Monday, December 31, 2012

It's Almost 2013.....Time For Some First-Footin'!

I can't believe that tonight is New Year's Eve! This whole year has just blown right by. In my head I'm still in summer-mode. It seems like just a couple of weeks ago I was complaining about how freaking hot it was.

So 2013 is almost upon us. I will try to go over some thing to help us prepare for the new year. If you only cleanse your home once a year then now is the time to do it. I admit that I don't do my house cleansing until about January 3, or so. The reason being is that I want to take care of the Christmas decorations first. So when Christmas is all put away then I will start on the house cleansing.

When you are doing your home cleansing you will need to sweep from the back to the front of the house. Brew you up some herbs such as hyssop, rue, or whatever herbs you prefer for cleansing, and then mop from back to front. Use a rag to wipe the doorways and window sills. While you are at it, go ahead and replace your broom if you can afford it. A new year, a new broom.

Now for some first-footin'. First-footing is the term where how you start the new year will determine your luck for that year. It also involves omens and the interpretation of omens. So the omens to be on the look out for are the first person to enter the home and the first items brought into the home. Ideally you want a tall, dark man to be the first person to enter the home. Remember these traditions were pretty much passed down through women. A light-featured man means average. The worst is to have a red-head be the first to walk through the door. Sorry, no offense to the gingers out there. I didn't create this belief. For the items, anything that symbolizes prosperity or the items of survival is best. So if a dark-haired man carrying some money into the home would be interpreted in that the coming year would be very prosperous for the family. This whole thing started out with people waiting for it to naturally happen but with time people began to take matters into their own hands by hiring people, such as a dark-haired man, to be the first-footer. So now you can just pretty much take on the role of the first-footer yourself.

One of the things I do is prepare first-footing gifts. I got this idea from a local occult shop, Nature's Treasures. Lynda, the owner, would take some colored cellophane or colored saran wrap, usually purple, a Hershey's kiss, a penny, a small quartz crystal, and some ribbon. You then create you little packets and then tie it off with the ribbon. The Hershey's kiss is for love, the penny for money, and the crystal for magic. So just before midnight on New Year's Eve you take the bundle and go outside. At 12:01 you then bring it into the house, thus giving you good luck in the coming year. If you don't want to go that route you can use a silver coin instead. If you prefer you can get you a basket or bowl and put items in there that symbolize prosperity such as, bread, salt, rice, beans, money, etc., and then bring it in after midnight. Plants are also good to give at this time of the year as they also symbolize prosperity. As the plant grows so will your luck.

There are other actions you can take to ensure a good new year. For one, open your windows and doors at midnight to let the old luck out and the new luck in. When you wake up tomorrow, make sure the first word out of your mouth is "rabbit" and that will give you good luck. That superstition is good to use on the first day of any month. At midnight on New Year's Eve, make sure you get your lucky kiss. Also, make a lot of noise at midnight, firecrackers, party favors, bells, whistles, party favors, whatever. Just make a lot of noise to scare off the devil and ensure good luck for the new year. If you have any bills, try to make sure you pay them before New Year's if possible. You don't want to start off the new year in debt. And finally, make sure to eat you some black-eyed peas, some call them black-eyed beans. Lots of people don't like them but it's usually because they eat the canned variety which doesn't taste that good.

Now for the activities you should not be doing. Do not sweep on New Year's Day or else you will sweep your luck away. Likewise do no chores, not even take out the trash. New Year's Day is a time of rest or relaxation. If you slave away you will be slaving away all year long. If you take out the trash you will be throwing away your luck. If you wash clothes then the person whose clothes wee washed will have their luck or even health washed away. Do not use scissors, knives, razors, or other sharp objects or you will cut or kill your luck. Do not change your calender until after midnight and likewise, do not mark off days until after they are officially over with. To change your calender or mark off days before will bring you bad luck for that year or day. Do not loan money or items on New Years or you will give away your luck for the year. Finally, try your best not to drop a glass, jar, or mirror. Breaking glass on New Years will break your luck for the rest of the year. Of course these are all superstitions people have developed with time. What you choose to believe is up to you. I try to focus on the positive actions I can do instead of the actions to avoid.

Now, if you ever wondered just were the lyrics of "Auld Lang Syne", the New Year's "official anthem" are then here is a beautiful rendiditon with the lyrics below.

Wishing All Of My Readers A Wonderful New Year! May Blessings Abound In 2013!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Trusting Your Worker

It is so very important that clients are able to trust their worker. In my time I've had two potential clients who had major, severe trust issues. My response to them was definitely not what they would have thought. The reason why is because I'm not going to bend over backwards trying to earn your trust. I'm not going to send 100 emails back to back trying to persuade them I'm trustworthy. I'm not going to change my schedule and do extra things in order to cater to this state of mind in which a person simply cannot extend trust to anyone.

I spend only a brief time with a person who can't extend trust. When I sense I'm dealing with a person with trust issues I will spend a little time trying to let them know I'm not trying to scam them, pressure them, or what not. However, there quickly comes a point where I realize that this is a client with a personal problem, not my problem, but their problem. So I will reach a point where I inform the would-be client that they do not have to hire me, that I do not have to take them on as a client, and that if they cannot extend me trust then I wish them well on their journey and end communication. It's just that simple. I then let them know the ball is in their court and it's their decision but I'm not going to do cart-wheels to try to impress them and convince them I'm trustworthy. I know I'm trustworthy. It's like this minority of people think that I've never taken on a client before. My clients know I'm trustworthy. I keep my word. I keep the secrets. I do what I'm paid to do.

I know some people may take offense to this but trusting in your worker is a must. If you don't have any trust or faith in your worker then your chances at success are slim because in your head you have already salted the earth.

Att: T.M. Who Emailed Me For Reconciliation Work

If you are the person with the initials of T.M. who emailed me today regarding reconciliation work you need to email me from a different account. I tried replying to your email from 2 different email addresses and both were returned saying that your email address does not exist. I checked multiple times that I didn't make any mistake with your address. So there is something wrong with your email. Please email me again using a different email address.

Thank You.


Prayer Request For An American Hero

An American Hero needs our help.

Mark Taylor was a survivor of the Columbine tragedy. After the tragedy Taylor took it upon himself to find answers to the questions of why the shooters did what they did. Taylor quickly found out that we all have been lied to. Columbine had nothing to do with bullying, trench coat mafia, or people hating God and Christianity. Instead, it was about pedophilia and psychoactive drugs.

In January of 1998 the two shooters were arrested for breaking into a van. Taylor found out that the two claimed they were raped by police while in custody. Afterwards they were forced to see a psychiatrist and were forced to take the psychoactive SSRI drugs that have as a side-effect suicidal and homicidal thoughts and behavior. Taylor sued the drug companies and won! Because of him they were forced to put warning labels on the bottles. However there was a horrible price to pay for fighting for truth.

The police claimed that Mark Taylor threatened to blow up a Borders book store and had him institutionalized. The police claimed that Taylor wrote a letter saying he was going to blow up the store. According to Donna Taylor, Mark's mother, the police have never produced this letter. It is obvious to almost everyone who looks into this case that Taylor's institutionalization was done to discredit him, silence him and as punishment from the police who don't want the public to know about the truth of Columbine

Taylor has been pumped full of the same meds that he fought against. His health has deteriorated because of the drugs. When Mark Taylor is released and the guilty police officers brought to justice for their crimes, Taylor will have to undergo treatment to be weaned off of the medication. It's a very sad story concerning a real-life American hero.

If you could, check out his Facebook and spread the word. Taylor is now currently in a group home but is still forced to take meds.

Release Mark Taylor

Please keep Mark Taylor in your prayers.

Addendum: Please clear your mind of what you think you know about Columbine. For one, there is no such thing as "the trench coat mafia". Trench coats were in fashion at the time. In fact, they just started to become popular when I was a senior in High School. I knew several teens who wore them. The shooting was not about bullying and was not about hatred of Christians. All this stuff were myths propped up by mainstream media. The truth is that a judge sealed the important files and records for 25 years! That's on the level of the JFK assassination! For one, there were multiple shooters not just two. Second, the autopsy reports on the the two teens blamed for the tragedy are included in the info that was sealed by the judge. When and if those records are ever released most researchers are convinced that it will cast doubt that they killed themselves but were instead killed by someone else. The photo of them deceased itself casts doubt that they killed themselves. If you ask me, I would say the photo looks as if these kids were killed by a sharp-shooter working for law enforcement. However, it's possible that one of the other shooters involved in the incident killed them and made them the patsies. Third, it has been suggested that some of the victims were actually shot and killed by 'friendly fire' from police. Fourth, we don't even know how many people were injured and how many people were killed. Multiple researchers have proved that the "official" list of injured and dead is incorrect. There were multiple injured people who were never included in the list and there are missing people that are not included among the dead. Last, due to Mark Taylor and others we now know that the the two killers who were blamed for the tragedy claimed they were raped by police and then were forced to take SSRI meds which have as a side-effect, suicidal and homicidal thoughts and behavior. Columbine is a massive cover-up and the truth has not been revealed.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Weather Weirdness

We were supposed to get a white Christmas this year but instead only got a few patches of snow. Last night there was supposed to be a 10% chance of sleet. I woke up to discover it's a winter wonderland outside. LOL

I Have A Stalker

I wasn't going to post anything on this but I've been stalked online by a mentally ill woman for a few months now. Sometimes she lays low for a week or so and then starts back up again. It started on YouTube with countless comments and personal messages from multiple accounts accusing me of being some pastor in another state and accusing me of committing murder. Today this woman somehow found my other blog and began posting harassing comments which I've deleted. So this is a warning for my readers because she may find this blog as well. If you read any weird comments accusing me of crimes, it's going to be from her. If she ever threatens me I will call the police in a heartbeat.

Strangely, this is my second stalker. I've been cyber-harassed before by a group of people but a couple of years ago a man who allegedly was a private investigator stalked me for a while while accusing me of being a satanic witch and accused me of committing a string of human sacrifices. There are definitely nuts out there so everyone should be real careful online.

So just for the record, I do not know this woman. She is not a client. It's one of those 'out of the blue'-type things one would never even expect. She's just a very troubled person who thinks I'm someone else and thinks that I'm a child killer. She needs help but I'm in a position where I have to protect myself and so I'm letting my readers know just in case she finds this blog.

Thank You,


Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Can you believe it's Christmas Eve already? For me it seems like summer was just a few weeks past. And now it looks like in my area we will get a white Christmas, perhaps even another blizzard like we had back in 2009. Back then we had a blizzard on both Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve.

I would like to wish all of my readers a very wonderful Christmas and holiday season. Stay safe and be blessed!


Sunday, December 23, 2012


*Edited somewhat to try to avoid confusion.

I'm a bit down today. A thought has been on my mind all day. That thought or realization is that there are so few real or should I say pure root workers or conjure workers online. They all either mix-in other stuff or are associated with things that have nothing to do with conjure work. I've met a few nice people online, and they come oh-so-close to presenting the real deal but fall short of it. Perhaps it's just human nature or the short-comings of human nature but there is a huge difference between what is occurring online and in real life. And I know that some readers are going to read my words and think they agree but in reality they are following some of these people. It just saddens me. I use to think that the people could tell the difference between the actual tradition versus what has been mixed in but now I'm not so sure.

I met one lady who has some really good knowledge but she thinks it's 'Voodoo and she's not even from New Orleans'. And this woman grew up with conjure work, having several professional workers in her family. She's taught me some things, I've taught her a few things, etc. But she just can't shake the whole Voodoo thing and I'll just leave it at that because she's a really nice woman and a good person. Hopefully I can shake this feeling because I don't want it to weigh on my mind over the holidays.

The Incredible Shrinking 7 Day Candle

In the pics below I want to show people how these candles have shrunk with time. I bought the two novena candles for my momma back about 1992. I borrowed them so that people can see the size difference. The other two 7 day candles are of the type that can be purchased today. Note how much they have shrunk over the years. They have shrunken in both width and length. I actually had a conversation with an occult shop owner a few weeks back over this. I started laughing because I just assumed that people would think I was crazy or something if I complained about it but I was glad to know I was not the only person who has noticed it. I would really like for the manufacturers to return to the normal size candles but of course it's out of my hands. I just hope they don't continue to shrink much farther. Right now the dollar stores sell 7 day candles that are even smaller!

This Is What A Clean Burn Looks Like

For those who may have never seen a perfect or clean burn, here is a pic. Note how the candle glass is completely clear and there is no wax at the bottom. All the wax has burned off. This is the best sign when burning these 7 day glass candles.

Once again, I've shared this trick before but if you want to get more kick for your buck then you can reuse this glass. For example, this one is for money so you can put you a name paper or dollar bill or what not with your petition, say some rice, beans, pumpkin seeds, herbs, roots, an open safety pin, sugar, or whatever you feel led to place in there, pray over it and work it for longer. You can use it instead of a money pot and grow your money in it.

Jar Candles

I love jar candles. These are the types I like to use because they come in handy in a variety of ways. For one, you can fix them and burn them out in the open and nobody will be the wiser. Second, you can fix them and give them as gifts and the people you give them to will be none the wiser. Third, you can save the jar after the candle is burned and use it to store your roots, herbs, or what not.

As a tip I would say that if you are going to burn them for magical purposes you want to pick a color and/or scent that fits your situation. So the candle above is a strawberry/kiwi candle and if I were going to use it in work then I would probably use it for love.


Ever year for Christmas I splurge and buy myself a Christmas gift. I know that Christmas is about giving but I came from a family where I never really got anything other than thrift store toys and hand-me-downs. The excuse was that since I was the oldest I was supposed to sacrifice in order for my younger siblings to get what I never did. Ironically nothing has changed. All of my siblings are adults yet my parents continue to purchase gifts for them but I'm never included. So instead of getting enraged each year I simply do not purchase gifts for any of my family, save for the kids, and I buy me a present. This year I was able to purchase the complete set of Man, Myth and Magic: The Illustrated Encyclopedia of the Supernatural (1970). I fell in love with these books as a teen and I'm so excited I was able to purchase the whole set and for nearly nothing! I only paid $121.76, shipping included, for the entire set! In the past I was purchasing like a couple of books here and there and thought I would never be able to complete the set. And they are in almost perfect condition too. Not even a library sticker! If you are interested in the occult, paranormal, or supernatural, then these books are for you. The series was reprinted in 1995; however, the 1970 version is best. If you are interested Amazon still has a few sets for sale. They have both the 1970 and the 1995 sets available. Oh, and if you've never read these books before you will be surprised by how scholarly they are written. The authors aren't some self-taught experts but are instead highly educated. It's would make a wonderful gift.

If you are interested in purchasing the set then Amazon has a set available for $150, but you must act fast as the next lower priced one is $275.. If you are interested, click HERE

Keeping Favor With The Spirits

So I get a few emails on how people might keep the spirits happy and continue working with them. Some people have complained that a spirit will work for them at first and then for some reason will just stop. Now, spirits have minds and wills of their own and just because we may call upon them for help doesn't mean they have to agree to it. Sometimes they do say no. We must learn to listen to Spirit and it will tell us if they agree, do not agree, or if even if we are taking the wrong approach to the situation.

The number one way to keep the spirits happy is to talk to them. It seems that some people are treating spirits like a genie in the bottle and something they can just put on the shelf and take down when needed. That's not good at all! You talk to a spirit the same way you talk to a person. If you have good people skills then you should not have many problems developing a good relationship with the spirits. You do not use and abuse a spirit. They are not our wish-granting slaves. When we work with spirits they become a part of our lives. Some spirits like the saints can be petitioned on a temporary basis. Other spirits will need to become a part of your life and you talk to them and feed them on a regular basis. Tell them how your day went. Thank them for their presence and work they do for you.

The second easiest way to keep favor is to keep your promises to the spirits. Don't promise something you know you can't fulfill. Don't get caught up in the situation where you are making absurd promises to the spirit either. Most spirits do not require an arm and a leg to get the job done so keep your promises simple. Know what the spirit likes. Now, one of the tricks I use is to always give a little more than what I promised in order to leave a good impression. Now, occasionally I will get an email from someone saying they promised something to a spirit or saint but money is tight and they can't afford to keep the promise, so what do they do? Well, I would advise that when people approach the spirit with the problem that they let the spirit know that they will fulfill the promise as soon as they are able, as soon as they have the money, etc. Usually what will happen is that we find we suddenly get some money and that too is usually from the spirit so that we can keep our promise.

The third easiest thing is that when working with the ancestors that we tend to their graves. Very simple, indeed. Now, if for some reason you can't tend to their graves then you just keep your ancestor shrine, and in this case I'm talking about people who live across country or something. If you momma is buried down the street you should have no excuse for not going to tend to her grave. Now, a lot of people don't understand what is so important about tending to graves and visiting the departed. Most younger people know that the spirits are around us and they don't see a point in going to the grave and cleaning it, leaving gifts, and talking to our loved ones. The reason we do this is because of the older forms of Christianity where the dead are believed sleeping until the second coming. Most young people today usually believe that when we die we go straight to heaven but the Christianity of the past taught we slept until Jesus came back. You can believe what you want to believe, that's fine with me. I'm just trying to explain why actually tending the graves are important.

Very simple. Follow these three very easy things and you should have no problems.

  An offering to a spirit for healing work.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Cool Oil Storage Boxes

I normally make most of the oils I use in my work. However, I do have some commercial oils. In the past storing them was kind of difficult. I used to have this small brass box thing but the oils were too big for it and I couldn't close the lid. Then I just ended up storing them in an ugly cardboard box but it always bugged me. A couple of weeks ago I was at  the Dollar Tree and found some nice decorated tins that are not 'Christmasy'. I'm very pleased with them and found that by adding crumbled up tissue paper to the box it will prevent them from sliding around and falling over. If you are interested in getting some for yourself, check out your local store.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Digging Yourself Deeper Into The Hole

Times are tough and a lot of people feel like they've fallen into a hole and can't get out. I think pretty much everyone has felt this way at some point in their life. How we choose to respond to the situation will determine if we will make it out okay or not.

I get many emails from people expecting the most spectacular of miracles without having to leave the couch. For example, I get many emails from the unemployed and jobless who are desperate and who claim they are about to lose their home, family, etc. It always surprises me that a certain percentage of these people are making their situations far more worse by certain things they cling to. For example, it is common for people to complain about not being able to find a job in a chosen field. They will continue on this path until their whole lives are destroyed. When I ask them are they looking for employment in other fields they usually respond as if it was the most stupidest question ever asked. For example, someone my have horse-blinders on and are only focused on getting a nursing job to the point where their lives are being destroyed. So in these situations it's our behavior that is making the situation far more worse than it need be. In reality if a person is dead-set on only taking a job in a chosen field yet cannot find a job in that field in their area then the best course of action is to move. If that's not possible then the person needs to look for jobs in other areas or fields. Once you are stabilized and have money coming in then you can look for jobs in your chosen field if you prefer.

Another mistake that is very common is for people to not take care of problems and to let them build and to combine any number of problems into "one big problem". I get so many of this type of email that it would pointless to even attempt to count them. It's very common for people to ask for free work for their "problem" that turns out to be 22 problems they've just let go without trying to resolve and then lump everything together into one. You must take responsibility for your life. If you can't do that then conjure work is not going to be effective for you. We all have times when multiple problems hit us at once but the correct way to deal with multiple problems is to prioritize. Work on the most severe problem first and put the smaller problems on the back burner until you can handle them. You must never give up and simply throw your hands into the sky. You have to be strong and to persevere. Luckily life gives us the good and the bad, and eventually good times will return.

So then next time you think you've fallen into the pit remember that it's not time to simply give up. The problem is not that we've fallen into the hole. The problem is our actions that dig the hole deeper. If we can identify the actions that are not helping the situation and then avoid such actions then we will be closer to being free.

Shout Out For Momma Starr

I just wanted to take the time to publicly thank Momma Starr for doing healing work for my niece Jazmine during her medical ordeal. I was hitting healing work hard from my side, many readers were praying for her, and then Momma Starr offered to do some healing work. It was much appreciated.

So thank you Momma Starr. :)

Do check out Momma Starr's newly revised shop and radio show below. She has a new show coming up this Saturday!

Update On My Niece

My niece Jazmine has been released from the hospital. She's back home now. Her mouth is still in terrible shape and she's not healed yet but it's good that she's home now. She was in ICU for over 5 days.

I would like to take the time to thank everyone who prayed for her. I let her know that she had many people praying for her recovery and it helped her a lot. So, once again, thank you.


Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Clear Your Mind Of The Wicca Influence

I'm going to try to remain calm and polite in my communication. People are being infected with the Wicca world-view. The Wicca view on magic is not compatible with conjure work. The problem I have with Wiccans is they want to take conjure work and change it claim it as their own. They also like to present themselves as the elders of the magical community. They are newborns, not elders.

Even people who are not Wiccans are still being infected with the Wiccan view on magic. Take love work for example. If I had a dime for ever person who thinks that it's somehow wrong to do a "love spell" on someone then I would be a very wealthy man. It's nonsense people. Conjure work is about the real world, not this idealized fantasy world of Wicca. Right now there's this huge disconnect between what people do in their real life vs. what they do in their magical workings. There should be no difference. It makes no sense to claim that love work is wrong because it's manipulative when you are the type of person who will use any trick to get your man or woman. Getting a mate, regardless of whether even magic is involved, involves manipulation to an extant. And every single magical working you do involves manipulation. Anybody who tells you different is simply not being honest.

Another thing I'm sick to death of hearing is the dreaded, "left hand path". I've had more than one Wiccan refer to me as a practitioner of the "left hand path", assuming they believe they are the "right hand path". Such utter b.s. I'm not left hand. I'm not dedicated to evil. Instead, my morals and values are rooted in the real world. I do justified enemy work, emphasis on the justified. That doesn't mean I'm running around throwing curses at people at the drop of hat. That would be insane and a complete waste of my power. I choose my battles wisely and I don't sweat the small stuff.

So there's no such thing as magical karma, no such thing as the rule of three, or any of the other nonsense Wiccans like to push onto people. If you are infected by the Wiccan world view then you either need to just join Wicca and be happy or else cleanse your mind of it's influence because it's not compatible with conjure work at all. Because conjure work is older than Wicca by far and we deal with reality, not some wispy, ephemeral version of it. Conjure work is real-world solutions to real-world problems. If people actually lived the Wicca version, where nobody would ever dare of trying to even slightly manipulate other folks then nobody would be hooking up, no babies would be born, and people's lives would be falling apart. I'm sorry, but in my opinion Wicca does not give the tools, magically speaking, for people to live and prosper. Of course that's my opinion but people really need to remove all trace of the Wiccan view of magic or else just go be a Wiccan. You can't have both.

I Had To Turn Down A Client Today

I hate having to turn down clients but when Spirit tells me to do it, I have to. I communicated with a client on Friday who wanted break-up/reconciliation work. She promised to mail the payment with personal items Monday and them email me. Monday came and gone and I didn't hear from her, which is common among clients. Like it's just too damn hard to send an email explaining why you didn't mail it, ya know? LOL So I end up emailing her asking if she was okay, ran into some problems, etc. She emailed me back promptly and said she was fine and didn't run into any problems and would hopefully send it the next day, Tuesday. Tuesday came and went with no word from her. Tuesday night as I was getting in to bed Spirit told me, "cancel...she's not mature". I put it off thinking that maybe it was just my inner voice or something. Then tonight she emails me second guessing the work claiming that it would be manipulation of him to make him love her but that in the future she wanted to hire me for prosperity work. It was then I understood what Spirit was saying. She's not mature enough for the work and is not in the right mental place. So I just sent her an email letting her know that I would not take her on as a client for any work.

Let me be real blunt here. If you are the type of woman who will use every trick in the book to get your man yet you think that somehow using magic to get the man is wrong, then you are definitely not in the right mental place to be using magic at all. You're mind must be somewhere else, perhaps up in the clouds, but your mind and feet aren't planted here on the ground. Plus I'm really tired of clients who leave me hanging. LOL I don't know what it is about people these days. People seem to lack common courtesy. Hardly anybody says 'please' or 'thank you' anymore. Lots of people don't even try to hold doors for people. Crazy.

Update On My Niece

Saturday I posted on a prayer request for my niece, Jazmine. She's in the ICU and will remain there for some time. As an update I just wanted readers to know that she has been diagnosed with Pneumonia, a secondary viral infection that has taken over her mouth, lips, and tongue with blisters, and was today diagnosed with a mycoplasma infection that caused a rash on her body. The doctors also recorded several heart arrhythmias. She is unable to eat or drink but today they took her off of IV in an attempt to force her drink. They've been keeping her doped-up with the thought that if they could control the pain then she would eat but it's not working. So by taking her off IV they are going to force her to become uncomfortable in an attempt to get her to drink. I've been arguing with my family because her mother, my sister, and my mom think I'm trying to pressure her to eat too much but this is a case where what she needs is someone to put pressure on her to eat and not just baby her because she is sick. I know it hurts but she has got to eat. I know good and well that if she doesn't start to eat that they will put a feeding tube in her and she won't like it one bit. It will be painful and she won't be able to talk. However, my sister and mom don't seem to understand that you just can not go without eating for a week and expect to get better. She's only going to get weaker each day she doesn't eat and quite frankly I'm getting fed up with my sister and mom. But it's out of my hands for now. I'm really thinking about going over their heads and talking to doctors to see what can be done about getting her to eat or when they want to go the feeding tube route.

I'll keep everyone posted. Please continue praying for her.

Thank You,


Price Increase For 2013

I'm raising my prices on full complete work starting January 1, 2013. Starting January 1, 2013, non-enemy work will start at $200 and enemy work will start at $250. I am still keeping my discount on multiple works purchased at once. So for example, say a client wants break-up work and reconciliation work after January 1, 2013. With my discount for multiple works the total would be $350.

For those individuals who have received consultations from me but who have yet to send in payment, the only way to lock in the previous prices is for me to receive your payment before January 1, 2013. If you wait to send payment after January 1, 2013, then the new rates will apply.

I've kept the same prices on my full complete work for years now and unfortunately It's time for an increase. Thank you for understanding.

God Bless,


Addendum: Just to make this clear, you hire me as your conjure worker when I receive your payment, not when you first talk to me. Lots of people want to talk to me but don't send payment until days, weeks, or even months later. That's perfectly fine as I don't pressure my clients. They pay me when they chose to pay me. However, I need to clarify this. I don't save a spot for someone just because they talk to me. There are times when people must be put on a waiting list depending on when I receive payment. I am a 'first come, first served' worker. Meaning I work the cases in the order of the payments I receive, not in the order of who talked to me first.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Testimonial From A Client

Yesterday I gave a reading to Belinda (fake name). Below is what Belinda has to say about it. The 'xxx' are info that has been censored for anonymity.

----- Original Message -----
From: xxxx
Sent: 12/18/12 12:32 AM
Subject: Re: Thank You

Sure! That's fine & please do make it anonymous. ;-)

I had a reading with Doc (my 1st ever) and it really impressed me. I had only a few questions but with the little information that I gave, he was able to tell me things with the cards that were dead on. What I liked the most was that the reading was not weird, uncomfortable or suspect. We can be cynical in today's society, with people trying to scam and take advantage of you at every turn. This was not like that. It was very natural and progressed organically. Today's reading helped me to gain clarity on things that have been on my mind for a while about my family, friends and current situation. I will be back to get more info and will work on the things that were mentioned and am very excited to have been given a helping hand. Thanks Doc.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Testimony From A Client

I got an email from a client I will call "Shawna" (not her real name). Shawna hired me for reconciliation work back in late August/early September. The "xxx" represent info I've censored for anonymity purposes.

----- Original Message -----
From: xxx
Sent: 12/17/12 08:52 PM

Like i said earlier xxxx told xxxx that he ran into me at the club. He texted me today saying that he wants to see me. right now we r supposed to meet up friday. I'm so excited! I'll let you know how it went down. you were so right and it did surprise me how you said it would manifest. i wasnt even thinking about it at all and it just happened. so how do you think i should play it from here?


----- Original Message -----
From: xxxx
Sent: 12/17/12 08:59 PM

yes, you can use it. don't use my real name tho. what I really like about you doc is that you are so honest. u don't play games and you know how to treat people. i know i drove you nuts with all my questions but you were the first root wroker i've ever hired and id din't know what to expect. i still want to work on that other thing i told you about so i'll be in touch maybe in jan. thank you so much!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Conjure Coaching

I get so many emails from people wanting me to teach them stuff to do on their own that it's taking up far too much of my time and it's putting a serious drain on my life and personal time. From now on I am officially offering conjure coaching at the cost of $100 for 1 hour of phone time. After receiving payment I will email the client to set up a date and time that is best for them.

If you are interested in conjure coaching you can send me an email to:



Crazy Casino Night

So I went to the casino last night. It was one of the craziest nights I've had at the casino. I walked in with $65. I put $20 in the machine and would win anywhere from $30 -$60 and kept playing on that all night. So I only spent $20 all night. Then about 1:30 am I hit a good hit of $375.  This was followed by another hit of $150. I eventually get up to about $560 and decided I would play up to $100 more and would call it a night. Of that $100 I got down to $3 and won 100 free spins on a $1 bet! I've NEVER done that before. It was on the King of Africa slot machine. The bonus symbol is a mask. So usually you get three masks and get 10 free spins, 4 masks will get you 25 free spins and 5 masks will give you 100 free spins. I guess a lot of people have never seen someone get 100 free spins before so this crowd started to form around me. For some reason I just knew that I would get a hand-pay, where the money won goes over a certain limit and you have to pay taxes on it. But I guess I was sorely mistaken. Almost all of the 100 free spins were waste spins. I ended up only winning $160 from that 100 free spins. I was so pissed. LOL

King of Africa Slot Machine

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Prayer Request

If any of my readers would take the time to say a quick prayer for my niece then it would be much appreciated. She was admitted into ICU today and they are keeping her for three days. They don't know what's wrong but they think she may have TB and are testing her. She's only 13 and I'm starting to think that something else is going on because she's been having a lot of medical troubles of late. I'm wondering if someone is throwing at me and she is getting hit by mistake. Last year she started complaining of fainting and heart troubles. She's still having issues with that and has had a heart monitor. A few weeks ago she had a pain in her knee and the doctor's discovered something on x-tray that made them suspect it was bone cancer. It turned out to be a bone cyst. Now she's been coughing for a week, fatigue, and woke up with all these bleeding sores in her mouth. So she was taken to the emergency room early this morning. This is way too many medical problems for a 13 year-old kid so I'm going to hit some work for her hard and strong. If you could say a prayer for her I would much appreciate it. If you want to set a light for her it would be much appreciated as well. Her name is Jazmine.

Thank You.


Friday, December 14, 2012

'Deals From The Darkside' = Fake Nkondi

I'm currently watching an episode of Syfy's "Deals From The Darkside", where a collector travels around purchasing weird and strange items. What makes me blog on this is that I previously blogged on how most Nkondi for sale are fakes. On the show they had two women who wanted $2500 for a very large Nkondi which they claim dates back to the 1800s. In my previous blog I mentioned how I wanted one even though I know they are all fake. Well, the guy turned it down because he said $2500 was too much, but that's the problem! It's not too much. If it was a genuine Nkondi it would cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, not just $2500! So he did the right thing by turning it down because it's obviously fake.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Today is 12/12/12!

Feeling wacky today? 12/12/12 is a very special day. In fact, it's the last repeating number date this century! We've already gone through the remaining repeating number dates, 01/01/01, 02/02/02, 03/03/03, 04/04/04, etc.. Isn't it amazing that we are alive at this time to experience these odd dates?

According to numerologists, today is a good day for luck to smile upon you. It's also a good day for energy. I'm not a numerologist but 12/12/12 also breaks down to 3/3/3/ or 3x3, which is 9, a power number.

Wishing you luck on this strange day!

12/12/12 Is A Good Day, Say Astrologers; A Calendar Quirk Say Scientists

What You Need To Know When Crossing Someone Up

I recently had to cross someone up. It was a situation where I was just going to originally let it go and just cut the person out of my life. However, this person decided they were going to brag to nearly everyone who would listen on how they screwed me over. So people started trickling in to me telling me of how this person thinks it's so funny what they did to me. So I decided they needed to learn what a conjure worker can do and I crossed 'em good.. Within a week this person broke their finger and it swelled up to the size of a pickle. Breaking the finger also caused this person to miss a very important event they were supposed to attend. So I'm pleased with the outcome.

The point of me writing this is that even though I've gotten my revenge this person has no clue that I crossed them up. When you literally have to cross someone up you need to do it with the knowledge that, 1.) you may not hear of the work manifesting, and 2.) the person likely won't put two-and-two together and know this is because of what they did to you. Unless you want to go the route and tell the person that you crossed them up. I don't go that way but if that's your taste, power to you.

One more thing, I strongly advise people to not push for more than what is just. That's why I prefer a general crossing work because it's not that specific and pretty much is up to God/The Universe, as to how it manifests.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Strange Casino Story

So I went to the casino last night. I had some very strange experiences. For example, I hit $175 and then the screen just went black. I won it on like the 6th or 7th spin of a bonus 10 free spins. I started freaking out because the casnion employees are like never there when you need them. They tend to only come around when everything's fine. So I had to track one down. They had to reboot the machine and it took like 30 minutes to come back up. So I asked about if I still get my win and about the bonus spins and was told that it depends on the machine, that some machines will keep the wins but that you loose any remaining bonus spins but that in other machines the bonus starts over. I was so scared! So after 30 minutes it starts up again and my bonus starts over again! I was so pissed thinking I just lost my $175 win. Well, guess what? The bonus started over but it went through the exact same thing and still gave me the $175 bonus. So what does that tell us? It tells us that the machine has EVERYTHING predertermined. I was pretty 'wowed' by that thought.

Another weird thing is that I hit jackpot on the King of Africa slot, one of my fave slots to play. Jackpot is when you get all lions (5 reels). This is the 4th time I've hit jackpot on this machine. But don't you know each and everytime has been on a 20 cent bet! LOL I cycle through my bets, from $1 to 20 cents. I tend not to bet higher than a dollar. Each time I've hit the jackpot it has always been on a 20 cent bet! LOL So I'm thinking of doing some uncrossing work before going to the casino next.

The final weird thing is that I won 34 free spins twice and 25 free spins twice. On King of Afria, if you get 3 masks you get a 10 spin bonus. If you get 4 masks you get a 25 spin bonus. Plus on the bonus you have chances of retriggering and getting more bonuses. On each of these bonuse I didn't win more than $10. I do not get excited when I win more than the normal 10 spin bonus. For me, I take it as a sign I won't win much. The reason being is that when I do hit big on the bonus spins it's almost always on the normal 10 spin bonus. Almost everytime I win more than 10 free spins I usually don't get much.

This video below is of course not mine but I do think it was shot at the same casino I usually go to.

Problem Clients

This will be one of my blog entries where I 'talk shop'. For professional conjure workers problem clients are of great concern. Unfortunately there are categories of clients that often get incorrectly lumped together under the problem client header. So in this blog entry I will introduce the various groups or categories of clients that often get incorrectly listed as problem clients as well as address my opinions on what exactly a problem client is. This information will be really useful for new professional conjure workers who may be starting out.

1.) High-Maintenance Clients

Clients who are high-maintenance can be a burden at times but I do not consider them to be problem clients. A high-maintenance client will typically email me multiple times a day and require constant reassurance. The key with dealing with high-maintenance clients is skill called patience. A professional conjure worker without patience will likely not last as there are so many high-maintenance clients. They are very numerous. The key thing to remember when dealing with a high-maintenance client is to weigh their current and previous hirings of your work. So for example, if you have a repeat client who has hired your services on multiple occasion, then of course you are going to be extremely patient with them. However, say you have a client who has only purchased one setting of light or candle burning (I charge $30), yet is completely over-demanding of your time and energy then of course you need to nip it in the bud. One way to deal with high-maintenance clients who are not repeat clients is to learn when to reply to emails and when not to reply to emails. High-maintenance clients will often send emails that do not require a reply. They may be just letting you know how their day went or of a specific thing that happened, so the worker can judge if the email should be replied to. Another thing that high-maintenance clients will do is ask the same question over and over again. The key thing to remember about this is that they are really not wanting the answer, rather the communication. So the worker can reply with something like, 'please check your past messages as I've previously answered the questions in depth'. That way the client will still get the communication to satisfy them while at the same time you aren't put into a position where you have to constantly repeat yourself. A third tactic in dealing with high-maintenance clients is to let them know when you are leaving, stepping out, or even going out for the night. Because the high-maintenance client is already sending you multiple emails a day, so by replying and letting the client know that say tonight you will be going out for the evening and won't be able to answer emails then this will help stay off any problems that may develop from the client who may think that you are ignoring them. Now, when dealing with clients who have only purchased a small service, such as a setting of light, yet are over-demanding of your time and energy, then the key thing is to remain honest and open. I dont' mean be blunt. Instead, I mean to honestly communicate with the client what exactly that small service is/was and what they can expect from you the worker. For example, when people hire me for simple candle-burning I am upfront in letting the client know that I do not answer questions from them, that I do not send pictures of the burn, rather that when the burn is complete I will then email them the outcome of the burn. Most importantly, I let the client know that candle setting is not the same thing as a complete work. Should the client want more of my time and energy then I am upfront and honest with them and let them know they need to purchase a full complete work in which I do all of the things they are wanting, such as answering questions, sending pictures, and availing far more of myself to the client.

2.) "Freebie" Clients

Freebie clients are clients who may purchase a reading, a setting of lights, or even a complete full work and then from there on out they operate on this assumption that since they paid for a service in the past then from here on out the worker should just give them all kinds of freebies, such as free readings, free setting of lights, free work, etc. Like with high-maintenance clients I likewise do not consider freebie clients to be problem clients. Freebie clients just require patience and you simple have to put your foot down and politely let them know that if they want a reading, a candle setting, a full work, etc., then they need to pay for it. Of course you have to weigh previous purchases of the client to determine if you should or should not give a freebie. I admit in the past I have given freebies to paying clients but I feel I'm good at judging the situation and I'm definitely not afraid of letting the client know they need to purchase a service when I feel that's what is required.

3.) Nit-Pickers

Nit-pickers have this obsession with the work and they will question even the smallest detail. Again, patience is required. A good tactic to use with nit-pickers is to let them know before they hire your services that you will not go into detail with regards to the specifics of what work was done. For example, I tell my clients that they can get a good idea what I did from looking at the pictures I send them after the work is complete but that I will not go into depth with them as to a step-by-step of what I did for the work. Because my role is not the role of a teacher. I'm not teaching my clients. I'm being hired for conjure work and conjure work is what I do for my clients.

4.) "No-Hear-Ums"

"No-hear-ums" are clients who pay for the work and then never check in. If you send them emails they either do not reply or reply days, even a week later. No-hear-ums are not problem clients. However, I prefer my clients regularly check in with me. It worries me when someone pays for work but never checks in.

5.) Liars/Cons

Liars/Cons are all the same, male or female, young or old. They go from worker to worker trying to get free work while promising they will be sending in payment. I personally think they lie because they think it will cause the worker to go ahead and do something for them for free. For example, liars/cons will email me asking for a free work for money while stating that "next week" they will hire me for a full work. Of course they never do send payment for a full work because they are nothing but liars/cons. They always have sad stories but the key thing is they promise to send payment for full work only in an attempt to get the worker to do free work for them. Liars/cons are abundant. They're everywhere. A conjure worker must learn to recognize them and learn how to deal with them. When I'm dealing with a liar/con, I NEVER do a free full work for them. Instead, I only offer to set a free light (tea-light) for their situation. That way I'm never out more than a few cents. I recommend all new professional conjure workers do a similar thing. Remember, liars/cons are choosing deception to get a free work. They dont' have to use deception. I don't know about you but I do not reward deception.

6.) Mentally Ill Clients

It's very rare that I suspect a client may be mentally ill. However, it has happened. The key thing is to look for warning signs before you take on the client. It's far easier to stave off problems by rejecting mentally ill clients than by taking them on and risk problems. I will give that a very big clue that a client may be mentally ill is if they complain of spiritual attack by voices telling them to harm themselves or other people. Another common one is the belief they are demon-possessed or that a loved-on is possessed. I'm not saying there is no demonic possession. Instead, I'm urging caution when faced with people who claim to be possessed or to hear voices urging for violent or destructive behavior. Now, when dealing with a client you may suspect is mentally ill never actually ask them if they are mentally ill. Instead, just ask them what medication they are on. Most of the time this will not offend them and they will usually then spout off a list of meds. That way you can explain to the client that it may be a problem with the meds or that they need to go to the doctor to have the meds adjusted. Another thing to be on the look out for is schizophrenia. Schizophrenia for some reason generally occurs in people in their early 20s. So a person may be fine as a child or teen and then begin to exhibit symptoms around age 20 or so that may concern loved ones. If you suspect a person may be schizophrenic you cannot diagnose them as such. It would be very wrong to attempt to diagnose a mental illness. Instead, refer the loved one or person to a medical professional. Another thing to keep in mind is that in the elderly certain signs may be cause to suspect dementia, Alzheimer's, or even a stroke. So keep that in mind as well. Even diseases such as diabities may be incorrectly percieved by people so it's always important to educate yourself on the symptoms and to ask the person to seek medical attention.

7.) "Guru-Seekers" And Name-Droppers

Guru-seekers and name-droppers are not problem clients. However, they just don't understand the purpose of conjure work. Hoodoo/rootwork/conjure is not about becoming famous and gathering a following. Instead, it's about helping people and putting them back in control of their lives. Many people are on autopilot with regard to the lives. Instead of being in the driver's seat they are in the passenger seat or in the back seat and many don't want to be in control of their lives. Because if you are not in control of your life and something goes wrong, then you can always blame someone else. It's harder to take responsibility for one's own actions. I hate to say it but it's very doubtful that a guru-seeker and name-dropper can be helped because most of them don't want to be in control. Lots of them just chase fads and personalities.

8.) Perfect Clients

I admit that perfect clients are rare. A perfect client is a client who pays you on time as they claim, not give a run around, or a client who lets you know why they will be paying late. If I only had a dime for every client who claims they are sending payment the next day only to not do so and leave me hanging. A perfect client will check in on the work, will ask questions, and most importantly will follow instructions. Conjure workers lover perfect clients because the process is so positive and smooth. I'll let my readers know a little secret. If you are a perfect client you stand a good chance of getting freebies because your worker LOVES perfect clients and would love to keep you as a client. So how do you become a perfect client? I can't speak for other workers but one my pet peeves is people who email me stating they are sending payment tomorrow but never do. Then they leave me hanging as to whether or not they have changed their minds. Look, if you changed your mind or if problems come up. please let me know. Don't leave me hanging. So how can one become a perfect client? First of all, keep your word. If you say you are sending payment the next day then do it or at the very least email the worker and explain why you can't. Keep in communication with your worker. Ask questions. retain a positive attitude. If you can do these small things then you are on the path of being a perfect client.

9.) Actual Problem Clients

I've only had one problem client. It was years ago. So what exactly is a problem client? A problem client is a hostile client who is very argumentative with the worker. A problem client second-guesses everything the worker says or does. A problem client doesn't follow instructions, believing they know best. In fact, a lot of problem clients will try to boss around the worker and tell them what they are going to do! A problem client will try to stir up drama or cause a war between workers, pitting them against each other. A problem client is a drama queen who gets off on causing chaos. Problem clients are the complete opposite of perfect clients. For example, a perfect client will have a positive attitude. A problem client will be negative all the way. The process is never smooth with a problem client. Problem clients tend to lie to conjure workers. The thing about problem clients is that they often wear a false face. So a conjure worker may not realize the person is a problem client until after they have already taken on the case. However, rest assured that when a conjure worker has made up their mind that they would never take on the client again in the future that it's because it was a problem client. As I stated above, I've only had one problem client. I used it as a learning experience and now consider myself good at weeding them out. For new conjure workers, learning the warning signs of a problem client are a must. I don't care how much the person is willing to pay. It's not worth it. A problem client can become a thorn in your side for years and it can spill over into them slandering you online or even stalking and harassing you. The number one thing to be on the look out for is hostility. Even though I've only had one problem client I get requests from problem clients all the time. I've only worked for one problem client and from then on out I was able to recognize the warning signs so that I don't have to put up with their shit. So the number one warning sign that a person is a problem client is that they will be hostile, argumentative, and will put you down in their initial email to you wanting to hire you! Back in October I received an email from a woman who was a problem client. She wanted to hire me for reconciliation work. In her email she was very bitter, used foul language, argued over my prices even though they are very reasonable, and called me a fraud "like the rest of them", but that she would "give me a chance" despite that. That whole email screamed that she was a problem client and would only bring pain and suffering to me. So I didn't even reply back to her. Trust me, if you are a new conjure worker you must learn to spot the problem clients and cut them off. I don't care how much they are willing to pay because they will only cause you problems, hence the term, 'problem client'.

Friday, December 7, 2012

I Really Need To Stop Googling 'Hoodoo'

It seems like every time I do I come across something that greatly disappoints me. Despite all that I've written, all that Momma Starr and others have written, people still write all kinds of nonsense online. They're even making videos on YouTube of incorrect stuff. Hoodoo/rootwork/conjure work is so unbelievably simple a concept that I just don't understand why people can't get it. I want to keep this short because I don't want to come across as being this angry blogger, but there's a reason why I steer clear of the Internet hoodoo crowd. I'm just a conjure worker, not a Wicca/Druid/Voodou/Santeria/Palo/Buddhist/Reiki Master who has now picked conjure work to add to the list. I don't work with the lwa or the orisha. I don't read auras or cleanse chakras. I don't cast circles or worship the goddess. I'm a conjure worker.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Fake Nkondi Who Helped Me Win $100 At The Casino

So the other day I was browsing eBay and found this listing for a nkondi. A nkondi, a.k.a. "nail fetish", is a type of nkisi or fetish which serves as a dwelling of a spirit in the beliefs of the Congo peoples. When the nkisi is in the form of a carved human figure it is called a nkondi. Westerners tend to call them "nail fetishes" since circa the 1800s the Congo people began to hammer nails into the statues in order to enrage the nkondi and get them to work faster. Nkondi protect individuals or communities from witchcraft, illness, and evil by spiritually attacking the evil doers. However, the problem is that almost every single nkondi sold today is a fake. The 'real deal' date back to the mid-to-late 1800s and very early 1900s. After circa 1920 the Congo peoples began to mass produce them specifically for sale to white people, meaning they aren't made in the traditional manner and were never used to guard a family or community. The real deal can cost thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars. I've seen real ones sell for like $90,000.00 to $200.000.00.

Right now there are many nkondi for sale on eBay. Some of them are listed at hundreds of dollars to a few thousand. Let the buy beware. All of them are fake. There is even one current listing where the seller states that the nkondi has been identified via pictures by a Christies auctioneer. Don't believe it, 'cause it ain't true. Appraisals can only be made in person, never via pictures. All the auctioneer did was to "identify" it, not appraise it and not assert a value to it. Yet many ignorant people are placing bids for hundreds of dollars on it. Sad. There are two types of fake nkondi being sold. Those two types are ones created in the Congo region and ones created in other places around the world. If you are going to purchase a fake nkondi you should at least purchase those made in the Congo region.

Anyway, I knew from the beginning that the nkondi I wanted to purchase was a fake even though the seller never listed it as a fake piece which according to eBay rules they are supposed to do. I wanted it for it's artistic value. Here is the piece below.

So I went to the casino last night. I only brought $50 with me. Before I got out of my car and went inside I spoke to myself out loud (in my car) that if the nkondi gave me a win of at least a $100 I would purchase this statue. So I go inside. I end up playing almost all night. I would get down to a few dollars and then win like $60 or $70 which kept me playing. I hopped several machines. Finally at 3:15 am and with only $30 left I was thinking of calling it a night. However, I decided to try one more machine. It was the King of Africa machine. Within 10 minutes I hit all 5 rows of lions, what is considered jackpot. I've done this before. Once again it was only a 20 cent bet but I won a little over a $100. Then it dawned on me the promise I made. Then it dawned on me the machine I was on, "King of Africa". LOL. So I thought it was a sure thing! I placed my max bid on the nkondi as to keep my promise and with 2 seconds left of the auction someone outbid me. I was so mad. However, looking back I'm glad because all of the bidders were "private listings", which usually means sellers and unfortunately they are often suspected of being the seller under different accounts trying to drum up more money for the listing. So I ended up not winning the nkondi but that's okay because it was fake. That's my weirdly false-synchronitic tale.

So, if you take away anything from reading this blog entry then just realize that all nkondi sold for a few hundred or a few thousand dollars or less are all fakes. The real deal are very expensive.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Testimony From A Client - "Sandy" (Break-Up Work & Reconciliation Work)

The following is from a client who I will refer to as 'Sandy'. That is not her real name of course and she didn't want me to use just her first initial. Sandy hired me for break-up work and reconciliation work. When Sandy hired me she and her ex had been fighting non-stop. He was actually pretty nasty to her. But Sandy knew she wanted him back. This is what Sandy has to say. The 'xxxx' represent info that I had to censor to retain anonymity.

----- Original Message -----
From: xxxxx
Sent: 12/01/12 03:11 PM
Subject: Re: Picture

So.. Today I woke up to a missed call and a text saying "u suck" lol. Well when I finally talked to him he wanted me to talk to him. Which felt good.. Then.. This may get But he wanted me to talk "dirty" to him.. So yea lol. We talked for a while and the way he was talking just kinda made it seem like he was missing me.. Yes intimately but also cause he was talking about wanting my warm body against his and looking at my face.. So what do u think about this? I'm not obsessing over it but I am happy about it. Even tho I would rather it be in person.. Lol

Sent from my iPhone

Sandy went on to send me this after I asked her if I could post it on my blog....

----- Original Message -----
From: xxxx
Sent: 12/01/12 06:03 PM
Subject: Re: Picture

Yes u can post it.. U can use an alternative name..

Also since hiring you I have not doubted your work.. I've been impressed with everything I've experienced..I love that you actually communicate with me! I'm so happy that I'm seeing the results whether they be big or small! This has definitely been a great experience and I'm looking forward to working with you in the future.. I would definitely recommend you to anyone I know who needs help, cause you've helped me and taught me patience and to be positive in the short time I've known you! Thank you so much. I am excited to see further results from my reconciliation work!

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