Monday, December 10, 2012

Strange Casino Story

So I went to the casino last night. I had some very strange experiences. For example, I hit $175 and then the screen just went black. I won it on like the 6th or 7th spin of a bonus 10 free spins. I started freaking out because the casnion employees are like never there when you need them. They tend to only come around when everything's fine. So I had to track one down. They had to reboot the machine and it took like 30 minutes to come back up. So I asked about if I still get my win and about the bonus spins and was told that it depends on the machine, that some machines will keep the wins but that you loose any remaining bonus spins but that in other machines the bonus starts over. I was so scared! So after 30 minutes it starts up again and my bonus starts over again! I was so pissed thinking I just lost my $175 win. Well, guess what? The bonus started over but it went through the exact same thing and still gave me the $175 bonus. So what does that tell us? It tells us that the machine has EVERYTHING predertermined. I was pretty 'wowed' by that thought.

Another weird thing is that I hit jackpot on the King of Africa slot, one of my fave slots to play. Jackpot is when you get all lions (5 reels). This is the 4th time I've hit jackpot on this machine. But don't you know each and everytime has been on a 20 cent bet! LOL I cycle through my bets, from $1 to 20 cents. I tend not to bet higher than a dollar. Each time I've hit the jackpot it has always been on a 20 cent bet! LOL So I'm thinking of doing some uncrossing work before going to the casino next.

The final weird thing is that I won 34 free spins twice and 25 free spins twice. On King of Afria, if you get 3 masks you get a 10 spin bonus. If you get 4 masks you get a 25 spin bonus. Plus on the bonus you have chances of retriggering and getting more bonuses. On each of these bonuse I didn't win more than $10. I do not get excited when I win more than the normal 10 spin bonus. For me, I take it as a sign I won't win much. The reason being is that when I do hit big on the bonus spins it's almost always on the normal 10 spin bonus. Almost everytime I win more than 10 free spins I usually don't get much.

This video below is of course not mine but I do think it was shot at the same casino I usually go to.

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