Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Using My Blog Entries For Books

Since I've had this blog up I've been asked by three people if they can use my blog entries for a book they are writing. The answer will always be no. I don't agree with using another person's free writings for people to read for a book that a person is making money off of. Also, in the past I've been burned by people who have stolen my writings.

For those who don't know. Back in the late 90s I wrote a piece on a local legend of a haunted hotel. I submitted it to a website who published it but for some reason they removed my name and put "anonymous" instead. The next thing I know I see my piece on multiple websites. So I contact the original website and politely asked them to put my name on the piece I wrote. I go not response. So I sent some nasty emails threatening law suits. Still no response. Then 2 (TWO) books were published using my writing, word for word. Then my story got national attention when some famous sports teams stayed at the hotel and were scared sh*tless due to hearing of the ghost stories. So I am pissed. This was my own words, stories I was told by a security guard who guarded the abandoned hotel and who let us in to look around. Before me there was absolutely nothing about the story online. Now this was stolen from me.and I am very protective of my writings from now on.

Also, the first person to contact me wanted to write a book on hoodoo but admitted she knew nothing about it. Well, if you don't know anything about a subject you definitely shouldn't be writing a book on it, period. There's too many crappy books out there as it is, written by people who don't know a damn thing about real conjure work.

To learn more of the haunted Skirvin hotel, click the link below. (My blog entry on my other blog.)

The Haunted Skirvin Hotel


  1. I agree 100% Doc, I too hate it when I see folks claiming my works.You should have pushed harder for your writings, as far as I am concerned when I write something it holds a little of my spirit. Momma Starr

    1. Yeah, I was younger at the time and really couldn't afford to hire a lawyer back then. I do agree that our writings are a part of us.