Monday, February 11, 2013

My Trip To A Botanica

Yesterday I paid a visit to a small botanica, the same one I've posted pictures of some time back. While there a young woman came in asking about Santa Muerte. She kept going on and on about how she watched a documentary about prostitutes and Santa Muerte and how she just became fascinated with her and wanted to work with her. So I chimed in and gave her some advice, like to approach the white Santa Muerte first and to ask her to show her a sign if she was meant to work with her. I explained to her that if she does work with Santa Muerte that Santa Muerte will need her own altar and that she can't share an altar with any other saint and I told her some of the things that she liked. The owner of the botanica told her to always call on God first before working with her or else she would be putting Santa Muerte before God. I was kind of worried because the young gal kept talking about how trendy Santa Muerte is and she even used the word 'fad'. I told her that she can't treat Santa Muerte like a fad, that it's serious and a long-term commitment but I'm not sure if she quite understood that. She ended up buying a 7 day candle to the white Santa Muerte.

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