Sunday, February 24, 2013

Tales From The Casino - A Cautionary Tale

I just got back from the casino. I walked in with $200. I hit $4,000.00 on Mystical Unicorn. I played a $5 spin and got all 5 symbols for bonuses. That's an automatic $500 just for getting all 5 on $5 bet. Then on the 100 free bonus spins I got $3,500.00. After getting my win I literally got up and was preparing to leave and then a new thought struck me. Now would be a wonderful time to visit the high roller room. That was my downfall. I blew the entire win and by the time I left I was $1,000.00 in the hole. So let this be a warning to all casino goers. When you win big immediately leave! As punishment I will no longer play $5 spins for a VERY LONG TIME. I'm going to be a low wager until I learn my lesson.

On a lighter note I saw the funniest thing. The casino was hosting some kind of masquerade ball. There were people dressed up in some of the coolest outfits. Well, this woman to the side of me on the other end of the row was dressed up sort of like a peacock. She literally had all these feathers coming off of her and she was wearing a mask. Well, this drunk guy rounds the corner and sees here. You know how when someone is scared they grab their heart and like stumble backwards. That what the guy did when he first saw her. It was the funniest thing. LOL There was another woman dressed up like a gothic troll doll. She had her long hair literally straight up like cone or peak. It had glitter and branches and stuff in it. It looked pretty cool.

Mystical Unicorn

For now on I'm no longer going to mention how much I win at casinos. I'm not a braggart but I am starting to think I'm "tempting the fates" by talking about it.

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