Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Testimonial From A Client

Yesterday I gave a reading to Belinda (fake name). Below is what Belinda has to say about it. The 'xxx' are info that has been censored for anonymity.

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Sure! That's fine & please do make it anonymous. ;-)

I had a reading with Doc (my 1st ever) and it really impressed me. I had only a few questions but with the little information that I gave, he was able to tell me things with the cards that were dead on. What I liked the most was that the reading was not weird, uncomfortable or suspect. We can be cynical in today's society, with people trying to scam and take advantage of you at every turn. This was not like that. It was very natural and progressed organically. Today's reading helped me to gain clarity on things that have been on my mind for a while about my family, friends and current situation. I will be back to get more info and will work on the things that were mentioned and am very excited to have been given a helping hand. Thanks Doc.

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