Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Update On My Niece

Saturday I posted on a prayer request for my niece, Jazmine. She's in the ICU and will remain there for some time. As an update I just wanted readers to know that she has been diagnosed with Pneumonia, a secondary viral infection that has taken over her mouth, lips, and tongue with blisters, and was today diagnosed with a mycoplasma infection that caused a rash on her body. The doctors also recorded several heart arrhythmias. She is unable to eat or drink but today they took her off of IV in an attempt to force her drink. They've been keeping her doped-up with the thought that if they could control the pain then she would eat but it's not working. So by taking her off IV they are going to force her to become uncomfortable in an attempt to get her to drink. I've been arguing with my family because her mother, my sister, and my mom think I'm trying to pressure her to eat too much but this is a case where what she needs is someone to put pressure on her to eat and not just baby her because she is sick. I know it hurts but she has got to eat. I know good and well that if she doesn't start to eat that they will put a feeding tube in her and she won't like it one bit. It will be painful and she won't be able to talk. However, my sister and mom don't seem to understand that you just can not go without eating for a week and expect to get better. She's only going to get weaker each day she doesn't eat and quite frankly I'm getting fed up with my sister and mom. But it's out of my hands for now. I'm really thinking about going over their heads and talking to doctors to see what can be done about getting her to eat or when they want to go the feeding tube route.

I'll keep everyone posted. Please continue praying for her.

Thank You,


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