Sunday, December 16, 2012

Crazy Casino Night

So I went to the casino last night. It was one of the craziest nights I've had at the casino. I walked in with $65. I put $20 in the machine and would win anywhere from $30 -$60 and kept playing on that all night. So I only spent $20 all night. Then about 1:30 am I hit a good hit of $375.  This was followed by another hit of $150. I eventually get up to about $560 and decided I would play up to $100 more and would call it a night. Of that $100 I got down to $3 and won 100 free spins on a $1 bet! I've NEVER done that before. It was on the King of Africa slot machine. The bonus symbol is a mask. So usually you get three masks and get 10 free spins, 4 masks will get you 25 free spins and 5 masks will give you 100 free spins. I guess a lot of people have never seen someone get 100 free spins before so this crowd started to form around me. For some reason I just knew that I would get a hand-pay, where the money won goes over a certain limit and you have to pay taxes on it. But I guess I was sorely mistaken. Almost all of the 100 free spins were waste spins. I ended up only winning $160 from that 100 free spins. I was so pissed. LOL

King of Africa Slot Machine

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