Thursday, January 31, 2013

YAY!!! I Finally Found A Video On An Oklahoma Accent

It took me forever to find one. Almost all the videos on YouTube that say, "Oklahoma Accent", are of people who don't have an Oklahoma accent! Now, not only does this woman look like my sister but she has an Oklahoma accent. It's not strong but you can get the point.

Just so people know, my grandma used to say that when it's raining outside while the sun is shining that the devil is beating his wife. So that's what that question was getting at. I guess it's not being passed down? (FYI: Shopping carts were invented in Oklahoma, same as parking meters!)

Eastern North Carolina Accent

A reader liked my posts on Southern accents and sent me this link to an Eastern North Carolina accent so people can learn the difference.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Inside Edition - Man Burned With Florida Water

I was just watching Inside Edition and they had a story of a magician and his wife who were in a foreign country and they were invited to do magic tricks by a t.v. host. Well, the magician didn't know what was going on but the host poured Florida Water on him and set his head on fire. The narrator on Inside Edition said that Florida Water is used in "Voodoo rites" and the host later claimed that he was giving the magician a "blessing". Strange.

If you ask me the host probably thought the magician was doing black magic and tried to do an exorcism on him against his well. If I can find video on it I will post it.

Edit: A found a version of it.

How To Eat Grits

Grits are a classic Southern food. A lot of people from elsewhere don't know how to eat them. So I thought I would give a few pointers.

The thing to keep in mind is that what meal you eat grits for will determine how you fix them. For example, when cooking grits for breakfast most people like to put butter, sugar, and some milk in them. When cooking them for supper you might put some butter in them but you are going to use salt and pepper and other things like cheese in them. You can also use grits like rice and have a bed of grits with other stuff on top of it.

Personally, I tend to only eat grits for breakfast but I actually prefer stuff like cream of wheat or malt-o-meal to grits. I also shy away from oatmeal save for the instant variety. I have a lot of bad memories of "snot" oatmeal growing up.

Southern Speak

I found these videos and I about died laughing. Yep, it's good. And yes, Southerners don't all sound the same. Folks from other places think we all sound like Paula Dean but it's not true. She's typical Georgian, but each region of the South has it's own accent and even separate parts of a state can have different accents too. Now for the sad news. I think the Oklahoma accent is dying out. I say this because more and more young people in Oklahoma don't speak with an accent. In fact, I've went through every single video on YouTube about "Oklahoma accent" and can't find one video with a person with a genuine accent. They all just speak neutral. I think a part of it is the bias where it's perceived to be "ignorant". The last three videos are comedy.

Below are some more videos on how to understand Southern talk. These videos are good because they have words even I haven't heard in a very long time, like "hankerin", to want something.

Like the woman in the first videos, my own personal accent is very slight. I do still fall prey to words like "fixin", "gettin", "buyin", as well as "yall", "kin", and the like.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Cleansing A 7 Day Glass Candle Before Use

I saw this question in another forum so I thought I would go ahead and share the way I cleanse my 7 day glass candles.

Wet a rag with some rubbing alcohol, florida water, or whiskey. Rub it around the inside of the glass and top portion of the wax then rub it down the sides and bottom of the glass. Set it aside to dry. Very simple.

Now some people like to place their candles under running water. You need to be careful with 7 day candles because they often contain pores or holes that can fill up with water. Sometimes water will seep down the sides and collect in the bottom as well. If you notice this you will need to set the candle upside down somewhere and allow it to drain for several hours or it will burn poorly.

Common Southern Words/Phrases

For a lark I thought I would post some Southern words and how they are pronounced here in the South.

Fire = Fir or Fer

Water = Warter

Wash = Warsh

Library = Libary

Syrup = Surip

Spitting = Spittin

Looking = Lookin

Pillow = Pilla

Route = Root or Rowt

You All = Yall

Fixing = Fixin

Getting = Gettin

Putting Make-Up On, Wearing Nice Dress = Gettin Dolled Up, Gussied Up

Slut = Hussy

Further Out = Over Yonder

This/That = This here or That here

Tired = Worn out or Plum worn out

Lightning = Lightnin

Tantrum = Hissy Fit

Darling = Darlin

Sugar (term of endearment) = Sug (shoog)

People = Folks

Yell = Holler or A Hollerin

Love Sick = Pinin

Funny = Hoot

Think = Reckon

I Told You = Done Told You

Hell = Hell (hail)

Lord Have Mercy! = Lordy Mercy!

I am going to = I'ma gonna do

Eggs = Aggs

Mile = Maul

Aunt = Ant or Aint

I Will Have - I'llave

Roots = Ruts

Could Never = Cain't

Slippery = Slipry

Vacuum = Sweeper

There's Something Wrong With This Person = Bless Y'er Heart

Ghost = Ghost, Spook, Haint

Pants = Britches

Stick = Switch

Spank = Swat, Pattlin

Behind = Beehind

Wire = War

Naked = Nekid or Bare (Bar)

Did You Eat? = D'jeet?

Saw (past "see") = Seed, Done Seen

Stupid = Dumber Than Dirt

Confused = Addled, Rattled

Throw = Chunk

Be Quiet = Hush, Hush Y'er Mouth Up

Stop Complaining = Quit Y'er Moanin

A Period Of Time, Usually Short In Length = Spell

Grief, Mourning, Extreme Sadness = Tore Up

Not Priorly Aware = Unbeknownst

To Force A Child To Spend All The Energy Up So That They Can Go To Sleep = Wear 'em out

Window = Winder, Winda

Window Sill = Winder Seal, Winda Seal

Stairs = Stayers

Door = Doe

Can't Catch Your Breath, Like After Running = Winded

Won't Shut Up = Long Winded

Porch = Poach

Anyways = Anywho

Burned = Burnt

Cooking = Cookin

Dinner = Supper

Family = Kin

Mischievious = Rascal

To Want Something = Hankerin

To Loose A Fist Fight = Licked

Coupon = Q-Pawn

Okay, getting tired. Yall get the point.

You Don't Know Dixie!

I'm currently watching a show called, "You Don't Know Dixie!" about this history and customs of us Southerners. I love it! If I can find it on YouTube I will post it. I especially love the part about Southern accents. Most people don't realize there is more than one. For example, I'm born and raised in Oklahoma and Oklahoma and Texas are considered to be part of the South. They call our accent "Texan" as a whole. If you haven't heard our accents then you need to watch, King of the Hill. We use a lot of "Yall", and we still use "ain't" like they do everywhere in the South. One of the things that shocked me to learn was that "ain't" actually came from Brittish high society and was at one time only spoken by the elite aristocrats.

Another thing they were saying is the hard "r"s of folk in Appalachia (pronounced "Ap-uh-latch-a" and "Ap-uh-lay-shuh" by outsiders), come from the Scott-Irish and their native Gaelic, while the Louisianan accent comes across from a mixture of the Accadians, Native Americans, and African Americans, and the typical "Southern drawl" is actually British aristocracy that has been "slowed down". Reminds me of my former teacher who believed that Southern drawl was caused by the heat, because you know when it's really hot, and especially if you don't have air conditioning, your body just naturally slows down to try to prevent overheating. You talk slower, you move slower, you get tired, etc.

Oh, and the part where we Southerners often times say stuff that sounds nice but is actually mean and stuff that don't make sense to outsiders. I especially love the "bless his heart" to mean that someone is stupid.

The food segment is really good. Made me crave some fried okra. And yes, everything has pig in it, usually in the form of bacon or bacon grease. LOL

So if I can find it I will definitely post it for my readers.

Southern Accents

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Tales From The Casino

So I went to the casino last night. I walked in with $60 and left with $60.42, so no major wins. However, there was these drunk girls who were so obnoxiously loud. They were yelling, banging on the machines and doing cat calls at men who were walking by. And they weren't even playing much at all. They were just sitting there laughing, yelling, and getting drunker by the moment. They were about two machines down from me and I finally got sick of their crap and told them to tone it down before they were kicked out. Well, they left a few minutes after I said that. About 20 minutes later or so I feel hands on my back and turn around and it's one of the drunk girls and she is crying her eyes out, make-up smearing, body trembling, etc. I was like, "uh...can I help you?" I could barely understand her through her crying but she eventually calms down and asks me if I remembered anyone sitting on the machine after they left. Turns out she left $150 on the machine and forgot to cash out. Unfortunately I wasn't paying attention and didn't get a good look at the woman who sat down on the machine after she left. So I tried to tell her that there's nothing that can be done about it. I myself have lost small amounts of money that way, like $20 bucks or so. But she just wouldn't listen to me so I finally had to tell her to go get somebody at the front desk. She did, and they guy came back over to the machine and told her the same thing. If you forget to cash out it's considered "abandoned money" and anybody can take it. Well, instead of leaving the girl just sat right behind me and kept staring at me all night. She sat there for like two hours before finally leaving. I felt bad for her but there's nothing I can do to help her.

Another highlight of the night was of hearing a man screaming bloody murder. It was the scream of a horror movie, like someone just witnessed the brutal murder of a loved one. It was not the scream of joy and nearly everyone turned around and was like, WTH? He was like a couple of rows behind me. Turns out he won $26,000 on a $2 bet.

Another thing I'm doing for now on is no longer keeping my cigarettes out. I'm so sick of people asking me for a cig. Most of them are rude as hell and don't even say thanks.

So last night was a weird one for sure, almost as weird as the one time I went where someone called in a bomb threat and the alarms went off with the announcement of everyone to evacuate. Very few people did. I know I didn't! I just kept right on playing. LOL

Oh, and I met this nice couple that I see all the time there. They are really funny. They are going to help me out next time I see them. For almost 2 years now I've been getting perks in the form of freeplay coupons and other perks. I get them every month. Well, I didn't get any for January and now it looks like I'm not getting any for February. It's sucks because the perks are pretty good, $10-$15 of freeplay a week, free buffets, etc. The couple I met even have gotten free rooms, which is my goal! So after complaining to them they said that they would go with me up to the desk to complain. I already tried once but the guy was  a jerk and just said there's nothing that he could do and then motioned to the next person in line. I was so pissed.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Hoodoo - Man, Myth & Magic

So I blogged earlier that I bought me the set of encyclopedias titled, Man, Myth & Magic: An Illustrate Encyclopedia of the Supernatural by Richard Cavendish. Well, I thought I would share with my readers what the "hoodoo" entry says.

"Hoodoo (v10, p1342)
A form of popular magic practiced by the Negroes of the southern United States; it has many features in common with Voodoo as found in Haiti, and both are thought to have been imported by Dahomey slaves from West Africa; magic charms known as hoodoo hands are variously used to bring the wearer good luck, or, directed against an enemy, to cause sickness, ruin, and even death; in modern American usage, hoodoo signifies bad luck." (illustration of slaves dancing)

That's it. One tiny paragraph. There are countless, multi-page entries on Witchcraft and even Voodoo, but this is all we get on hoodoo. Now, keep in mind that this set of encyclopedias was published in 1970. There was a second edition published in 1995 but the 1970 edition is superior. So the information in the entry reflects what the 'educated opinion' on hoodoo was at the time. In case you don't know, Hyatt was still finishing up his interviews when this book was published.

So what was the educated opinion? Well, from the very beginning educated white academics believed that anything connected to African spirituality was "voodoo". So from the beginning the white "experts" labeled the tradition as being voodoo and the name stuck. That's why so many people confuse it for being voodoo today. Of course we know it's no voodoo, but the term has stuck and seemingly can't be shaken. Because the white "experts" believed hoodoo was voodoo they then invented the myth that it came from Dahomey slaves. Although assuredly there were some Dahomey slaves. However, the majority of slaves came from the Congo region. Also note that the entry doesn't even discuss the European and Native American contributions to hoodoo.

Got Some Great News Today

A woman I did free work for her emergency situation got a job today. She emailed me to let me know and it made my day. I'm so happy. I love it when my clients, paid or free work, see success.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Classic Scam

I got an email today from a woman wanting to know if she was being scammed or not. She was told by a friend that a certain psychic was really good so she got a reading. The psychic responded by telling her that she was cursed and that she needed to pay her $3,000 to remove the "curse".

People, this is the classic scam. Learn how it operates. You go to psychic for a reading and they tell you that you are cursed and they prey on your fear. They then make you believe that they and they alone can remove the curse for a large amount of money. It's the classic scam.

A true reader or worker would never operate like that. If a true reader or worker senses that you were cursed they would tell you but they would not attempt to prey on your fears and make you think that they alone can remove it. For example, if by chance a person contacted me and I sensed they had a curse on them or were crossed up I would tell them, let them know that they could hire me, hire another worker, or could try to take care of it them self. I would never in any way or shape try to make them think I was the only one would could remove it nor would I require an insane amount of money to do so. So please be aware of how this scam operates.

Examples Of Non-Emergencies I've Had To Turn Down

I assume that people know what an emergency is with regard to me doing free work. I know that from the emails I get many people do not know what an emergency is. So here's some true examples of what I've been asked to do for free. I've turned down every single one. Keep in mind these are not from people who are willing to pay. These are people who are asking for free work and have no idea what an emergency is. Because I only do free work for emergency situations.

- I'm a struggling artist in New York. All I'm asking for is for you to make it so that I can come to attention of important people so that I can get my own showing.

- I'm in LA and trying to break-into acting. I need you to do work to get me a good agent.

- I need you to do death work on so-and-so. (I will NEVER do that! Usually it's unjustified but in the rare case where it is justified it would be far too expensive for most people to afford. Even if it's justified I would NEVER do it free.)

- I'm in the process of cutting a new single and need to be able to get a studio and a very low cost.

- I need you to get my baby-daddy out of jail. He needs a father.

- I need you to make sure my man remains faithful.

- I'm in love with a model I've never met, only seen her pictures, but I want you to do love work for me so that she will be with me or else I will kill myself.

- I messed with the Intranquil Spirit and now things are going really bad for me. I need you to get rid of the spirit. (Never!)

- I worked at such-and-such company for 4 years. I need a raise. (They have a good job but always have an excuse as to why they allegedly can't afford to hire a worker.)

- I need a promotion at my job.

- I need reconciliation work for my boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, husband, whatever.

- My mother is kicking me out of the house. I need you to do a DUME spell to either kill her or make her sick so that I will be able to stay. (NEVER!)

- I'm a man/woman trapped in the body of the wrong gender. I want you to make me male/female or else I will probably kill myself. (Not possible. Do money-drawing work to get the change and get adequate counseling.)

- If I don't get (fill in blank) then I will kill myself. (Lots of people threatening suicide. I would never take them on as paying clients, let alone do any free work for them.)

- I'm an escort/prostitute and I'm tired of it. So I need you to find me a wealthy sugar daddy who can support me the rest of my life.

- Need you to turn someone gay/straight. (not possible, but you can get some play if they are bisexual or bicurious)

- I'm pregnant and need you to terminate the baby.(NEVER! Get a legal abortion.)

- I'm a man possessed by a female spirit that is making me do unmanly things.

- I need you to make it so I win the jackpot in the lottery. I will give you 25% of the winning. (LOL)

- So-and-so did some crime to me and I need you to make sure they get arrested and pay for their crime.

- My court date is on such-and-such, I need you to make it so I get off or at least get only probation.

- I need you to help me not get deported.

...and the number 1 request I get for free work is:

- I'm crossed/hexed/cursed and I need you to fix it. (Sorry folks! Just because you think you are crossed doesn't mean you get free cleansing work. It's not an emergency and you must pay for it or else you do it your self. Readings and cleansings are the standards in almost every magical tradition. You have to pay for them. Some of you are deservedly crossed up.)

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Help Me, I've Been Scammed!

Every now and then I get an email similar to the fictional one below.

"Doc, I need your help bad. I know I talked to you a long time ago about doing work to stop the woman trying to break up my marriage. I know I said I wanted to think about it first. Well, I ended up hiring another worker and paying her $1500 to save my marriage but he ended up leaving me and divorcing me and now he is fighting for custody of the kids. I was scammed so I have no money to pay you for the work but I know you truly care about people and will help me out in my time of need."

Well, in this situation the person thought wrong. I don't put any pressure on my clients. If they decide not to hire me, oh' well, My hands are washed and I move on. I also do not believe the claim they were scammed to pay some other worker $1500 when that is nowhere near what I would have charged. Nobody put a gun to their head and made them hire another worker. The truth is they weren't scammed. They are just a liar and they made their bed and can sleep in it. I am in no way required to help such a person. It's not an emergency situation and they are adults and have made their choices.

As a professional, you will never hear me get rude with a person except on these types of situations. I have no problems letting these types of people know they are responsible for their choices and actions.

I get these types of people every now and then. I had a nasty exchange with one last night. This woman originally contacted me last year wanting work to save her marriage. She said she wanted to hire me, claimed had sent payment, but it was just a lie. So I just forgot about her. Then she has the nerve to email me begging me for help saying she was scammed by another worker and that she ended up paying that worker about triple more than I quoted her. Well, I was blunt and replied with a single sentence, "Sorry, I can't help you". She then replied back going off on me so I had to put her in her place and let her know that she made some very, very stupid choices and she must pay the consequences of such.

It's real simple, I take care of my clients. If you are not my client then I owe you nothing. If you are asking for free work in a situation that is not an emergency I will ignore you. If you are gong to get nasty with me I will either ignore you or put you in your place, depending on the situation.

If you have a true emergency and if Spirit is willing, then yes, I can help you. However, not having the money to hire a worker does not constitute an emergency. It's the situation that counts.

American Horror Story - New Clues For Season 3

I just was told that the jukebox in season 2 of American Horror Story is the same jukebox in the movie, The Craft. So I went to google images to verify and it looks like it is the same type of jukebox. This means it may be another clue for the theme of season 3 as the movie, The Craft, was definitley about witches and all of the other hints for season 3 have been about witches as well. Now, there is more clue I didn't catch that was pointed out to me as well. The character of Lana wrote a book in season 2 and is talking about the movie rights. She mentions that she would like to have Tuesday Weld play her in the movie. Tuesday Weld also played Abigail Williams in the 1967 t.v. version of The Crucible.

-The song, I Put A Spell On You
-The song, Love Potion #9
-Fake hanging scene
-Sister Jude saying she doesn't need a hat to fly and that someday she will fly her ass out of here.
-The jukebox being the same one used in the movie, The Craft
-Tuesday Weld also staring in The Crucible

I'm not sure if there are going to be any more clues in tonight's season 2 finale but it's pretty much obvious at this point that season 3 will feature witches of some sort or another. Keep in mind that Ryan Murphy likes to add all kinds of things to the seasons so expect there to be alot of things in the mix.

5th Disease

So I get a call from my brother today to have me look at his boy, my nephew. He woke up and had this nasty rash on his face that looked like somebody slapped him silly. He had already taken him to the doctor and the doctor just told them that it was an allergic reaction. However, within a few hours the rash had spread all over his body. So I take one look at my nephew and knew it was 5th disease. I told my brother what it was and that there's nothing the doctors can do because it's a virus. So I tell him to just give him oatmeal baths and put some cortisone cream on his skin as well as some children's Tylenol to help alleviate the symptoms. Well, my "know-it-all" mother convinced my brother that I had no clue what I was talking about and pressured him to take him back to the doctor. My mom's really annoying like that, thinks she knows everything about everything. I could tell you stories, believe me! So I try to tell my brother that if he goes back to the doctor it would just be a waste of money because there is nothing they can do for him. So he goes anyway. Sure enough it's 5th disease! And yes, they can't do anything for him. Now, how did I know it was 5th disease? Because I had it as a kid and know exactly what it looks like. LOL

Now, if you are a parent of a young child please educate yourself on 5th disease so as not to waste time and money at the doctor's office as there is nothing that can be done about it, save for over-the-counter things to soothe the skin and help alleviate general discomfort. It's a virus, and like with chicken pox you will usually only get it once in your life. Most people get it as a child. Adults coming down with it can have more painful symptoms, even arthritis. Pregnant women can miscarry if they get it. However, the problem is that you don't know you have it until you have the rash and by the time you have the rash you are no longer contagious.

We Don't "Charge" Things In Conjure Work

For those who don't know, the concept of "charging" something comes from Wicca. We don't "charge" things in conjure work. We do pray over things and we work with spirits and things but we don't charge anything. The power is already contained in the roots, herbs, stones, etc. When we do a work we work with that power, the power of God, and any spirits that we may call upon.

Monday, January 21, 2013

People Who Rehash The Teachings Of Others And Then Present It As If They Knew It All Along

I'm real tired of running into this. Somebody on some forum will rehash what I wrote, or what Momma Starr wrote, or what someone else wrote, but present it as if they knew this information all along. It's technically not plagiarizing as they aren't doing it word for word but they are claiming that they are the origin of this information. It just gets on my nerves. If you are going to use the information from someone then don't present it in a way in which you are implying you are the origin of the said material. Give credit where it's do. If you got info from me or Momma Starr, put that in your post. Otherwise you are taking credit for something you do not deserve. Because there are people like me who can read something and know where the information comes from and who can out you and call you on it.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Testimony From A Client

I recently did a reading for Lily (fake name for anonymity). This is what she had to say about it.

----- Original Message -----
From: xxxx
Sent: 01/20/13 01:57 PM
Subject: Well Desreved......

I recently had a reading with Dr. Conjure, it was one of the most rewarding events in my life. He was wonderful, patient and very detailed. I've had many other readings in my lifetime but nothing like this. He left me feeling that not only can he "see" into my life, but also that he really cared about me and my situation and that now I am not alone. He gave me more than I expected, I am forever touched by his tenderness and kind demeanor . God Bless You Dr. Conjure, you are my angel........

From The Heart,

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Testimony From A Client

This is Reba (fake name for anonymity). Reba came to me in need of prosperity and protection work. This is what she has to say. Sorry, I have no idea why it put that white box there. If I knew how to fix it I would.

----- Original Message -----
From: xxxx
Sent: 01/19/13 07:32 PM
Subject: Re: Update

Sure. Please do use a fake name though. Feel free to shorten or edit it. I tend to be very wordy.

[Yes, i did shorten it!]

I wrote to Doc with the long tale of sorrow that was my life at that point. I’d been trying, trying for years to make a fresh start but kept getting continually knocked back. The extent of the unfairness and injustice didn’t anger me as much as confuse me. I mean, what are the odds that life would continually crap on the same person over and over?!

Doc graciously did some money and protection work for me. As a long time recipient of domestic violence and financial abuse I was in great need of both money and protection.I immediately got two little jobs for cash.They brought me $160 which was enough to keep me afloat for a little while.

I went to my storage unit where I had been told that I needed to buy a different type of lock for $20.When I got there the manager said that the problem was completely her fault and that she would take care of the cost of the new lock.I didn’t even have to ask.Then I went to try to take care of an insanely high cable bill.I didn’t want to deal with it but I somehow had the strength and confidence to march in there. Our internet provider was charging me $500 because of my teens going buck wild downloading. Once again, without much effort on my part at all, the company credited my account $470 and we only had to pay $30. We also switched to a more expensive plan that won’t charge usage penalties….pretty much a requirement with teenagers these days.

I’ve also been offered a new position by a company that had hired me and then told me that the job they had hired me for went away because of budget cuts. I’ve yet to start working there but I have a feeling that will happen next week.

So cash immediately starting coming in, a job is much closer than it had been before and I had $500 in goods and services just handed to me on a silver platter. Doc told me that he would help me but I couldn’t just sit around and expect life to fix itself. I had to do the work and seize the opportunities when they popped up, so that’s what I’m doing.This man has my every confidence, utmost respect, highest recommendation and sincerest gratitude. Thank you.

The Power Of Touch

Human touch is very powerful. We can comfort and console people. We can hit or strike them and cause pain. We can stimulate our lover and turn them on sexually. However, we can also use the power of touch to get what we want and to influence other people as well.

Now, most women already know this as women tend to have better social skills than men. So this will be directed at men and perhaps the minority of women who simply do not understand how these other women get someone to do what they want.

If you need a favor then touching the person while you are asking them will most likely cause them to want to help you. Think along the lines of putting your hands on their shoulders or using her hands to grasp their arms. This is powerful because it breaks the "bubble" of space that people have around themselves and makes them vulnerable. Also, if you are an older woman then doing this to a younger person will almost always automatically make them want to do what you say because this harkens back to how their mothers would act. Same thing with an older man doing this to a younger person. It reminds them of what their father would do. If you are a younger person trying to use this trick on an older person you will have to be on the ball a bit more because an older person is not as likely to fall for this as a younger person would. One thing you can do to help you is to pull them toward yourself, such as grab their hand and gently pull them toward you. You do not have to yank them or use any force. What you are doing is gently influencing them into thinking they want to help you.

Now, to assert dominance or control you can also use the power of touch combined with an assertive voice. Instead of trying to pull them toward you you want to "lock them" in place by applying a bit more pressure to them in the touch, by doing things like locking your elbows, and by using other tactics like making sure they remain seated while you stand during the encounter. A standing person is always in a position of dominance over a sitting person. That's why when there's a fight the first thing the sitting person does is try to stand up. So you want them to remain seated so go to them and use that touch on their shoulders to lock them in the seat.

Finally, to make the power of touch stronger, lightly dress your fingers with the appropriate conjure oil or powder. You only need a very tiny amount. Don't go crazy or they will know you have something on your hands.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Wake Up!

The majority of people spend their entire lives asleep. Only a small minority of people ever truly wake-up.

Around the turn of the 2nd century or so, there was a type of Christianity called Gnostic Christianity. These Christians had a catch phrase that went something like, "Wake up! My brothers and sisters, you do not realize you are asleep". I'm not posting this here to give any credence to their beliefs, other than to use that phrase in this particular context.

So, what's the problem with spending your lives asleep? People who are asleep are easily controlled, manipulated, and herded like sheep by other peoples or groups with agendas. These controllers are dirty and wicked and will go to any lengths to achieve their goals. The sleeping folk are their pawns, their tools, their slaves.

"I freed a thousand slaves. I could have freed a thousand more if they only knew they were slaves.  -Harriot Tubman"

So how do you wake up? The answer is easy but the journey is hard. When you wake up you leave behind the dream-world of certainty and the cozy feeling of allegedly "knowing the full story". When you are awake your eyes are clear and you realize that you may never know the truth of a situation at all. However, you will be able to tell if what is said to be the truth is not the truth.

"Question everything. Learn something. Answer nothing. -Euripides"

"Prove all things. Hold fast that which is good." - 1 Thessalonians 5:21

Warning! if you do not want to wake up and wish to remain asleep, do not read any further!
The process of waking up starts with a single question. That question leads to more questions. What is true will stand. What is false will crumble and fall away. You must question everything. Question everything and you will awaken.

Now, there are people out there who think they are awake. They think they are the logical, rational thinkers while everyone else are the sheep. The problem is they question things, but they usually only question "conspiracy theories" or other subjects like the paranormal, UFOs, ghosts, etc.. When it comes to the "official story" or explanation of anything they just accept such on blind faith. These people are asleep yet think they are awake. In order to be awaken you must question everything, including the "official story". Question everything and the lies will be exposed and disappear and the truth shall remain strong. However, and once again, there is a price to pay for being awake. Not only will those that sleep turn against and attack those who are awake, but it means that reality becomes less certain. Take Sandy Hook for an example. Those who sleep, already believe they know everything. For those who are awake we know that we know nothing about the events of Sandy Hook, save for that the official story is false. However, when we speak out about Sandy Hook, the sleeping folk will often attack us, criticizing us for daring to even suggest that perhaps nobody even died. Of course we aren't saying nobody died, just that we don't know what really happened. So there is a price to pay for being awake. It can also be quite scary when you first truly understand there is a great wickedness at work in this world.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

American Horror Story = Season 3 Will Be Witches!

In tonight's episode Ryan Murphy, the creator of American Horror Story, said there would be a major clue about season 3. That clue is I believe the dialogue between the characters of Sister Jude and Kitt. Sister Jude was watching the Flying Nun and mentioned that she didn't need a hat to fly and that someday she was just gonna fly her ass out of there (asylum). Flight is well documented as being a power of witches. So it looks like season 3 will be about witches after all. Now, the setting is up in the air. They could go for the Salem Witch Trials or they could do a modern twist and set it in New Orleans or something. Who knows? What we do know is that all kinds of extra things will be thrown in, just like with the first two seasons.

So, I'll just list some of the clues for witches for season 3.

- The song, I Put A Spell On You
- The song, Love Potion #9
- Fake hanging scene
- "I don't need a hat to fly", and "Someday I'm gonna fly my ass out of here"

American Horror Story Season 2 Teasers

Make Your Own 'Sandy Hook Promise'

I love this idea, of people getting together and making their own videos and spreading them online. Too bad I'm not that good making my own videos or else I would. However, I will help by spreading them. The official explanation of the Sandy Hook tragedy is so full of holes that it doesn't hold water and should not be believed. I don't know what the truth is, but we need to come together to demand the truth before they subvert the second amendment.

Sandy Hook - The Devil Wants You To Cry

"Cry, O' Cry For The Children Of Sandy Hook.....And Give Up Your Guns" -The Devil

I can't take credit for the phrase, "the devil wants you to cry". I saw that on a video yesterday but I hit me hard with regard to truth. The official story of the Sandy Hook shootings is filled with so many holes and inconsistencies that we cannot simply sit back and trust our government, especially our President. I beg all of my readers to start researching the Sandy Hook shootings. If this is being used as an excuse to subvert the second amendment and take away guns then we better be sure it actually happened as "officials" and "authorities" have said, if it happened at all.

Just for the record, the second amendment clearly states that it shall not be infringed.

The Second Amendment

Remember, "they" want you to think it's just about hunting. It's not. The founding fathers were absolutely paranoid of a government take-over or what we would now call a coup. This includes rogue or criminal elements in our government which want to strip us of our freedoms and oppress us. That's the reason why we have a second amendment. The purpose is so that the citizens of the nation could act as a last line of defense in case of just such a scenario. By initiating severe gun control laws the purpose of the second amendment will be subverted and destroyed as citizens will no longer have access to the same equipment the government and military does.

"A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed." -The Second Amendment

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Second Amendment

This blog post has nothing to do with hoodoo, but I'm sick and tired of people pushing nonsense on people and using tragedies in order to subvert American freedoms.

The second amendment has absolutely nothing to do with hunting. The founding fathers wanted citizens to have the right to bear arms in case of a government coup or take-over. That way the citizens are the last line of defense in order to protect the nation. That includes protecting the nation from rogue criminal elements who wish to take-over. That is the right, among many others, that people have died for.

Gun control laws will not prevent school shootings or spree shootings. The problem is not guns, it's is the nuts. Focus on the mental health issues and not the guns.

If President Obama uses executive orders to pass severe gun control laws then it will be an abuse of his power as it will be a man attempting to employ dictator-like powers. Obama has already threatened to do this if Congress does not pass the laws he wants. We could hear an announcement on this as early as tomorrow. Currently, at least one representative has threatened to push for impeachment if Obama uses an executive order to usher in severe gun control laws.

So what exactly will these severe gun control laws do? In effect, they will limit "good people" from having these weapons. The 'bad guys' will always find ways to get them. Additionally, these severe gun control laws subvert the second amendment because they make sure that American citizens are not geared-up with the same types of weapons used by the military and other agencies. My brother, who is in the military put it this way (paraphrased), "They can't get rid of the second amendment so they will make it so they can still kill people from a mile a way while citizens have nothing but rinky-dink hand guns to protect themselves".

I'm not a 'gun nut'. I don't even own a gun. However, I know the purpose of the second amendment and I know how various groups in power want to move this country away from it's freedoms into enslavement.  Remember, the government does not give us our freedoms. That's what they want you to think. Ever notice the movement away from the term, "public servant", to "authorities" and "officials"?  They answere to us, folks. They want us to think it's the other way around.

Finally, I'm sick to death of non-Americans trying to tell us what to do. Some of the loudest critics of the second amendment are people in England for example. I don't go around telling people in England what they need to do. Likewise, I'm sick of hearing British and other non-Americans try to tell us what we need to do.

Had My First Encounter With A Demon Today

I did a reading for a client today. One of their family members had both a spirit on them and a demon trying to grab a hold as well. It was literally the scariest experience I've had to date. I get lots of clients who come to me with spirits on them but I've never had a demon before. This entity was nasty, real scary. It presented itself as a dark silhouette with glowing red eyes and it grumbled 'murder' in a horrible robot-like way. Scared the crap out of me.

The reason why I'm blogging on this is because when you are doing readings, seeing through the eyes of the spirit, you are open and somewhat vulnerable. Not only can you see them but they can see you too. At two points during the reading I was able to see through the eyes of the demon seeing me. At first I saw through it's eyes from a distance looking at me. Then later it was close by, looking down on me. I didnt' tell my client of this as I didn't want to worry them of the time but that is a big clue I have got to amp up my personal protection. So for any readers out there, make sure you also take care of yourself, protection wise, when doing readings because you never know what you are going to encounter.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

An Interesting Thought On The Intranquil Spirit

I was reading some of Judika Illes, Encyclopedia of Spirits. I was reading the passage on the Intranquil Spirit. She mentions at the end of the passage an eye-opener for sure. So the legend goes that if you successfully invoke the Intranquil Spirit that you will take it's place when you die and it will be set free, right? So don't you think it's going to want you to die as soon as possible? Another reason not to mess with this spirit.

I Will Not Do These Things

Unfortunately some of the people who contact me seem to not actually read my blog and just get my email and contact me. It's wise to read the blog so that nobody is wasting some one's time.

I will never help you with the intranquil spirit. Never. Do not let that pink candle fool you. The intranquil spirit is pure evil. It is 100% old-school, evil witchcraft, as in sending an evil spirit out to torment someone, in this case to force them to return. It's not true love. It's not love at all. The intranquil spirit is a soul who will never find rest, i.e. murderers, rapists, child molesters, etc., they can't be redeemed. Plus according to lore if you invoke the intranquil spirit then when you die you will take it's place in hell. People automatically think they are all powerful and can handle anything. Well, you know the saying, play with fire and get burned. If you mess with the intranquil spirit you will eventually get burned and get burned bad. Some of the things that can go wrong is that your house is haunted, you or the loved one is demonically oppressed, possibly even a full possession, wild mood swings, violence, evil atmosphere in the home, thoughts of suicide, depression, and mania, and worse. It's not worth it. Plus nobody is going to help you get rid of that spirit for free. Sure, you will find all kinds of stuff online about working with these spirits but where's the stuff on how to get rid of them? LOL

I will never take on a case of a person who wants to break up a marriage just because they want one of the people. Again, that is witchcraft and it's not justified. You know that saying about all is fair in love and war, well it's true but not true with marriage. Don't get me wrong, I will break-up couples who are just shacking up with no commitment. But if a couple stands up before God and man and takes their vows then I respect that and honor that.

I will never do unjustified work. I'm not a witch. I will not do evil because someone who is jealous or who is filled with hate wants something evil done to somebody. It must be justified. If it's not justified then it's witchcraft.

No More Free Work Requests Until Further Notice

Sorry, I'm doing 3 free works for people who are going through emergencies and the emails just keep coming in asking for free work.

Remember, to qualify for free work the situation must be an emergency. You not having the money to hire a worker is not an emergency, it's the situation that counts. Also, it's what Spirit says. So if Spirit says no, then I'm sorry I won't take on the case.

Also, in the future please only send one email. I just received circa 30 emails from a person since late last night and that sort of behavior makes he question the sanity of the person. Multiple emails will not make me take your case.

So until further notice I'm not taking on any further free work. Do not even send me emails on such as I will not read them or even open them. I will simply delete them. When I'm ready to take on free work again I will post a blog on it.

God Bless,



When I open free work requests gain I need to explain to people that this is not so I can make your life perfect. It's only for emergencies. This means that even though a person may send me an email will all these problems that I will only focus on the emergency and ignore everything else. To give you a good example of the typical email I receive, read below.

Hello Doc,

I need your help desperately. I am about to lose my job. A group of people have managed to turn my boss against me and now I've been put on disciplinary action meaning that if I'm even 1 minute late I will be fired. If I lose my job then my kids and I will be homeless. My car is going out and if it dies I don't know what I will be able to do. I'm having problems with my neighbors who I think are spying on my family and may be causing problems. I believe they are spreading lies and working to make us move out or get kicked out so I need you to take care of them. I believe there's this woman that is trying to break up my relationship. I just started speaking to this guy and I feel this woman is jealous and wants him for herself. So something needs to be done to get her out of the picture. I'm having health problems and it seems that my kids are always getting sick. Also, my baby's daddy is in jail. My boy needs his father so I need you to get him out if possible. I literally have no money to pay you and I know you have a good spirit and will help me out with these matters, God willing.

So this is fake email of course but it serves to show how people will email me fully expecting that I'm just going to wave a wand and make their lives perfect. It doesn't work like that. In the email above I would only do the emergency, which is the job situation. All the other problems I will simply ignore. A client can hire me as their worker if they want me to handle the rest of the stuff.

The Importance Of Knots And A Trick

I ran across this online, supposedly you are not supposed to tie a mojo bag because the knots will kill the bag or prevent it from working. I think the problem is that people are over-thinking this or they are simply being taught wrong.

There's two types of mojo bags, hands, root bags, whatever you want to call them. The first one is the traditional one that is tied and never meant to be opened. The second one is the one that is not tied and is meant to be opened. I rarely use the latter type. I belong to the camp of once fixed, it's done, meaning that once you fix it you never open it. However, I know people who like the second one and freely open their bags and add stuff to them or take stuff out from time to time.

Knots are our friends. You can do a lot with them. In fact, you can do you just about anything with a piece of string. When you are using knots you are going to be using them for two different purposes. The first purpose is what everyone knows, like to tie up an enemy or bind them. However, that's not the only way knots are used. You also use knots to seal in the work or the power. So when I'm doing knot work I state my petition and pull the knot tight. The knot does not prevent it from working. It stores it, seals it in, so to speak.

So when making a mojo bag you will indeed tie knots in it. the knots serve to seal the work. You will tie three knots, saying in the name of the father (tie knot), the son (tie knot), and the holy ghost (tie knot). Trust me, you don't want a bag that is just loosely bound so that the contents fall out all over the place! I would give a better description of the process but unfortunately fixing a mojo bag is an area I'm just not comfortable sharing publicly. It's something that my clients can see if they purchase a bag from me but I'm not going to give those secrets out.

Now, I will share with you just a simple knot trick you can do. I wouldn't do this for my clients but I have and do use it for myself from time to time.

Get you some red cotton string. Remember, red is power. You can do anything with that color. Cut you off some at a length you prefer. Some people like to use numbers, like say 7 inches for love, 9 inches for domination; however, that's up to you. I seldom do that part. Then you are going to wet it with some holy water and pray over it. You can say Psalm 23, and the Lord's Prayer, or a prayer in your own words to bless it. Then leave it out to dry a bit. When it's dry take you some conjure oil for the condition you are wanting and dress that string with the oil. Dress it toward you if you want to draw something to you. Dress it away from you if you want to get rid of something or for enemy work. Then you will breathe on the string to heat it up and bring it to life. Take the string in your hands and forcibly say your petition and then quickly tie a knot. Do this at least 2 more times for a total of three knots. Some people like to use 9 knots and say like a specific thing, but that's not what I do. If you want you can pass that string through some incense. That string trick is good and you can use it for anything. You can keep it on you, wear it in your pocket, wrap it around something, or for enemy work you can sneak it into that person's house or car. This is a good thing to do because if it is discovered by the person they will not think anything of it. Now, if someone discovers it and touches it then of course it's gonna kill it but at least they won't automatically know what it is like with a mojo bag or what not.  You can also do this trick with thread as well. I use thread when I plan on putting it directly on a person. I've seen powerful results that way, like sneaking the thread on their back or shoulder. The thread works real good if you need to take control of somebody for a while or steer or compel them into doing something or to even ask a favor.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Witchcraft Is Not A Synonym For Hoodoo/Rootwork/Conjure

Yes, you read right. Even the Wikipedia page on hoodoo reads that witchcraft is a synonym for hoodoo. Even Hyatt treated it as if it was a synonym. However, the truth is often different. Witchcraft is not a synonym for hoodoo.

Most people today don't have the luxury of personally knowing a real conjure worker; hence, they are dependent upon what they read online or in books. The truth is that real old-school conjure workers would never identify themselves as witches. It's because they use the older and truer meaning of the word witch, as evil doer. I can guarantee you that if you ever asked an old-school worker if they did witchcraft that their response would raise the roof. They would respond with an emphatic "no!", and that what they did was spiritual work.

So who is calling hoodoo witchcraft? The most numerous of people who call hoodoo witchcraft are the religious folk, call them fundamentalist Christians or whatever term you like. They believe it is evil and of the devil and denounce it as witchcraft. They've done this since as long as hoodoo has been practiced in the U.S. Here are some examples:

(The videos below are in playlist format. So when the videos are done, simply hit the stop button and move down to the next video. However, if you want you can just let the videos play. If you let the first video play after the segment is over with then the next one will be on an exorcism of a "South Carolina Hoodoo/Voodoo practitioner", LOL)

So let's talk about Hyatt. After all, the title of his work was, Hoodoo-Conjuration-Witchcraft-Rootwork. So surely I'm wrong and witchcraft is a synonym, right? Wrong! Hyatt mixed everything together. He did not separate the witchcraft that was spoken of from the other things that his interviewees told him. He made no distinction between flights of fantasy and tall tales and in most cases he didn't bother to ask the interviewer if they were talking about something they know and do themselves or something they heard that other people do. So Hyatt's work is actually a mixture of hoodoo and witchcraft (evil doings).

So what other types of people want to make hoodoo/rootwork/conjure be witchcraft? Well, many Wiccans and Neopagans do. Most of these types think they own the word witch, as if the people in the past believed what they believed, worshipped as they worshipped, etc. I'm talking about the people who mix and match things here, the people who will remove God and the bible from the work and insert Wiccan or Neopagan stuff.  This group of people are the hardest to get to understand that we do not call ourselves witches. Yes, this group of people correctly identify the magical aspects of hoodoo. However, they fail to comprehend that the source of the power is God, the creator. So when a worker uses a root for example, one of these witches may think that the root has power, which is true. What they fail to understand is where that power comes from, the creator, not a pagan god, not a goddess, but from God. That's how it is in hoodoo, period. For you Wiccans out there who can't wrap your head around this maybe this will help you. I've had some Wiccans tell me that they do not actually believe in the goddess and the god, that they believe they are just manifestations of "the great spirit". So that may help you better understand it. However, if you are the type who simply cannot reconcile with God and the Bible, and want to work with a pagan god or spirit, then hoodoo/rootwork/conjure is not for you and I don't care what anybody has to say about it. Because you don't have to be hoodoo. You can be a Wiccan and be happy. You can be a Druid and be happy. You can be a Santeria follower and be happy. Nobody's pushing hoodoo onto you. Just don't be changing it to fit you. Because that's now how it works.

The good news is, LOL sorry had to laugh here, but the term most used for the tradition by outsiders is Voodoo. You will here that term even more than you will hear it being called witchcraft. Of course it's not Voodoo either. That falsehood stems from the white academics who labelled any type of African spirituality as voodoo. However, I've already blogged on this so I have no need to go over it again.

Total Nonsense

I just wanted to warn people about this website. For legal reasons I won't give out the address or refer to it by name but if you google I'm sure you will find it. It's a huge mess of nonsense where the creators are supposed to unite all 'witches' together. They lump Santeria, Hoodoo, Voodou, Palo, Wicca, Chaos Magic, Bruja, Gypsy Magic, and just about anything you can image together as 'witchcraft', assuming that everyone is cool with adopting the witch label, and try to present it as if all these traditions are the same while teaching false information and now are charging for products and services. I got banned on their YouTube videos for trying to correct the horribly inaccurate information being 'taught' about hoodoo/rootwork/conjure work. The 'teacher' in question was someone who once again claims to come from this family background of the tradition yet recommends 'students' read some of the most horrible books and 'teaches' stuff that comes from books, while also recommending 'students' to honor various loa and orisha. That's not hoodoo and never will be. They are currently advertising for teachers in hoodoo/voodou but rest assured 'students' will not be taught the real thing. In fact, on their website they actually wrote, "We are looking for a hoodoo witch...."

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Jessica Lange - The Name Game

Sorry, I love American Horror Story so much! If you aren't a viewr then you don't know what you're missing!

Yay! Got Me Free Passes To Warm Bodies Tonight!

I got me some free passes to the movie, Warm Bodies, tonight. It's like a zombie-romance movie. The trailer looks good. They are having free screenings tonight in Dallas, Austin, Houston, Oklahoma City, and New Orleans. The movie will debut on Feb. 1. I just hope I can fight the crowds to get a seat! Wish me luck!


I took my niece and her friend and we were able to see it. It was packed but it was a good movie. Perfect for Valentine's Day. And yes, it's a total zombie-romance movie.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

American Horror Story Season 3 = Witches & Voodoo!

I'm a fan of the show, American Horror Story. One of the things I like about the show is that the creator puts little clues in the episodes about upcoming things, like even the subjects of the next season. Well, in tonight's episode they played two songs on a jukebox. Those songs were, "I Put A Spell On You", and "Love Potion #9". So I immediately caught that and wondered if it meant something. Then on a message board I frequent somebody posted something that the season 3 will take place in New Orleans. So when I read that I started laughing. I can't say I'm 100% sure, but it looks like season 3 of American Horror Story will be about New Orleans Voodoo! However, it is possible that next season may be about witches, and perhaps set in Salem. There is a 'hanging' scene in tonight's episode that may hint at the Salem witch trials.

For those who don't watch the show, each season of the show is different. The first season is based around a haunted house. The second season is set in a mental institution. It's a really good show for those who are interested in watching it. However, you must start at the beginning to get the most effect from it.


It just occurred to me a second ago that the hanging scene may not be a clue pointing to the Salem witch trials but may be a reference to lynchings, thus it looks like the clues are getting real strong for season 3 to be about New Orleans Voodoo.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Testimonial From A Client

This is a client I will refer to as John (fake name for anonymity). He's a repeat client. He has an interesting story that I will share just a brief about below, after the testimonial/review. Of course the "xxx" is where I censor info for anonymity.

----- Original Message -----
From: xxx
Sent: 01/08/13 03:02 PM
Subject: Re: domination and sweetning work for a women

Happy "2013"New year, Sorry I have been quiet latley. Everything is good with me so far. I have alot to report to you. But I also want to give you a testimonal on my experience with you on the last. 5 month.
I met Mr Doc in summmer of 2012. I must say I was very skeptical of him and his site BC of having to mail cash too him. But like a dummy I still mailed cash to him. I first contacted Doc for love work but ended up doing a couple of money attraction works. To make a long story short the love and domination work that Doc had did for me worked has I saw alot of positive changes in my ex and she was more tamer but in the end I decided against reconciling with her.o
Also the money work and light settings will bring any man from rags to riches without a doubt ;Furthermore my money increased greatly and things in my life grew positive
I would definitely reccomend Doc to anyone considering a spiritual worker Because he is a real person and generally cares about his clients. He is very affordable and reIible. I only wish i could meet him in person.


In John's case he hired for me reconciliation work, as well for other stuff. We saw some movement but then he changed his mind on the work because after he had taken a bath I prescribed to him, sending him the herbal mixture in a package for him, he found that women were throwing themselves at his feet! So now he's dating a wonderful woman he met, someone who will show him the respect he deserves.

I remember he emailed me asking if it was normal. It is. It's a potential side-effect of love work. I'm so glad that it's working out for him.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Testimonial From A Client

This is a review "Cindy" (fake name for anonymity) wrote for me. I gave Cindy a reading a couple of days ago. The 'xxx's represent info I've censored for anonymity.

----- Original Message -----
From: xxx
Sent: 01/06/13 01:21 AM
Subject: Re: 5 Extra Questions

Here's the review you may publish:

I contacted Doc Conjure for an e-mail reading, and here's my review as divided into good

The first unexpected thing was that there's no Paypal or online payment available; You have the option to mail in cash or a money order- you can also pay an additional fee at your mailing office to have delivery or signature confirmation if you'd like. The reading itself was not what I was expecting either- what I've been used to has been aided divination, like tarot or playing cards, and other tools and from there you would get something along the lines of "you see, I drew X, so it pertains to your situation in ____ way."

My impression of Doc is that he does his reading straight up- while that threw me off at first, it wasn't hard to get used to. Something else that was new and that really I liked: that you can ask question on a variety of subjects (not just limited to one or two situations with five questions or fewer), providing that you give the necessary information (names, DOB, etc.), and number each question. I had only ten questions, but I can see how being able to cover a lot of ground when it comes to providing insight on your life, or the life of others would be extremely useful. And don't take advantage of that! My reading was conversational and professional- granted I probably would have preferred more details, I can't fault him if there really isn't anything else to add. One thing I really, really liked is how in tune he seems to be- he mentioned opportunities and situations that I had not provided details for (and didn't even fully understand myself until I relayed the information to the person on whose behalf I was asking).

Overall, I'd recommend readings from him, particularly if you're the sort who: 1) has larger subjects to cover that readings limiting to 5 or so questions could not cover nor suit, 2) you enjoy more flexible readings that don't necessarily rely on any one method and 3) You're not the type that has to be told what you want to hear (sorry, he's not the one- you're going to get the truth as it's seen).


Okay, just to clarify things, it's true I don't accept paypal or credit cards and I never will. I'm old-fashioned with regards to that. I do prefer cash. I do not accept regular money orders. In the past I used to accept postal money order but I prefer cash. Clients do not have to overnight it to me, as that can be too expensive. If the client prefers they can opt for a signature confirmation so that they know I received it. Signature confirmation means I would have to sign for it and they could see my signature if they so chose to.

Cindy chose the email reading. Up to 15 questions can be asked via email. Phone readings are 30 minutes.

What Cindy described was me doing what I call an 'energy reading'. It's an actual psychic reading, the kind that someone just looks at you and reads you, but in this case I need your name and birth date and I tap into your energy and answer your questions. I can and do use tarot if the client prefers that. However, I never just limit myself to the tarot, meaning, that when I do the tarot I'm still conveying psychic impressions and not just the meaning of the cards.

The thing about energy readings is that it can be more direct and to the point than by using cards or other systems. Thus, I don't have to speak entire paragraphs of information. Also, when doing energy readings I will often start to spout of information that doesn't make sense to me but does make sense to my clients. That's just how it is.

Cindy is spot on. I am not a fortune teller. I do not tell my clients what they want to hear. I tell them what I sense and pick up on. I call it as I see it.

Friday, January 4, 2013

An Explanation Of The Consultation/Hiring Process

I've found that a lot of would-be-clients do not fully understand what the consultation/hiring process is so I decided to give a quick run-through of how it works to help better give people an idea of what to expect.

The first step is to contact the worker. That's a no brainer. When you contact the worker, via email, phone, whatever, you should loosely explain the situation and tell the worker what you are seeking. You need to have a good idea of what you are wanting, i.e., a new good paying job, a new man/woman, reconciliation work, etc. Try not to lump all your problems together and present it as one big problem while expecting one simple work to solve everything. You would be surprised how many people do this or be surprised with how many people contact me with incredibly vague situations. Some people seemingly have no problems other than they just have a feeling that things are not right. These cases can be difficult. I seldom take these type of cases on because I've found that these type of people who don't know what they want usually will not be satisfied with anything done, even if the work is actually successful.

When you contact the worker you need to open up to them. Some people have trust issues and won't even give their names or birth dates to their worker. I do my best to try to open a person up but if a would-be-client is so closed that they simply cannot give their real name and want to say do a reading off of a fake name then I will have to decline. If you close yourself off then you won't be getting a good reading anyway. What I'm trying to communicate is don't be afraid of your worker. Keeping secrets is a must for professional conjure workers. To have the best experience with conjure work, to ensure success, you will need to trust your worker and open up to them. Be honest with your true desire. Nothing you say will offend us. We've heard it all. So if you just want sex, then say you just want sex. There's no need to lie saying you are wanting to find a long-lasting commitment when all you really want is a 'friends-with-benefits'-type situation. We will not judge you.

Now, with regards to readings most people already seem to know that most workers will make a client purchase a reading first. Lots of people don't understand this. Let me explain. There are two reasons why this is done. The first reason is that the worker needs to know if conjure work can be successful in the situation and if they should take on the case. That's the important part. The second part is because the majority of people contacting workers truly have no intention of purchasing any work from them and just want to take up their time. Sorry, just being real honest here. People to this day will send me emails reading, "it's an me 203-fake number, and then get mad when I don't respond or when I reply back letting them know they need to communicate with me via email or else pay me. The reason being is that when I first started doing work for people online I used to call people. I quickly had a string of people waste hours of my life for nothing. I remember I talked to one woman for 3 1/2 hours for nothing as she never kept her word. So I quickly learned that my time is valuable and if people want my time over the phone they will pay. So that's why I never call someone on the phone just because they ask me to or send me their number in an email. And this is why workers make clients pay for a reading before doing the work. That way, even though the client may choose not to hire the worker for the work, the worker is still getting paid for her/his time.

Now, being honest I truly want to adopt that position. I'm rather tired of people trying to take my time. I want to force my clients to pay for a reading first because I can normally tell if a client is sincere or if they are just wanting someone to talk to. But I won't. So my position is that you can communicate with me via email for free. I don't make my clients purchase a reading first but I do a small reading on my side before I'll agree to take on a case.

Now, I would say about 9 times out of 10 I know if someone is sincere about wanting to hire a worker or just wants to take up my time. I treat all people who contact me the same, with respect, and communicate with them in a friendly and professional manner. The one thing I won't do is jump through hoops. Usually the ones who just want to take up your time for some reason expect me to not only send them hundreds of emails back-to-back, but who also expect me to do cartwheels and acrobatics to impress them. It doesn't work like that and it will never happen. Part of my job is communicating the process to the would-be-client. Once everything is communicated and the person crosses that line into wanting me to jump through hoops at that point I will be blunt but in a friendly manner and let them know that I'm finished explaining the process. If they trust me and would like to hire me, so be it. If they don't, so be it and I wish them well on their journey.

The next part of the process is the discussion of payment. Make sure you are quoted the cost of the work and make sure you ask the worker any questions you may have regarding payment. You worker will then advise you of stuff they need from you, such as full names, birth dates, pictures, or other personal effects. Yes, you can use pictures taken off of the Internet, such as on Facebook. Yes, if you have a picture of a person you do not need to have their full names or birth dates. Yes, if all you have is a first name that will suffice. Basically you have to work with what you have or are able to get. If you have pictures you should be able to email them to your worker. If not, then send them and any other items to the worker via mail.

Now, with regard to how long the work will take, makes sure to address this with your worker if they don't bring it up first. For example, I always tell my clients an estimate of how long the work will take. Some workers work the work the same, such as three days. So if you make sure to ask your worker so you will know what to expect.

After the work is finished I will send pictures of the work to my clients as proof that the work is done. I do not take pictures of the work in progress as I feel this interferes with the energy. I do not share pictures of other clients' works with would-be-clients. That would be a violation of trust. This means that If a would-be client wants me to show them pictures of some of my past works before they would hire me then I would have to turn them down. After sending the pictures to my clients I then delete the pictures from my computer. I also will delete any pictures clients send me after the work is finished or unless in special situations where the client says they want to hire more work. I do this for the protection of my clients. Likewise, I delete emails discussing sensitive topics so ensure my clients' privacy. I do keep a few emails just as documentation of what I did for the work.

When the work is finished I will also normally mail a package with stuff for the client to do themselves. I will include full instructions. However, I don't send a package for enemy work. This is just a freebie I throw in for the client. This package is not, stress not, what you pay for. This is something extra I do for my clients so that their energy gets thrown into the mix.

Finally, there is the communication aspect. I can't speak for other workers but I prefer my clients to keep in touch with me during the work. I want my clients to email me. I want them to check on the work. I want them to update me on the situation. I get worried when a client hires me but I never hear from them. When the work is finished and the client is finished with the stuff they do on their end then I will let the client know that now is the time to put it out of our minds and go on with our lives having faith and knowing that God/Universe will manifest it at the correct time. I still allow my clients to email me to let me know of any updates but if I sense the client is becoming obsessed then I'm not afraid to let them know they need to back off of it, put it out of their mind, and go on. I do this not to be mean. Instead, I do this because I know obsession will kill the work and you have to give it up to God and give him time to manifest it. Because I want my clients to see success.

So that is the process with me at least. Most of my clients are repeat clients and for that I'm quite grateful.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Year's Epiphany & A Dreaming True Story

So I hope all my readers had a good New Year's Eve and New Year's Day. I know I did. New Year's Eve I enjoyed a glass of champagne and watched fireworks. I don't know if it was the champagne or not, but I was struck by this feeling that 2013 will be a good year for many people. I sure hope so! On New Year's Day I just relaxed, watched movies, and had some black-eyed peas for supper.

My sister came to me telling me her dream come true. My sister has this huge crush on this guy she works with. So about a week ago she had this dream that his grandfather died and she told people about it. She's never met the grandfather. Well, he died yesterday. So she comes up to me wanting to know why she had the dream and what's up. So I have to explain to her that she's in love with the guy, is tuning in to his energy, and picked up on it. In my family, lost of the women dream true. In previous blogs I mentioned how when I was younger both my mother and sister dreamed I was robbed while at work. It came true like 2 days later. I too dream true but it's usually unimportant or trivial things, save for when a spirit pops in. My grandfather warned me about a car wreck once before it happened. I guess the problem is that even though my family dreams true most of my family tends to shy away from the gifts. I'm pretty much the only one in my family who actually embraces it. My sister used to embrace it but began shying away from it in her teen years. I've tried talking to her about it because I know that in my family that we are two people who can "do things". My niece also has the gift but she's just discovered boys and it may be a while before she turns her attention to her gifts.