Sunday, February 10, 2013

Tales From The Casino

I wasn't even planning on going to the casino tonight but around 6 I started to get ancy to get out of the house. Spent $40 and won $887. Pretty good night. So glad I decided to go. That's not a normal win for me. On a normal "good night" I usually walk out with $300 and spent between $20-$60 to win it. So I was real pleased.

I'm just mad that I didn't stay longer. There was a storm coming so I decided to leave about midnight before it hit. Saw all of my usual "casino friends" and had a blast. My casino friends always give me a hard time because I'm not a large better. I mean, I cycle from like 20 cents to maybe a $1. However, I won't that $887 off of a 50 cent bet.

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