

    Shan Shan

    1. It's always great when you can play off of $20 or so for most of the night. My grandmother can do that. She can just bring $20 and play off of that for the entire night and walk away with hundreds. Well, wishing you further luck! :)