Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Clear Your Mind Of The Wicca Influence

I'm going to try to remain calm and polite in my communication. People are being infected with the Wicca world-view. The Wicca view on magic is not compatible with conjure work. The problem I have with Wiccans is they want to take conjure work and change it claim it as their own. They also like to present themselves as the elders of the magical community. They are newborns, not elders.

Even people who are not Wiccans are still being infected with the Wiccan view on magic. Take love work for example. If I had a dime for ever person who thinks that it's somehow wrong to do a "love spell" on someone then I would be a very wealthy man. It's nonsense people. Conjure work is about the real world, not this idealized fantasy world of Wicca. Right now there's this huge disconnect between what people do in their real life vs. what they do in their magical workings. There should be no difference. It makes no sense to claim that love work is wrong because it's manipulative when you are the type of person who will use any trick to get your man or woman. Getting a mate, regardless of whether even magic is involved, involves manipulation to an extant. And every single magical working you do involves manipulation. Anybody who tells you different is simply not being honest.

Another thing I'm sick to death of hearing is the dreaded, "left hand path". I've had more than one Wiccan refer to me as a practitioner of the "left hand path", assuming they believe they are the "right hand path". Such utter b.s. I'm not left hand. I'm not dedicated to evil. Instead, my morals and values are rooted in the real world. I do justified enemy work, emphasis on the justified. That doesn't mean I'm running around throwing curses at people at the drop of hat. That would be insane and a complete waste of my power. I choose my battles wisely and I don't sweat the small stuff.

So there's no such thing as magical karma, no such thing as the rule of three, or any of the other nonsense Wiccans like to push onto people. If you are infected by the Wiccan world view then you either need to just join Wicca and be happy or else cleanse your mind of it's influence because it's not compatible with conjure work at all. Because conjure work is older than Wicca by far and we deal with reality, not some wispy, ephemeral version of it. Conjure work is real-world solutions to real-world problems. If people actually lived the Wicca version, where nobody would ever dare of trying to even slightly manipulate other folks then nobody would be hooking up, no babies would be born, and people's lives would be falling apart. I'm sorry, but in my opinion Wicca does not give the tools, magically speaking, for people to live and prosper. Of course that's my opinion but people really need to remove all trace of the Wiccan view of magic or else just go be a Wiccan. You can't have both.


  1. Wicca is like any other religion... they just have to find a way to limit their followers and judge others

    1. The weird thing is that even people who are not Wiccans are still operating under the Wicca view of magic, which is strange. It is very common for instance for clients to ask me if say break-up work will come back on them times three. One client even asked me if will come back on her times ten! Wiccans and conjure workers have different world views, not just the religion aspect. We have different views on "magic" for example.