Thursday, December 20, 2012

Digging Yourself Deeper Into The Hole

Times are tough and a lot of people feel like they've fallen into a hole and can't get out. I think pretty much everyone has felt this way at some point in their life. How we choose to respond to the situation will determine if we will make it out okay or not.

I get many emails from people expecting the most spectacular of miracles without having to leave the couch. For example, I get many emails from the unemployed and jobless who are desperate and who claim they are about to lose their home, family, etc. It always surprises me that a certain percentage of these people are making their situations far more worse by certain things they cling to. For example, it is common for people to complain about not being able to find a job in a chosen field. They will continue on this path until their whole lives are destroyed. When I ask them are they looking for employment in other fields they usually respond as if it was the most stupidest question ever asked. For example, someone my have horse-blinders on and are only focused on getting a nursing job to the point where their lives are being destroyed. So in these situations it's our behavior that is making the situation far more worse than it need be. In reality if a person is dead-set on only taking a job in a chosen field yet cannot find a job in that field in their area then the best course of action is to move. If that's not possible then the person needs to look for jobs in other areas or fields. Once you are stabilized and have money coming in then you can look for jobs in your chosen field if you prefer.

Another mistake that is very common is for people to not take care of problems and to let them build and to combine any number of problems into "one big problem". I get so many of this type of email that it would pointless to even attempt to count them. It's very common for people to ask for free work for their "problem" that turns out to be 22 problems they've just let go without trying to resolve and then lump everything together into one. You must take responsibility for your life. If you can't do that then conjure work is not going to be effective for you. We all have times when multiple problems hit us at once but the correct way to deal with multiple problems is to prioritize. Work on the most severe problem first and put the smaller problems on the back burner until you can handle them. You must never give up and simply throw your hands into the sky. You have to be strong and to persevere. Luckily life gives us the good and the bad, and eventually good times will return.

So then next time you think you've fallen into the pit remember that it's not time to simply give up. The problem is not that we've fallen into the hole. The problem is our actions that dig the hole deeper. If we can identify the actions that are not helping the situation and then avoid such actions then we will be closer to being free.

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